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jobs with the fastest-growing demand

August Jobs with the Fastest-Growing Demand

As the country continues to recover, jobs are starting to return faster than many economists projected. The Labor Department reported a gain of 1.8 million jobs last month and an unemployment rate of 10.2%, a decline in 0.9%. However, some jobs are growing much faster than others. Last month, there was a significant spike in essential worker hiring. Nurses, drivers, cooks, and stock clerks were some of the most in-demand jobs in July. This month is another story with a tremendous surge in advisory and sales jobs, according to a recent LinkedIn report. Here is a brief breakdown of August’s jobs with the fastest-growing demand.

Jobs with fastest-growing demand

The pandemic has brutally impacted both the healthcare industry and the economy. As a result, the hiring needs for these areas have changed over the last five months. The growth of advisory and assistant-level positions has exploded over the past month. According to LinkedIn, below are the jobs with the fastest growing demand based on month-over-month (from June to July) changes in job postings:

  1. Tax Specialist
  2. Financial Advisor
  3. Customer Assistant
  4. Training Supervisor
  5. Patient Care Assistant
  6. Restaurant Worker
  7. Patient Service Representative
  8. Technical Program Manager
  9. Salesforce Developer
  10. Javascript Developer

Some of the positions listed above are probably not a surprise to anyone. People worldwide are looking for financial help during this crisis, so a surge in tax specialists and financial advisors makes sense. And patient care assistants and patient service reps will be in high demand for months to come.

Remote work hiring

However, with hundreds of companies still supporting remote work, the fastest-growing demand for work from home positions looks much different. Here are the top ten remote jobs:

  1. Sales Development Rep
  2. Sales Director
  3. Back End Developer
  4. Product Manager
  5. Sales Manager
  6. Project Manager
  7. Account Manager
  8. Marketing Manager
  9. Clinical Research Associate
  10. Software Engineer

Three of the top five remote jobs listed above are sales roles, and a couple of these roles are related to software development. This trend will be exciting to watch as remote work becomes even more normalized in the near future.

Are you looking to pivot your career?

So, here is a very brief overview of August’s jobs with the fastest-growing demand. But, there are dozens of other jobs that are also in high demand. If you are looking to pivot your career in a new direction, now is a great opportunity! Check out our job board for hundreds of exciting job openings with clients excited to have someone like you join their team.

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