Impostor Syndrome: The Not-So-Obvious Roadblock To Your Dream Job

Imposter Syndrome

If you continually get to the interview stage without receiving an offer, there’s a really good chance that the culprit is Impostor Syndrome. According to Merriam-Webster, “Impostor syndrome is commonly understood as a false and sometimes crippling belief that one’s successes are the product of luck or fraud rather than skill.” And some estimates state that around 70% of people have impostor syndrome, so you’re definitely not alone! But the good news is that it is TOTALLY possible to overcome. Doing these three things will help you conquer those feelings of inadequacies and land that dream job:

  1. Fake it til you make it

As Tina Fey once said, “just say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” This requires a heavy dose of bravery, but it will be worth it. Most likely, you already have what it takes, it just FEELS like you don’t. So jump in feet first and gather the tools to master it along the way.

  1. Meditate

No matter how you feel about meditation, job interviews are the prime place to practice. Multiple times before the interview (the night before, the morning of, while you’re in the car, even in the lobby) take a moment to close your eyes, and slow your breathing.  Just taking a second to bring mindfulness to yourself will increase your confidence, slow down those negative thoughts, and give you the strength to not only get through an interview, but totally rock it!

  1. Positive affirmations

It may sound cheesy, and feel incredibly silly, but positive affirmations have proven to work time after time. Words are extremely powerful and have a way of manifesting greatness. Whether you say them out loud in front of a mirror like the kiddo in the video above, or write them on strategically placed sticky notes throughout your home, come up with a few positive, encouraging reminders. They can be anything from things you’re grateful for, your personal strengths, or even goals you want to realize. (We love this list from Rachel Gadiel!)

3 Phrases To Live By When Writing Or Updating Your Resume

3 Phrases To Live By When Writing Or Updating Your Resume

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out what to put on your resume and make it all look cohesive and impressive. We’ve all been there before: Just staring at your computer screen wondering how to make it better. As you’re writing, updating, or just tweaking – keep these 3 phrases at the front of your mind.

Keep it Simple

I know what you’re thinking; “Aren’t I supposed to stand out from the others? How is making it simple helping me?” Here’s how: By keeping your resume simple you get straight to the point. There isn’t a whole bunch of fluff that a recruiter or hiring manager has to go through to get to the main points of your work experience and other parts of the resume.

When you keep your resume simple, you’ll be able to stand out with all of the things you have accomplished, and you won’t make the hiring manager regret looking at your resume. It’ll also help you keep your resume consistent, which is something every hiring manager looks for.

Keep it Honest

This one seems so easy, but it so often gets broken. Don’t say you’re bilingual if you can only speak a few sentences in a different language, and certainly don’t say you’re an expert in anything you would need help with. It’s so much better to be honest on your resume than trying to stretch the truth.

When you keep your resume honest, not only will you be able to have a strong conversation about your skills in an interview, but once you get hired you’ll be in the exact place your resume depicts you’d be able to succeed in.

Keep it Real

Keep it you. You’re a brand and it is vital that you stay on brand with yourself. If you’re a positive person, make sure you highlight that! Don’t use words you wouldn’t use in regular conversation. As difficult as it may be, you want to make sure that your real personality is coming across on your resume, because after all that is who a company will be hiring.

These three easy tips will not only help you build a resume, but they will also help you keep it consistent and make you stand out from the pile of resumes on a hiring manager’s desk.