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Amazon’s Secrets To Success Could Help You In Your Job Search

Amazon’s Secrets To Success Could Help You In Your Job Search

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for almost $14 billion has made headlines around the world. Amazon has slowly risen to stunning success over the past 20 years, sprouted from humble beginnings. It’s the kind of success that is enviable to companies and individuals alike.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, outlined a few secrets to success in his latest annual shareholder letter and they are totally applicable to achieving success in your job search and career.

  1. Putting your customer first is critical

In the case of your job search, your customers are the recruiter, hiring manager, and the company you are applying to. It might feel counterintuitive, but make your application about THEM and not about you. Yes, you’re great and all, but keep in mind that they are hiring because they have a need. Craft a story around how you can fill that need and help them achieve their goals.

  1. Stay curious. Don’t be lulled into thinking you have figured everything out

This is essential if you’re looking to take the next step in your career. Think outside the box! Just because you had a certain title at your last company, doesn’t mean you have to stay in that lane. Candidates have so many transferrable skills these days, you might qualify for different jobs at new companies that you would never have considered!

  1. New trends in your sector are constantly emerging. You have to go after them full steam

No matter which industry you work in, this is always true. Never stop learning. Sign up for free online courses or attend a handful of workshops in your community, even just frequently check in with your network to stay current. Your adaptability and forward-thinking will be seen as an asset to any future employer.

  1. Stop being a bumbling big organization and start making high-quality decisions faster

In a candidate-driven market, the competition for great jobs is fierce! You need to be on your A-game. This means having your materials updated, moving around your schedule to interview as soon as possible, and accepting an offer in a timely manner (less than 24 hours).

These 3 Social Media Faux Pas Could Totally Ruin Your Career, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, social media, twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, posting, overtagging

These 3 Social Media Faux Pas Could Totally Ruin Your Career

These 3 Social Media Faux Pas Could Totally Ruin Your Career, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, social media, twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, posting, overtagging

Because social media is intertwined with everything we do these days, navigating it in a professional manner can be extremely tricky. You don’t want to share too much, but at the same time it’s essential to career growth to have an established online presence.

So how do you figure out what is appropriate to post about work and what isn’t? Start by avoiding these major faux pas:

1. Posting something inappropriate

The general rule is: if you’re wondering if it would be appropriate to post, the answer is probably not. If it could hurt you or someone you know, don’t post it. Tap into your common sense and consider the content before you click “post/publish/tweet”. If it is not promoting and advancing your personal or professional brand, it’s probably better kept offline.

2. Overusing sarcasm or other unpleasant attitudes

You cannot control the way your online messages are interpreted. People pick up on your tone, and will snap-judge you based solely on that. Social media is for sharing your voice and having your opinions be heard, but you want to make sure that you are coming across as genuine, positive, and an accurate reflection of who you are as a person.

3. Overtagging

Now this can be a hit or miss. You should tag friends and family in content you think they will like, but when it comes to tagging coworkers there is a balance. If something you’re posting is related to the team, try send an email or quick Skype message. When you post on social media, you are speaking to everyone who follows you and then some, so you want to make your content relevant to everyone. The last thing on social media you want to do is exclude someone who could bring a new perspective on something important.

Posting about a dreadful day at work can be tempting, but make sure you remember that even with privacy settings, your social media could be seen by anyone. The globe is small and we live in a very connected world. Don’t be the person who didn’t think before they went out and overshared with the whole word…. think before you post! (Your career will thank you for it.)

A 3 Step Guide for Making a Change in Your Life

Are you feeling stuck in your current stage of life? Maybe you feel unchallenged in your job, or are going through relationship issues. Maybe you just graduated college or want to move closer to your family (or farther away – we don’t judge!) It might be time for a change. This change could be as simple as making small adjustments to your daily life or as significant as moving to a new city or getting a new job.

Kurt Lewin’s Change Model is a three-step guide to prepare yourself for change and make it as seamless as possible.

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Kurt Lewin Chsnge Model

  1. Unfreeze

This step can be the hardest. You have a goal in mind, but no strategy to get there. And before you can move forward, you need to overcome the forces working against you.

These forces could be personal, a family member, a friend etc. or anyone else who doesn’t support this idea. At that point, you will be in a personal battle, asking yourself: “how important is this to me?” You need to know yourself and be ready to battle these forces in order to achieve this goal.


  1. Change

OKAY you made it past those real difficult battles. Now what? Mentally, you have figured out why you want this change and what change you want, but in this big world nothing just falls in one’s lap. You need to get out there and strategize about the best way to accomplish this goal.

What do you like to do? Where do you like to be? What is it going to take to get you up and moving towards this new goal? How are you personally motivated? Now, make an action plan. Answer these questions, and prepare yourself to make it all work. Talk with people around you and utilize your network to help!


  1. Refreeze

The time has come to make the change. You need to make this new idea a habit or something that will last long term. Due to all the self-reflection you have done in the previous steps, at this point you should feel confident that this will be the right decision for you. When it comes to implementing a change, it’s quite simple: take one small step at a time, slow down and think, and take the courageous step towards the goal, even when it isn’t convenient. Even when it was terrifying. Move forward. The change will happen if it’s something you really want, otherwise was it really something right for you?


To Be A Successful Job Seeker, You Need These 3 Things, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, resume, search, job seeker, the seeker, confidence, motivation, support, hustle

To Be A Successful Job Seeker, You Need These 3 Things

To Be A Successful Job Seeker, You Need These 3 Things

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.” – Mark Victor Hansen

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the candidate-driven market. The already challenging fight for top jobs is now more competitive than ever. After all, an overwhelming 90% of professionals say they are open to new opportunities! But that doesn’t mean you should put your dreams on hold. So how can you stand out among the rest and be a successful job seeker? I believe there are 3 core values that will assist you in every step of the job search.

1. Confidence

Confidence is the number one tool that will get you places. In life, in a job search, in relationships… confidence. Keep in mind as you go through the job search motions that you have worked hard to get where you are currently, and no one can take that away from you. Still not feeling confident? My favorite phrase here is to “fake it til you make it.” If you act confident, no one else will be the wiser, and eventually, it just might come true.

2. Hustle

You’ve heard it a million times, “a job search is a full-time job in and of itself.” And it sounds so cliche and also intimidating, but it’s SO TRUE. It’s like that eHarmony commercial, “do you want fast or forever?” Your job search will return what you put into it. So batten down the hatches, get your resume ready, and hustle.

3. Support

Whether it be from your friends and family, your LinkedIn network, or a trusted recruiter, a support system will take you a long way during your job search. Your network can supply job opportunities, ins and your most desired companies, and even a shoulder to cry on when it doesn’t work out quite the way you planned.

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5 Steps To Get Through A Difficult Job Search

Going through the process of trying to find a job? Don’t like interviews or re-re-updating your resume? Guess what…you are just like everyone else in this world. After every interview, it’s easy to feel this need to “treat” yourself for just getting up and going through the motions, even though that is technically your job while unemployed. You should be doing job-related things all day, every day. Yet, somehow you end up sitting in your room with your best friends Ben and Jerry staring at the computer screen, wishing there was a way to make this whole job search go faster. How do I get myself out of this reoccurring slump?

Follow these steps to get you through the low points of your job search, and you’ll be happily employed in no time!

1. Stick To The Plan

The hardest part of being unemployed is going through the day to day life as the bank account dwindles. Having nothing requiring you to get out of the bed creates no motivation. Make sure to keep to a schedule as if you had a full-time position. Set the alarm to go off maybe not 7 a.m. but 9 a.m. at the latest to make sure you don’t just waste away your day in front of Netflix (talking from personal experience).

Take any extra time to visit a company in person, sometimes this simple gesture can be enough to put you on the map. The easiest path isn’t always the best, especially in the job searching world. Keep in mind that consistent contact in some way, shape, or form will get you somewhere in the long run.

2. Polish Your Skills

If you say you’re a master of Photoshop, maybe find a way to keep using the program to not lose the skills with that program. If you want to get some skills you don’t have yet, there are a lot of free programs you can use like CodeAcademy, which teaches coding languages and Duolingo, which helps you learn a new language. The point is: you have the time, so do something that might help you later in life or the job market. Give yourself a new edge.

3. Don’t Be A Hermit

Go see the sunshine, (or in my case clouds…not the point.) Get outside of the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (the three rooms you’ve only been in for approximately a month). This can be challenging on a limited budget, but with a little creativity, you’ll find yourself catching some fresh air. Go to a park, walk into a store, move around, just get exercise.

4. Keep Your Diet In Check

Yes, Ben and Jerry’s is always there for you in the tough times but you don’t need them around daily. Eating healthy will keep you alert and ready for the task of putting yourself out there for your dream job. Eating right will keep you strong, as well as keep your energy up through some tough days.

5. Know That You’re Not Alone

Everyone knows someone who might know an important person! Contact the network of your networks. Get in touch with your dad’s friend’s uncle’s friend that works at the next best company. You never know who can help you get in the door of an organization. There are many other individuals unemployed which yes — this does mean you have competition. But when you find the right position or company then this whole process is worth it.

Last but not least remember this — you are not defined by your occupation. There is more to life than just having some fantastic job. Hobbies, volunteering, family time, vacations… these things are all important. And you have made it through 100% of your bad days, so remember you’ve got a GREAT track record so far!

Here's How To Achieve Work-Life Balance, Once And For All, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, work-life balance, myths, conquer, integration

Here’s How To Conquer Work-Life Balance, Once And For All

Here's How To Achieve Work-Life Balance, Once And For All

Work-life balance seems to be an ever-elusive myth that only a select few can achieve. We’re here to prove that’s just not true! Anyone can get comfortable balancing their work duties with their personal agendas, it’s all about changing your perceptions and simplifying your day-to-day. We’ve gathered our favorite resources on achieving work-life balance and put them into one handy guide to put your mind at ease!

Change How You Think About Work-Life Balance to Begin With

At best, balance is perhaps an unrealistic goal: a state of grace in which all is aligned. “When you think of balance, there’s work on one end of the fulcrum and life on the other, and when one is up the other is down – so it’s like a zero-sum game,” explains Marcee Harris Schwartz. Instead, think of “work-life fit.” (New York Times)

Embrace the Contradictions to Synergize Work and Life

As Jack Welch, renowned former CEO of General Electric, famously stated, “There is no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” In short, the best way to create a truly “balanced life” is to focus on integrating work and life into one. (Inc.)

Know Where to Draw the Line

Deciding when, where, and how to be accessible for work is an ongoing challenge, particularly for executives with families. With the plethora of technology we have at our fingertips today, it’s important to know when it’s time to shut off. (Harvard Business Review)

Decide What to Keep and What to Discard

Consider all the things that compete for your time, and decide what to keep and what to discard. “If you want balance you have to force yourself to edit yourself personally and professionally,” says Jody Greenstone Miller. (Forbes)

Download Apps to Control the Madness

Technology makes it easier for you to take your work anywhere, but it can also help you balance your personal and professional lives. These 10 iPhone and Android apps were created to do just that. (Information Week)

(Actually) Use Your Time Off to Recharge

If you’ve noticed that your self-care days leave you just as exhausted as a regular workday, it’s time to revamp your approach to relaxation. Here are a few tips. (The Muse)

How Blogging Can Land You The Job Of Your Dreams, blog, new, online, new trends, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire,

How Blogging Can Land You Your Dream Job

How Blogging Can Land You The Job Of Your Dreams

Today, the internet is the new job search marketplace and anyone even considering a new job is looking to maximize their visibility online. As a result, LinkedIn has become one of the top social media sites and candidates are scrambling to get discovered. However, there is one tool that even the most savvy professionals aren’t utilizing that could be a fast track to getting hired: blogging.

“Why?” You may ask. Well here are our top 10 reasons blogging can help maximize your job searching:

1. It’s easy for employers to find you

Theoretically, that is the whole idea behind LinkedIn. However, with so many people on LinkedIn, narrowing down perspective candidates becomes challenging. It leaves employers searching for unique indicators of a great hire. And, one of the top indicators for many is whether someone has a blog.

2. Free networking

Aside from potential employers, experts or professionals with questions regarding your area of expertise may reach out to you. With Google taking over as the go-to place for Q and A, it is not that strange for professionals to ask bloggers for help. This can lead to an “in” that you may not have contemplated before.

3.  You can market yourself naturally

Consider this, if you were going out to dinner would you chose a restaurant that had advertised itself everywhere or one where the Chef was a known cuisine expert? Publishing a blog demonstrates your knowledge without having to jump through hoops to try to prove yourself to interviewers.

4. It marks you as intelligent, motivated, and always productive

When interviewers ask prospective employees what they do with their free time, in truth they are trying to gauge their level of intelligence and motivation. Probably one of the best answers to have ready is, “I love blogging.” Certainly, this demonstrates that not only are you naturally a hard worker but that you have the foresight to make professional choices that invest in your success.

5. It shows you always have more to offer

At some point during the interview process, your potential employer will compare you to another applicant. As they draw comparisons, blogging will help you stand out. Having the ability to blog is a skill that more and more companies are valuing, and one that they would prefer to have done in-house.

6. It can lengthen your interview

Once a perspective employer knows you have a blog, they will probably read it and it will become an extension of them considering you. With every article they read, they learn more about you, your experiences, and your expertise. This gives you more time in front of the decision maker, in theory extending your interview opportunity.


Inspire Your Career with Professional Development, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, personal development, inspiration, college, goals, plan, planning

Inspire Your Career with Personal Development

Inspire Your Career with Professional Development

“Personal development – the never ending chance to improve not only yourself, but also to attract opportunities and affect others.” – Jim Rohn

Personal development is a lifelong process. It should inspire your career, as well as your soul. I miss school and recently found myself searching for inspiration. As a result, I wanted to fuel my curiosity, enrich my career, and transition to my next goal. Now, I am going back to school!

I researched and found some great online resources that work best for busy people like me. Most of the courses are free which also means they are non-credit courses. And, even though you won’t be earning credits, the information learned in these courses will still contribute value to your portfolio. Additionally, I learned the best way to approach personal development and gained some direction on how to get started.

Steps Toward Positive Personal Development

  1. Start out by exploring a few different learning platforms to determine which one works best for you. Below you’ll find a list of great resources to get started. Firstly, review the classes and pay attention to the number of hours each course suggests. Secondly, take a look at the reviews to see what others had to say about the material. University Open Courseware is another way to find great resources.



Yale University

Utah State

University of Michigan


Tufts University


Carnegie Mellon

     2.  Before selecting a platform and classes, I learned a few valuable steps that helped me decide on the best direction for me.  

  •  Planning: Do you know where you’re going?  Similarly, where do you see yourself in a year, five, or perhaps ten years down the road?
  • Goals: Define how your education will shape your career. Determine the types of courses that will best suit your professional agenda.
  • Commitment: Taking online classes, even non-credit courses, requires a school like commitment. You’ll need to complete coursework, meet deadlines, participate in group discussions in addition to your other commitments.
  • Demand: Only commit to the number of courses you can fit into your life. Overloading will lead you astray and may burn the educational bridge.

Personal development in today’s workplace is essential to keep moving forward in the changing world of technology. And hopefully, this will help you jump start your next educational journey!