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How To Tackle An Interview Assignment

How To Tackle An Interview Assignment

Picture this: you’re interviewing for your dream job. During the interview process, the hiring manager asks you to complete a task. This interview assignment is something you would do day-to-day if you are hired. Think something like writing a press release, drafting a project plan, or creating a budget. So, how do you go about tackling it? Follow these three guidelines to conquer your interview assignment and make a great first impression!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When the task is assigned to you, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Determine restraints, question the audience, and ask about other important, relevant details. It’s okay to take some time to write everything down or look over the requirements. Walkthrough it as if you were completing the task and note any red flags or obstacles.

Do your research

Due diligence for an interview assignment like this is key! Learn everything you can about the company and how they would typically tackle a task like this. Explore their social media, do a deep dive on their website, and check out any news stories. Can you find examples of how they’ve executed these tasks in the past? Maybe you can pick up on hints about the company’s culture, values, and priorities. All of these details can help you complete your designated task in an educated and complete manner.

Complete it early

The hiring manager will give you a deadline. Pro tip: your old college strategy of finishing at the eleventh hour will not fly! It will make a great impression to submit your interview assignment early. It shows that you respect the hiring team’s time and investment. Additionally, they will see your enthusiasm for the position!

It can be intimidating to be assigned a task during a hiring process. However, keep in mind that you are interviewing for this position, and this is an excellent opportunity to show off your skills! And if you’re looking for more tips to help you through the interview process, head over to our candidate resources.

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