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You Can Still Land a Job by The End of The Year

Land a JobWith December upon us, it can be easy to assume that stopping your job search until the new year, is a good idea. But truth is, most companies are looking to fill their critical roles before the end of the year. This way they can have you trained early in the new year. Stopping your search at this time could just add to the length of your job search. And if you have the right tools and strategies, it is possible to land a job by Christmas!

Now is one of the best times to find a job

Not only is the job market hot and an awesome place for candidates, but this time of year is also a great time to land a job. Summer and the end of the year months are usually the perfect time to make a move. Not only for you as a candidate, but for clients as well. It’s a time where there is more vacation, budgets are being discussed, and there is less work on people’s plate. And to be honest, a lot of companies have needs to hire before the beginning of the year begins.

So, just because it’s the holiday season and people are on vacation, doesn’t mean it’s a time for you to stop looking. It really should be the time you speed up your search.

You have more time to apply

With extra vacation being taken you probably have more downtime to apply to the jobs you’re wanting to. This allows you more opportunities to personalize your resume and find the great opportunities you would have missed if you were rushing to find a job. Also, a lot of companies are on a time crunch. So, if they can get you in for interviews as soon as possible, it only helps your chances of being given an offer and for you to land the job you’ve been hoping for.

Scheduling interviews can be easier

So with that, scheduling interviews can be easier during this time of year because everyone is usually slowing down. There aren’t doing as many meetings, projects, or finishing of proposals as they are holding out on those until the new year. Which means, they can then focus more time on interviews.

Reach out to contacts

This is a great time to check in with references or people you know who may have awesome positions you can apply to! Networking is a great way to stay on top of new adventures in your career. And using them to your advantage can take you on a path you never thought you’d take. You never know, someone may be the in you need for your next dream job!

Companies are wanting to move quickly

During this time of year, budgets are getting set, and companies are also realizing where they need help. If there’s a critical position that still isn’t filled, it could really be affecting their production. Which in turn, will make them want to move even quicker, with the right candidate.

December is an impactful time for companies to hire, too. They know for certain what they need. And if they can get that from you, they will pick you up in a heartbeat. Especially, in today’s job market. Companies are starting to realize how important it is to move fast on great candidates.

The end of the year may seem like a bad time to job hunt, but it can actually be the best time. Whether it’s time crunches, needing to fill a critical role or budgets, most companies are willing to hire and beat the first of the year rush.

So, if you’re looking for a role, and are ready to move, reach out to one of our recruiters here at Johnson Service Group. We would love to see what we can do for you and your future career goals!

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