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Are These Interview Prep Tips a Trick or a Treat?

Are These Interview Prep Tips a Trick or a Treat?

Are These Interview Prep Tips a Trick or a Treat?

We all go about preparing for an interview in different ways. As an entry-level candidate, you just want to get your foot in a door somewhere. As a mid-level candidate, you want to go to a great company. As a high-level candidate, you want to make sure you end up at a place that truly values you and your skills, somewhere you deserve to be.

Popular interview tips and tricks, however, are around every corner. This Holiday season, we here at Johnson Service Group are only into treats, so we’ve sorted through the thousands of interview tips to find the best. No tricks here!

Do your homework!

This should be a no brainer, but you have no idea how many people go into an interview barely knowing the company’s name. Take it back to your old high school days and sit down with your laptop and research everything you can about the company. What are their values and how do you align with them? You don’t want to make yourself seem completely obsessed, but knowing more than another candidate goes a very long way.

Take it a step further by doing more homework and getting to know the person you’re being interviewed by. See if you can find any commonalities with them. Maybe they have been to the same part of the country you grew up in! You’ll never know how far a simple conversation about one’s personal life will go if you don’t try it! The benefits are endless, and there’s absolutely no risk to it!

Know your Resume!

You need to know the ins and outs of your resume like the back of your hand. If your interviewer asks you to walk you through your resume, you don’t want to just sit there and repeat what it says. Give specific examples of how you went about each achievement, and what you learned along the way. By doing so, the interviewer will not only know that everything on your resume is true and real, but they’ll also be impressed with the way you market yourself – and we all know how important your personal brand is.

Take it a step further by having your friends quiz you on your resume. Have them ask you for specific examples of each accomplishment. By doing so, you’ll know how to back up every word of your resume, and show the interviewer that you’re right for the job.

Go through the motions!

If you’re interview is on the phone, call a friend and see how your connection goes through. If the interview is over video, prepare your space and make sure your connection is optimal. Drive to the office if your interview is in person so you know exactly how to get there. By familiarizing yourself with what you’re doing, you’ll be more comfortable when it becomes time to actually complete the interview.

Take it a step further by practicing your answers in a mirror. See how you speak and see if you need to work on any answers to common interview questions. The last thing you want to be in an interview is surprised, and going through the motions is sure to make you feel comfortable in your interview setting.

These three interview prep treats are simple, and following them will ensure the company you are interviewing with will know you care about them and their open position. Who knows? It could just lead to the treat you’ve been waiting for.

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