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What You Should Look For In Senior-Level Employees

What You Should Look For In A Senior-Level Employee

Senior-level employees can bring a wealth of talent and stability to your company. They are essential to establishing your company culture, leading your lower-level employees, and pushing your growth goals. That is why it is vital to seek out talented candidates that will drive your company to success. Here are three things you need to look for when hiring senior-level employees.

Strategic Vision

By the time you become a senior-level employee, you have had at least a few years of experience in the working world. Whether this position will be a management role or straight senior-level, you need someone with vision. A vision for themselves and their future, and a vision for your team and company’s success. During the interview process, be sure to ask questions related to vision and goals such as “where do you see yourself in five years?”

Passively Looking

Historically, the best senior-level employees are not actively looking for a new position. This is why it’s beneficial to partner with a recruiting firm to source and hire your senior-level talent. We have connections with your competitors, and we’re used to selling the latest and greatest, even if your candidate is currently happily employed. However, we are experiencing challenging times, so there are millions of incredible candidates actively on the market today. As a result, don’t just count a candidate out because they are currently unemployed.


Senior-level employees will most likely be working with a variety of personalities in your workplace. From the Executive suite to temporary interns, your senior-level employees need to work well with everyone. They should demonstrate versatility in their communication and leadership styles. To assess this, it will be essential to check references thoroughly. For management roles, don’t be afraid to request a subordinate reference to better understand a candidate’s management style.

Hiring for a management-level position varies significantly from company to company, team to team, and even position to position. Always look for professional maturity, including the ability to tackle a variety of tasks and personality types.

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