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3 Post-Pandemic Resume Essentials

3 Post-Pandemic Resume Essentials

As we try to get back to some semblance of normal, everyone’s resume needs a refresh. And it’s no surprise that things are different now! As a result, your resume needs to reflect the changes and advances you’ve made over the past year. Here are three post-pandemic resume essentials you need to add.

Job Details

The pandemic upended a lot of jobs in a variety of ways. Typically, we discourage candidates from including details about why previous employments have ended. However, after everything that happened, it can be beneficial to provide some additional clarification. There’s no need to dive too deep; simple parentheses after your dates of employment will suffice. Here’s an example:

ABC Company | June 2018 – April 2020 (Furloughed)

An Updated Skills Section

Even if you have been unemployed recently, you can still have a place to show off your quarantine skills. So, whether you practiced some self-education, took online courses, or engaged in mentorship to expand your horizons, it’s essential to revise your skills section. Depending on how much space you have on your resume, you can list them out in paragraphs separated by commas or a multi-column bulleted list. Here’s an example:

Adobe Photoshop, Email Marketing, Digital Content Creation, Graphic Design, Hootsuite Social Media Scheduling

Keywords From The Job Description

It’s more important than ever to fit your resume to the job description. In a candidate-saturated market, you’ll be more likely to stand out from the competition if your resume lights up with keywords in an ATS. So, make sure you only include keywords or skills that are actually in your repertoire. Sprinkle them organically throughout your job summaries, skills section, and even relevant volunteer opportunities. And yes, you do need to do this for every single job you apply to!

In the end, you must make sure your resume is up to date. These three resume essentials will help you get started and on your way to your next job! Looking for more resume and job-search advice? Explore our candidate resources here.

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