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Recruiters Share the Best Job Search Tips

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Searching for a job is a stressful process not only because you are on your own but you must figure out what’s working and what needs improvement throughout the process. Don’t do it alone, I asked our Recruiters at Johnson Service Group to share the best tips and tools that work for their candidates. Use these job search tips the next time you’re looking for a new opportunity to maximize your efforts, and get hired faster.

Setup Job Alerts

Whether it’s from a company website, an independent site such as Indeed, or jsginc.com, setup job alerts so you can get the inside track on great opportunities. Job alerts also allow you to understand the demand in your market and keep you up-to-date on the latest skills that the evolving job market expects from professionals in this field.

Customize Your Resume

Recruiters often coach candidates on how to present their skills on their resume. The big idea is to show strength in your qualifications for the position, early and often. Use the job description to demonstrate real results from your previous experience and prioritize the most important parts of your career.


Research the company, culture, reviews, social media pages, employee profiles, other company news. Your first job is to ensure the company is the right choice for you. Next you want to use the information you learn to demonstrate how you can make an impact.


Applying for a job through a web application is risky business unless you’ve wordsmithed your resume to sound both like a human wrote it but also include enough keywords to ensure it gets past the ATS. Rest assured, you have more options.

  • Network: Reach out to current or former employees at the company
  • Contact the hiring manager directly
  • Attend a networking event where the employees from the company will be in attendance
  • Partner with a local recruiter who can assist you through the entire hiring process (jsginc.com/contact/)

Job Interview Prep

Prepare for the interview by practicing the most common questions and coming up with real life examples from your experience that include results. Make sure you prepare a list of your own questions to ask that are both engaging and show how serious you are the opportunity.

Pro tip: Include this question: “How do you see me making an immediate impact in the company?” Asking this question, you will learn some of their expectations and will help the hiring authority visualize you in the position.

Job Interview Etiquette

Be on time, but not too early.

Pay attention to the office and its décor. Use your observations to build rapport before the interview begins. Word of caution, you must sound genuine and truly be knowledgeable or else this could backfire.

Thank you Note

Stay on the top of your interviewer’s mind and prepare a thank you note before your interview. Once your interview is over send a thank you note (sooner than later).

Searching for a job is work and requires the same amount of time and attention you’d put into a job on a daily basis. There is no easy way to start a job search, interview, or ultimately accept an offer. There are however, tools that can make it a weekly task versus a daily task.

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