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Why You’ll Love Working with a Recruiter

Have you ever worked with a recruiter? If so, you understand how helpful they can be to your job search. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, now is a perfect opportunity to find a new job that you will fall in love with. Here are four reasons why you’ll love working with a recruiter.

They are expert matchmakers

It’s true what they say about recruiters: they are expert matchmakers. Recruiters help pair talented job seekers with excellent clients. We are there throughout the entire hiring and interviewing process to ensure each “date” goes smoothly for both you and our clients. Recruiters don’t try to match you with an opportunity or an organization that isn’t the right fit for you or the client. We genuinely want you to be successful and enjoy your new opportunity. In other words, we will only match you with a job that will make you want to swipe right.

They do the heavy lifting for you

As recruiters, we do a lot of the leg work on your behalf. It’s literally our job to facilitate the interviewing process for you. From scheduling interviews to communicating with hiring managers, we organize all of that! All you have to do is rock your interview(s), and wait for that offer letter to roll in. We even prep you for your interviews and any other meetings with your prospective employer beforehand, so you are ready to make a great impression.

This is beneficial to both job seekers and clients. As a candidate, you are probably already employed and are taking advantage of today’s candidate-driven job market. While you’re at work and busy with your family, we will take care of the little details, so all you have to worry about is bringing you’re A-game to your interview. And for employers, you’re busy with your day-to-day job duties. Let us focus on recruiting top talent for your team so you can continue to focus on your job.

They have exclusive job opportunities

Many of the jobs our recruiters work hard to fill are exclusive. What does that mean? That means you won’t find a lot of our job opportunities posted on sites like Indeed or CareerBuilder. They are exclusively being promoted on our internal job board. Don’t believe us? Check out the JSG job site! We have hundreds of new job opportunities across North America that you will fall in love with.

It also pays to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. Did you know that over 60% of job opportunities are only found through networking? In other words, it’s essential to build relationships with recruiting professionals on LinkedIn to learn about exclusive job opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else! Don’t know where to start? Follow us on LinkedIn, and start networking!

Let’s work together

If you’re ready to love working with a recruiter, let’s get connected. We are ready to help you find the job of your dreams. Reach out to one of our expert recruiters today, and let’s start working together!

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