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March Anniversaries, February New Hires + Awards

Congratulations - Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in March! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

Atlanta, Georgia

Byron Armstead – 1 year

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ronan O’Neill – 2 years

Bedford, Texas

Michael Geil – 9 years, Tracey Hill – 9 years

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Serena Cross – 14 years

Calabasas, California

Deborah Wagner – 2 years

Chicago, Illinois

Nicole Banis – 3 years, Luz Lykins – 1 year, Brianna Meier – 1 year

Irvine, California

Truong Trinh – 1 year

Jacksonville, Florida

Donna Blodgett – 1 year

San Jose, California

John Garcia – 9 years, Joe Arellano – 7 years

Spokane, Washington

Alex Price – 1 year, Dallas Williams – 1 year

Welcome to JSG's new employees

We gained a few fresh faces in February here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

Atlanta, Georgia

Moieshae Burroughs and Diana Moze

We wanted to take a moment to recognize those employees that are making a significant impact on our company every day!

Have an award or recognition to submit? Email it to psutton@jsginc.com

Atlanta Top Producer – Daniel Scott

The Top Producer award honors the revenue producing team member who exceeds his or her goals by the highest percentage for that month. For the month of January we’re pleased to recognize the outstanding contribution of Daniel Scott. In only 2 ½ months since joining JSG, Daniel has brought in 8 new clients and has gotten several job orders from each of those clients. He’s been an outstanding team player who’s worked hand in hand with the recruiting team to secure 21 placements during his very short time with us. Daniel’s performance since he’s joined JSG has been a reflection of his hard work, commitment and ability to deliver. Way to go, Daniel, we’re proud to have you on the team!

Atlanta Commitment to Excellence – Tim Brumfield

The Commitment to Excellence award is reserved for our team members who go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver, whether it’s to a client, our employees, or our internal staff. Each month the management team nominates members of their team and the winner is decided by a vote. For January, we’re pleased to recognize Tina Brumfield for stepping up to complete an urgent client request under a very strict timeline. To respond to this request, Tina was responsible for retrieving and managing over 200 critical client related documents checking for completion and accuracy. These additional responsibilities required her to work additional hours every night to deliver on time results. While completing this demanding task, she also managed to ensure that her normal day to day responsibilities didn’t fall behind. Tina also kept her upbeat personality throughout the project, and we’re happy to thank Tina for her hard work and “Commitment to Excellence.”

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