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don't want to leave

What if You Don’t Want to Leave A Position You Love?

don't want to leave

There are countless blogs about changing jobs. You can find advice on making a career change when you’re burnt out. You can read about how to ask for a new role within your company. But what if you don’t want to? What if you are leaving your current position but are sad about it?

There are a few reasons one would have to do this. Maybe your spouse or significant other is relocating, meaning that you have to as well. Maybe you got an offer elsewhere that’s much closer to home and pays you an amount of money you just can’t refuse.

Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a company that you’ve been doing contract work for, dreading the day you have to leave. As someone who’s going through a similar situation – as an intern – there’s no doubt that it’s a lot harder than one would expect.

I’ve spent my last few weeks thinking about how to cope with saying goodbye to some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As I get ready to graduate and relocate to a new position, I’ve found that these three things when I don’t want to leave the position I love.

Thank You Cards

This one is easy – and fun. Not only do you get to show people you’re thankful for them, but it gives you a chance to reminisce about the time you’ve spent at that company. It’ll also leave a great taste in your coworkers’ mouths when you make your move.

Exchange all Contact Info

Everyone says “stay in touch,” but more often than not it doesn’t happen. I’ve had success in keeping in touch by doing a few things. First, in this age, everyone has social media. Make sure you’re following your coworkers on every form. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and any others you may have.

Be sure to exchange phone numbers too! Nothing’s better than a five-minute phone call or a few texts back and forth one afternoon. In today’s society, there’s no reason to not keep in touch with those you’ve loved talking to every day!


After leaving such a great job and great co-workers, you need to take a step back and see why you enjoyed your time. Write down what you did and what others did for you. This will help you transition into your new position.

Obviously, there are things you have no control over in your new position, such as culture and great managers. However, when looking for your next position, it is key that you look for similar qualities. Your attitude and personality can follow you anywhere. Emulating what you can control in your new position can go a very long way in trying to create another enjoyable work experience.

It’s never easy to leave something you love. With all the right preparation, you can cherish the memories you made and the relationships you built forever.

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