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4 Tips For Successful Recruitment Strategy

4 Tips For Successful Recruitment Strategy

Finding the best candidates to fill your open positions is no easy task. There are a ton of excellent candidates looking for a new opportunity right now, and it can be tough to hire the right one. With remote interviews, social distancing, and other safety protocols, ensuring you hire the best candidate is even trickier. You must improve your hiring activities to ensure your team makes the right hiring decisions. Here are four tips to craft a successful recruitment strategy.

Pair down your applicants

The first step in establishing a successful recruitment strategy is narrowing down your job applicants. We are in a candidate-saturated market, thanks to the coronavirus. As a result, there are a ton of qualified (and not so qualified) candidates on the market. You can pair down your candidate pool in several different phases of the hiring process. Start by crafting a detailed job description to weed out candidates that may not be interested. Then, add application requirements such as a cover letter or samples of work. Asking for resources beyond a resume will instantly trim out some of the fat and make your recruitment practices leaner. Next, you can weed out candidates in the initial interviewing stage by asking behavioral interviewing questions. Asking the right interview questions will help you identify the candidates that are more qualified and a better fit for your team.

Make a decision quickly

When it comes time to make a hiring decision, don’t dilly dally. If you know who you want to add to your team, present them your best offer. Yes, we are in a candidate-heavy market, but that isn’t going to last long as more employers ramp up their hiring efforts this summer. With the unemployment rate currently at a pandemic-low of 6%, more employers are actively hiring. If you don’t want to miss out on your best candidates, make a decision quickly. If they accept your offer, immediately send out the offer letter to get it signed. The sooner the deal is official, the more likely they will not accept another employer’s offer.

Keep your backup candidates until the deal is done

Before you turn away your runner-up candidates, wait for the hire to be official. No, you don’t have to wait until they actually start working, but don’t turn away your backup candidates until your number #1 choice has signed on the dotted line. If you turn your runner-ups away, you run the risk of starting the hiring process over again if your top candidate backs out. Wait until the background check comes through and the offer letter is signed to turn away any secondary candidates. Holding on to your secondary candidates is an essential part of building a  successful recruitment strategy.

Enlist the help of a recruiter

One of the simplest ways to implement a successful recruitment strategy is to partner with a recruiter. If you are struggling to fill a couple of your roles or need quality candidates quickly, working with a professional recruiting firm is a smart move. Top-tier recruiting agencies, like Johnson Service Group, thoroughly vet our candidates before we submit them. If you work with us, you will never receive a resume from a candidate we haven’t screened. If you want to take your recruiting strategy to the next level, reach out to us today! We have customized staffing solutions to meet your team’s individual hiring needs.

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