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Let us help you ace your next job interview

Interviewing 101

Let us help you ace your next job interview

So, you’ve made it to the interview stage – congratulations! Now the fun part begins. When it comes to interviewing, there is no substitute for being prepared. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of tips to follow before, during and after your interview to ensure a successful meeting.


  • Research the company via their website, social media, and any recent news.
  • Prepare answers for any typical interview questions. Additionally, think of some dynamite questions to ask at the end of your meeting.
  • Double check the location and travel time to the interview. Give yourself extra time for margin of error. Be sure to keep the phone number handy in case you need additional directions!
  • Dress professionally and if you have any doubts, err on the conservative side. (Think well-groomed hair, dark suits, conservative shirts or blouses, understated jewelry, polished shoes, and light fragrances.)
  • Be prepared to take notes. Bring your resume, a notebook, and a pen to the interview.


  • Be attentive and polite during the interview. Speak clearly and ask to have a question repeated if you do not understand.
  • Keep your tone positive, especially when it comes to discussing your former company or supervisor.
  • Good body language will give the right signals to the interviewer. A firm handshake, eye contact and a confident smile will convey the desired image.
  • Ask questions (see next section) and engage the interviewer in dialogue.
  • Close the meeting professionally by thanking the interviewer for their time. Indicate your interest in the position and ask what the next steps are.


  • Contact your JSG professional after the interview about how you felt the meeting progressed. Convey your interest in the job and your thoughts if offered. Your recruiter may have already been called by the company and will give you immediate feedback.
  • Write a thank you email and send it to your JSG contact to forward on. You can also send it directly to the hiring manager if you have their contact information.
  • Abide by the next steps that the interviewer provided and follow up if appropriate.

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