How to Leverage LinkedIn to Find Your Next Job

L is for LinkedIn: How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile to Find A Job

How to Leverage LinkedIn Profile to Find Your Next Job

It’s 2018, and almost everybody is using the internet to find their next career. One of the best resources for finding your dream job is LinkedIn. With over 546 million users, LinkedIn is a great platform to find your next job opportunity! But how do you leverage your LinkedIn profile to catch the eyes of employers and recruiters? Check out these three steps to help your profile get discovered by recruiters.

Complete and update your profile

Take 30 minutes and do an audit of your LinkedIn profile. Users with completed profiles are 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities through LinkedIn. Take some time and carefully fill out all your information, including your experience, skills, education, and a summary of yourself. LinkedIn has a helpful meter and helps you fill out your profile 100%. Here is a guide to help you reach “All-Star” status on LinkedIn.

Did you know that you’re seven times more likely to have your LinkedIn profile viewed if you have a profile picture? Just like when you are purchasing something on Craigslist, if there is no picture, the assumption is there is something wrong.

And please don’t use a picture with your dog or kids. LinkedIn is a professional networking tool, and thus, you need to use a professional headshot. If you don’t have a professional profile picture, you will likely get weeded out by recruiters as they search for candidates.

Optimize your headline

The headline on your LinkedIn profile is the first thing human resources or a recruiter will see. Therefore, you must ensure your headline is completed and highlights the type of position you may be interested in. Your headline consists of your photo, your name, and a brief headline with a 120-character limit.

Thus, your headline must standout in the sea of profiles! Your headline should describe what you do or what your professional goal is. For example, a great headline would be something like, “Social Media 📱 // Digital Marketing 💻 // Content Strategy 💡.” This headline illustrates the areas of expertise of the user and helps the profile stand out.

Also, a good headline will contain relevant keywords to help your profile be more discoverable. The example above is from my boss, JSG’s marketing manager. Her headline has three keywords that are relevant to our industry and would ultimately help her get discovered by a recruiter looking for a marketing professional.

Do your due diligence

Have an upcoming job interview? Hop on LinkedIn and do a quick search. Find the LinkedIn page for the company you’re interviewing with and do a little research. What kind of things are they posting? Do they have any recent press releases or product launches? LinkedIn is a great avenue to find talking points in your interview and offer some insight into the company’s culture.

Additionally, you can find the hiring managers you are interviewing with to get a better idea of who you’ll be meeting with. Do you have anything in common? Do you both volunteer at your local animal shelter? Did you go to the same school? It’s surprising what you’ll find on LinkedIn! This will help you walk into your interview with confidence and help provide some more talking points.

Need some more help? Check out JSG’s guide to optimize your LinkedIn profile to find your dream job.

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3 Things That Will Help You Get Hired Through LinkedIn

3 Simple Steps To Getting Hired Through Linkedin

LinkedIn is by far one of the best places to “get discovered” for your next opportunity. You’ve probably heard stories about friends who get a seemingly random message through LinkedIn and all of a sudden they’ve landed a great job with a huge pay increase and a fantastic company culture. Spoiler alert: it’s not random! Recruiters are scouring LinkedIn day in and day out to find the diamond in the rough that will be the perfect fit for their open role. So how do you become one of the eagerly sought after candidates through this social media network? Easy, just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Updating Your Settings

An update to your privacy settings is the essential first step to getting a job through LinkedIn. Make sure that almost everything is set to be visible to the public. This includes your profile photo, your entire profile, and your visibility when viewing other’s profiles. Under the Privacy tab settings, update your privacy to say, “Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities.

Definitely click “yes” on this option! LinkedIn will hide this information from anyone at your current company, so it won’t spoil the fact that you’re searching, but it WILL notify other recruiters that you’re on the lookout!

3 Simple Steps To Getting Hired Through Linkedin

  1. Fill Up Your Skills & Endorsements

Any skill that you add to this section will act as a keyword for recruiters searching for you. So, instead of just saying you are a “Computer Programmer,” add specific skills such as Java, C++, or anything else that you have experience in. Insider Tip: because job titles vary so much, recruiters often search solely by skills, making this step critical!

  1. Be Active!

The more you post about your industry and expertise, the more you’ll show up in searches. Always be sure to share relevant content and add a thoughtful comment that adds value to the overall message. You can even spark up a conversation with others by tagging them using the @ sign. There’s nothing that recruiters love more than discovering a candidate who not only knows their stuff, but who is passionate about it too!