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What is a Bridge Job? Should You Consider Taking One?

What is a Bridge Job? Should You Consider Taking One?

Waiting for the right job opportunity can take time. Sometimes it’s only a few weeks, other people may have to wait months, and thanks to the pandemic, some have been waiting for over a year to find the next step in their career. Over time, waiting for the perfect opportunity starts to take its toll. Bills are piling up, and you begin to worry about how an employment gap will look on your resume. As a result, many people are taking on a bridge job as they await a new position that better aligns with their careers. But what is a bridge job, and should you consider taking one during these challenging times?

What is a bridge job?

A bridge job is essentially a temporary job to fill an employment gap. For years, workers have been working bridge jobs, but the pandemic has forced thousands of people to take on a temporary role to get by. Bridge jobs are a temporary means to provide financial support and benefits while someone is actively searching for another position that aligns better with their career. In other words, a bridge job is an option for job seekers to get by while they work for their next permanent career move.

Be tactical with your bridge job selection

A bridge job is a temporary gig to get you through an employment gap. However, it’s best to tactically choose a job that somewhat aligns with your career goals. So, unless your financial situation is critical, try to select a job that matches your career. For example, if you are a seasoned sales professional, select a bridge job in customer service or as a sales associate. Picking a temporary job that aligns with the typical position you would have is a great way to earn a paycheck while gaining some new skill sets related to your career. Choosing a bridge job that compliments your career is the best-case scenario, if possible.

Don’t give up on your job search

Going weeks, months, or even longer without much traction in your job search can be discouraging, but you must keep pushing forward. A bridge job alone cannot lead you to your next opportunity. You must leave time open for your job search to help you find the next step in your career. We are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. Many employers are preparing to ramp up their hiring efforts and looking for talented workers to add to their teams.

While you patiently await your next opportunity, sign up for job alerts, continue to network, and don’t stop applying. If you are working a temporary job, you will be busy, so it’s essential to work smarter, not harder. Tailor your resume and other job application materials for each position to help you beat the resume bots and get your resume in front of the hiring manager. Also, if you receive a job rejection, ask for feedback. It’s almost impossible to know what you can improve on if you do not ask for feedback.

Consider utilizing a recruiting firm

If you are struggling to find your next employment opportunity, have you considered working with a recruiting firm? Recruiters can help you match your career aspirations with the position you have been searching for. We have relationships with hiring managers across North America, and we are ready to help you go from a bridge job to your dream job. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started together!

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