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How to Write a Great Job Description

job description

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or new to the recruiting world, it’s essential that your job description is dynamic and informative. The JSG Marketing Team has outlined some pro tips on how to write a killer job description that’ll make candidates want to apply for your jobs.

Relevant job title

The first thing you want to ensure that your job description has is a relevant job title. And by a relevant job title, we mean a title that is concise and an accurate description of the position. You want to include a title that makes sense to prospective applicants. Additionally, your title should make it easy for the job to be found on Google, CareerBuilder, or other job hosting sites.

The more specific and relevant your job title, the more engagement it will receive!

Dynamic introduction

When writing a job description, you must include a dynamic introduction. You cannot just jump right into the desired qualifications or job duties. To entice people to keep reading the job description, you need an introduction that’s engaging and makes someone want to apply for your position.

To do this, include a brief overview of the company, some fun facts about the location, why a candidate would want to apply for the job, and a call to action.

Add the necessary requirements and qualifications

This is where you will list out the duties, qualifications, and requirements of the position. You do not need to include every single duty or qualification. The longer the list, the more likely someone will stop reading and move on to the next job. Try just listing the important, high-level criteria that are absolutely necessary for someone to be successful in the position.

This is where you should include things like education requirements, certifications, and other critical requirements needed to perform the job.

Include contact information

This is crucial to writing a great job description! Obviously, applicants can just click the apply button and submit their resume. However, it’s important to include your contact information in the job description so prospective candidates know how to contact you if they have questions about the position.

Adding your contact information gives the job description a more personal touch; it can help make candidates feel more comfortable with working with you. Furthermore, by adding your contact info, you can make candidates feel that their resume will be going into the hands of a recruiter rather than just in a large database full of applicants.

Writing a great job description tutorial

For more details on how to write a killer job description, please watch the video below.

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