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JSG Spotlight On Safety: September 2017 Client Newsletter

Our safety team has industry-leading safety and risk management experience. They work incredibly hard to keep our thousands of employees stay safe at work and at home.

Patty Rhoads, Safety Manager, has 43 years of combined safety, claims, and risk management experience. She joined JSG to consult on safety and injury management in Summer 2011 and started the safety/risk department in 2012. That year was dubbed “the year of safety” as Patty developed education and claims management resources for JSG teams across the country. Since then, her team has grown to a total of 6 people and they continue to make a positive impact on our team of staff, contractors, and clients every single day!

JSG Spotlight on Safety

Looking for ways to live a safer work life? Here are some ways you can jumpstart your work safety TODAY:

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