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JSG Ink – Spotlight On: JSG Southeast

JSG started the Southeast team in 2010 with Mike Measures, Senior Regional Manager leading the team since 2013. Mike’s leadership style is to incorporate his entire time in developing the steps necessary to achieve success. Mike and his team created a fundamental focus on client and deliver excellence along with a simple vision, mission, and strategy.

Vision: Premier provider in Information Technology, Engineering, and Professional Staffing Services throughout Florida and the Southeastern part of the U.S.

Mission: Match great talent and provide customer service excellence in all we do.

I believe that JSG has a structured entrepreneurial spirit that I personally enjoy and have found success within.  My definition of “structured entrepreneurship” is when your organization/management supports flexibility and demands ethical accountability when pursuing new business opportunities.  Our region has been able to grow revenue, headcount, and our geographic footprint by not being afraid to tackle technically challenging and hard to find skill sets for our clients.  We have also cultivated a diversity of client needs that allows us to succeed in IT, Engineering, Professional, Administrative and Finance & Accounting roles.  This diversity means that no two days are the same and the daily challenge of providing excellent value to our client base is always engaging.Jason Kennedy, Senior Account Executive, Jacksonville, Florida


The leadership team approaches business by fostering an environment aimed at team synergy. Mike shared, “It’s all about relationships, staying involved in the local communities, and developing a strong team with a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.” The team is self-driven, accountable, and shares a lot of comradery. They work hard and manage work-life balance by keeping communication transparent, working together and for each other, and driving each other’s successes.

The thing I appreciate the most about my JSG family is the appetite for improvement and challenge. There is definitely no room for ego in our office, and the way we push one another to be better and to continuously learn definitely helps foster an environment of collaboration and ultimately, success. I feel as though the attention to detail, and the constant push to be better is helping me to elevate my good qualities and improve upon my weaknesses to a point where I feel as though I am on my way to being a more well-rounded professional. Paul Hopkins, Technical Recruiter, Jacksonville, Florida


I would describe the leadership at JSG as genuine and uplifting. The support I have received in Tampa has been tremendous and I never feel like I am on an island. Our Florida Management Team cares about the success of each individual and it shows daily. Drew Hegarty, Senior Account Executive, Tampa, Florida


It’s not all work in the office, taking a break means getting a friendly competition started in the next game on the ping pong table or a corn hole toss. Team mates share learning lunches together, leadership provides snacks and breakfast full of brain foods to help kick start the day. B.A.D. is the motto in the Southeast “Belief, Attitude, and Determination. This means each staff member must come to work with a BAD persona each day so we can climb our next mountain peak!

JSG culture is friendly yet competitive, with a commitment to excellence. Work hard play hard seems to be in-play, and high production/results are rewarded which leads to greater drive and motivation.Dylan Beck, Senior Account Executive, Tampa, Florida


Specializing in staffing services in Power/Energy, Entertainment, and Professional Consulting industries, focusing on skill sets within engineering, IT, and professional positions (finance, accounting, administration, & operations.) and serving local markets in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The teams core competency is in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities.

Our clients and consultants know that we will always provide timely, honest information and will be there to support all of their needs to the best of our ability. I have been fortunate to work with some great clients, consultants, and a great team. The individuals in our region are some of the most dedicated, and hardest working teammates I have worked with. No task is too small and no challenge too big to take on. Jeff Paarlberg, Branch Manager, Jacksonville, Florida


To directly impact the teams mission they remain close to their contract consultants by keeping in touch. During the touch points, our team is building long-term relationships, improving quality and safety all while networking and discussing future partnership.

My experience with JSG has been very positive. The interviewing process was extremely thorough. I liked being able to meet the team before even starting, and getting to ask questions; as well as the team getting to know me and asking me questions. It gave me the feeling that JSG cares about their employees to get them involved in the process. I have to say it has been one of the most welcoming companies I have ever worked for in my career.Donna Blodgett, Employee Service Representative, Jacksonville, Florida


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