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what to bring to an interview

What Should You Bring to an Interview?

what to bring to an interview

What should you bring to an interview? It’s essential to be well-prepared, both mentally and physically, when you walk into the door for an interview. Here are six things you must bring in an interview if you want to land the job.

Copies of your resume

Bring at least five copies of your resume. You never know how many people may actually show up for the job interview. Even if the interviewers have a copy of your resume, bringing a few extra copies shows that you are prepared and organized.

Have the resumes in a professional folder or folio so they stay fresh and free of creases or bends.

Your portfolio or work samples

Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be required to submit a portfolio or work samples. This is typically the case for graphic designers, writers, or other creative roles.

You may have electronically submitted a portfolio or work samples before your interview. However, not everyone in the room may have had the opportunity to review your work. Bringing a portfolio to an interview is a great way to show the interviewers examples of your work, all while looking organized and prepared for the big day.

A good handshake

Nothing illustrates confidence like a solid handshake. When you walk into the room, introduce yourself to every interviewer, and firmly shake their hands. Be sure to make eye contact while you shake their hands.

This is a great opportunity to learn every interviewers’ name, so you can send a thank you note after the job interview!

A pen and a notebook

It’s always wise to bring a pen and a notebook. Place a notebook and a reliable pen in your padfolio or folder so you can take notes throughout the interview.

I would advise you to ask permission first before you pull out your pen and paper. Just simply ask “do you mind if I jot down some notes during the interview?” This is just the courteous thing to do before you start writing notes.

I would also advise you to not write down every little detail. Just take a few notes on conversations you may want to bring up at the end of the interview when you get a chance to ask some questions. It’s also beneficial to write down your interviewers’ names, so you can write a personal thank you note to each of them!

Good attitude

Nothing will get an interviewer more excited than a big grin and positive attitude! If you’re excited during the interview, they’ll be fired up about you! Smiling and nodding your head shows that you are not only eager for the position but that you are attentively paying attention.

Knowledge of company

Enter the office door with a good understanding of the company’s mission and values, the background of the company, the industry they operate in, some of their competitors, and any recent news you can find on the organization.

Check out the company’s website to get a better feel for the culture and what’s important to them. Hop on Google and LinkedIn and spend some time doing your research. This will help you think of specific questions to ask during the interview, and once again, will demonstrate how prepared you are!

Now that you know what to bring to an interview, you’ll be ready for success. Good luck!

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