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5 Signs You Nailed Your Interview

5 Signs You Nailed Your Interview

Usually, it is pretty easy to know when an interview is going well, and when it’s going not so well. As a human being with emotional intelligence, you can typically understand how well you are doing in an interview based on verbal and non-verbal cues. However, there are a few signals that indicate your interview is going extraordinarily well, like receiving a job offer well. Here are five signs you nailed your interview.

Body language is indicating excitement

Positive body language is one of the easiest signs indicating you nailed your interview. When your interviewer has a big smile on their face, nodding their head in agreement, and genuinely looks interested in what you are saying, those are all strong signs the interview is going well. It’s easy to tell when a hiring manager isn’t engaged or looks bored. Positive body language is a sure sign that they like what you are saying and that your meeting is going well.

The conversation turns more causal

When your conversation turns more casual, that is a strong indication you are nailing your interview. If your conversation transitions from a formal business meeting to more of a back-and-forth conversation, they like what they hear! It might be some small talk or bouncing ideas off of each other. Either way, when the interview transitions from question and answer to conversational, you’re doing great!

The interviewer keeps bringing people in

If your interviewer says something on the lines of, “Let me grab [co-worker name] or “I want you to meet [co-worker name], you should be feeling confident! Your interviewer would not waste their co-workers’ time by bringing them into your interview if they weren’t excited about you. If they show you around and actively introduce you to others or have other people join mid-way through your meeting, you are rocking it! If this is happening, your interviewer wants other decision-makers to weigh in on your candidacy.

You start hearing “when” instead of “if”

When your interviewer is using words like “when,” “us,” or “our,” it’s going well. For example, if they say, “when you receive your background check” or “this is where our team often meets,” that is a strong sign they are already picturing you in the position. If they believe you are a good fit for the job, they may start unintentionally use language that illustrates it’s only a matter of time until you are part of the team.

They give you clues on the next steps

Towards the end of your interview, if the hiring manager starts cluing you in on the next steps, that shows you are nailing it. If they start talking about onboarding, the second round of interviews, or a timeline for a hiring decision, it shows they have an interest in you. Your interviewer would not bother sharing those details unless you were at the top of their list. So, if your interviewer starts voluntarily sharing the next steps, that is an excellent sign you’re nailing your interview.

Need more interview advice?

These are five signs that you nailed your interview. Obviously, none of these signs guarantee you a job offer, but they are generally good hints that you did well. If you are looking for more interview advice, check out our candidate resources on the JSG blog!

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