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JSG Works From Home Feature

JSG Adventures In Working From Home

Over the last month, most of us have found ourselves in the uncharted territory or working from home for Johnson Service Group while juggling family, schooling, and social distancing guidelines. Well, just because we are (at least 6-feet) apart, doesn’t mean we are alone!

To demonstrate that we are stronger together as a JSG family, we collected the best working from home pictures from our teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. The results? Lots of furry new “coworkers,” and a few creative tactics for finding a quiet spot to make phone calls.

Senior Vice President Ed Zetusky with his helpful coworkers; Cooper, Roxie, Sophie, and Chance.

Since we knew we would be home awhile, my boyfriend and I decided to foster a dog because all of the shelters around us were closing during this time.  We got a call one day after filling out and application and were picked to foster a dog named Jessie!  She has been such a good girl since we brought her home and has been keeping me company by laying right next to me all day long. Even occasionally jumping on my lap to check and make sure I am getting my work done.  Jessie has made her self comfortable and fits right in our home. We are making plans with the shelter to adopt her once all of this craziness is over.

This is my little set up for working from home, featuring our morning meeting board! Dept 100 has been working from home great, we have been utilizing Microsoft Teams for all our meetings. We still continue on with our morning meeting every day, and we have check-in points with the team throughout the day. Our productivity and communication are sky high! We even have guest appearances in meetings from pets and kids! It’s been a great experience so far, but we all miss working within steps of each other!

My coworkers, Maggie & Miller

Picture 1 -My new coworker, Macy.  She’s slightly distracting, and she isn’t good at paying attention to detail, but she boosts company morale and her excel skills are on point! Picture 2 – My son (who turned 5 during this whole ordeal) learned how to write “mom” and “dad”. Pretty soon he will be ready to join the JSG workforce!

Quarantine life is ruff. Penny is enjoying having both mom and dad work from home!

Working from home – Moose wanting to help?

With 4 young kids at home, the quietest place is in my closet.

This is Lolli and Shelby working from home, as you can see, they love it!

Working from the lake condo for now!

With my husband and I both working from home during all of this with 2 energetic dogs and 5 month old, we have become expert multitaskers!

I think Little Joe is just a tinnnnnnnny bit jealous of my laptop.

Daddy working from home juggling office space and Emmie’s American Doll Nursery

There are my new coworkers. They love to wait for me to print something and nap next to me while working. I occasionally have to break up their fights; good thing I’m in HR!

I forgot my standup desk at work – thank goodness I’m an avid reader and love puzzles! The second picture is Bosley the blanket stealer!

This is my big dog MAC celebrating with me after locking down a new order at a company!

Since Ariel has more time on her hands with Gonzaga track & field cancelled, she’s running up the JSG social media game to the next level!

Here’s my pup Oso helping me out here at home with payroll!

My favorite part about working from home, more time with my family!

My coworker Boots helping me out working from home

With working at home for 7 years prior to this position most everyone in my house is used to me being locked away in my office alone aside from the occasional cat lazing around nearby snoring and purring. Unfortunately, not everyone fully understands the memo that I sent out that I need some space while working from home.

As I try to leave my office for the occasional stretch break or lunch I become crowded with wagging tails as they have laid in front of my office door the whole workday waiting for me to finally be done “hiding from them” despite the others in the house who beg them to go play outside or snuggle with them on the couch. My boys never want to miss the opportunity to be right at my office door as soon as I open it and plead with a passerby to let them in.

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