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what's your greatest weakness

Interview Question: What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

What they want to know

This is probably one of the most challenging interview questions to answer. It is difficult to pinpoint weaknesses and talk about them with complete strangers. And that’s exactly why interviewers ask this question. Hiring managers and HR professionals want to know if you are self-aware of your flaws and see what steps you are taking to better yourself. Start with a fault and then discuss the steps you are taking to overcome it. The best thing you can do is remain positive and honest with your answer.

Pro tip: do not try and disguise a strength as a weakness. Using a weakness such as “I am a perfectionist” is not going to cut it. Everyone has weaknesses, and you should not be afraid to hide them. Your prospective employer wants to see your humility and the steps you take to improve yourself as a professional.

Example answering what’s your greatest weakness

“One skill set that I am currently working hard to improve is my efficiency with HTML and CSS. I took a class in college and developed a basic understanding of coding. However, in my current position, it is helpful to be able to make basic coding updates to our company website, and I have been challenging myself to become more knowledgeable in this area. I am enrolled in an online course, and I am already learning new ways to apply this information in my current role.”

Final comments

Discussing your greatest weakness can be overwhelming. This is an excellent example because a weakness was identified, and the interviewee laid out the steps they are taking to improve in that area. They discussed that they are already working on overcoming this weakness and seeing the results of their hard work. Plus, their answer was positive, which is precisely how any interviewee should frame a response to this question!

Need help answering more common interview questions?

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