Employees Want These Benefits in 2023

It is crucial to cater to the needs and wants of employees, as they are getting more particular about who they work for and the benefits they offer. If you are not keeping up with their expectations, employees may begin to jump ship. Be the company that draws people in and keeps them around!

Hybrid/Flexible Schedules

This is one of the few benefits a company can offer which costs NOTHING. If the nature of your company’s service allows for remote work, allowing remote or hybrid options could greatly benefit you and your employees. Not only do employees tend to be happier with more flexible schedules and locations, but allowing hybrid/remote could save you money in the long run (e.g., energy costs, office space rental, etc.). Check out this recent article about the benefits of implementing a hybrid schedule for your employees.

Paid Parental Leave

Employees want to feel comfortable having children without worrying about income suddenly halting while their expenses are skyrocketing. Offering paid parental leave can help keep valuable employees of yours around. If you are unable to offer extended paid leave, offering more flexible schedules for new parents would be greatly appreciated by employees. If you are typically an entirely in-person or hybrid office, allow new parents to work fully remote for a certain amount of time after their child’s birth or adoption. This will enable employees to be present with their children while maintaining their job responsibilities.

Educational Support

Employees may be considering furthering their education. This can majorly benefit YOU! You may want to contribute to their tuition or permit flexible hours to allow employees to attend classes. According to Investopedia, employers that help fund their employees’ continued education are more likely to have “increased employee loyalty, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and an employee pool with the skills needed to take on new projects and move into leadership positions.” By supporting employees in these situations, you retain their talent, ensuring that the investment in their education pays for itself!

Employees stick around when they feel supported by their employer. Offer your employees what they need, and both parties will benefit!

Keeping your Company Up to Date

Candidates are attracted to companies that are keeping up with the times. Staying up to date is key to both employee retention and attracting new candidates. Read on for tips on updating your company without losing your original values and goals.

Company Culture

Work culture has changed drastically over the past decade. Work-life balance has become a significant priority among many in the workforce, as well as company leaders. While some companies still push their employees to work themselves to the bone, the culture has pushed back, demanding balance. Make sure to check your company and see if you allow for work-life balance in your employees’ lives. Ensure that your company supports the people that keep you running!

Company Branding

Clearly define who you are and what your company stands for. Your company has a personality—make it known! Many things can be shown through the company’s image, whether this is your logo, website design, or social media presence. Your logo and even your company colors should be appealing and up to date. Candidates looking for jobs on websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are more likely to apply to a company with an attractive logo. It subconsciously signals to the candidate that your company is aware of changing trends and keeping up with the industry.

Company Benefits

Keep up with the times when it comes to benefits. Many companies are offering Work from Home or hybrid schedules. If you can run your company partially remotely, consider allowing your employees to work from home at least part of the week. Check out what other companies in your industry are offering for PTO and other benefits. Candidates gravitate toward companies that support their well-being and time off.

You can draw great candidates in by simply updating your company and presenting yourself with transparency. Find out what candidates are looking for and provide it for them!

The Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work Remote

Are you thinking about moving your company to remote or hybrid work? The past two years have shown us that working from home is possible for many businesses that have not previously considered it. Not only can remote work benefit your employees, but it can also benefit your business as a whole. Save time, money, and keep your employees around!

Employee Motivation (and Retention!)

Workers report feeling more productive when they have the option to work from home. Workplace distractions are reduced, and employees have the comfort of being in a space that they can curate to optimize motivation. According to this article by The Predictive Index, remote employees are 13% more likely to say that they will stay at their job for the next five years than in-person workers. Allowing remote and hybrid options shows your employees that you care about their wants and needs. In the current job market, it is essential to show your employees that you value them and the work they do for the company. Check out this previous article on employee retention.

Flexibility and Reach

Allowing remote work gives your company and workers flexibility to make the workday and workplace what you and your employees need. Employees have the flexibility to stay home, allowing many to care for their pets or children. Employees can choose where and how they work. This allows employers to hire candidates from across the country without the employer or employee having to worry about relocation. Employees save costs on relocating, as well as on commuting. A remote option greatly opens your candidate pool and can make it easier to have a wider reach across the country and even globally!

Reduced Costs

Remote work can save your company resources and money. This article outlines three key ways that companies save with remote work. Companies can save money on costs as little as coffee supplies to those as big as renting office space. Even when companies are hybrid, fewer people in the office at once means fewer desks and less office space needed. This allows your company to downsize and save costs on office space and supplies.

Allowing a remote option for your employees can lead to much more productivity in your company. Happy employees are productive employees. Save money, provide flexibility, and keep your employees around (from afar)!

Employees Are Quitting In Droves, Here’s How To Keep Yours

Over 4.2 million Americans left their positions in October. (That’s around 2.8% of the overall workforce in the United States!) Simultaneously, job openings bumped up close to a record high at 11 million. This leaves many companies struggling to stay afloat following an already impossibly difficult year. If you want to avoid falling victim to the great resignation, beat your competition to offering your team members what they really want. Here’s how to keep your employees from quitting.

Reevaluate Wages

A steep rise in inflation has completely negated any economic progress employees might have made in the past year. So, as prices increase around them, employees are quickly feeling left behind. Now is the perfect time to do a salary audit and bring employees up to market prices.

Offer Flexibility

Many workers are still feeling the pressures of child and family care amidst the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. Others still experienced a taste of remote work and increased work-life balance that has left them wanting more. Offering work flexibility – remote, hybrid, or fluid hours shows that you listen to employees’ needs. Need advice on how to implement it at your company? Check out our post here.

Don’t Let Your Team Get Behind In Hiring

This might seem counter-productive, but the further you get behind in hiring, the more your current employees feel it. Many are burdened by balancing their former peers’ workload on top of their own. So, hire quickly to replace key team members! Some great ways to do this are partnering with a recruiting firm to discover talent, requiring less experience right off the bat, and making offers virtually over video.

Workers have more job listings to browse than ever, and employers are making incredible offers as they are desperate to hire. So, to avoid losing your best employees, make them an offer they can’t refuse before they even try to leave! Looking for more hiring and retention advice? Browse our client resources here.

4 Foolproof Ways to Retain Talent

HR professionals around the country dedicate their careers to retaining great talent at their organization, making it their ultimate goal to hire AND retain the best talent. Yet, over 50% of organizations globally claim they have difficulty keeping their most valued employees. So why is that? Talented employees that quit within the first six months reveal that their parting was due to poor onboarding experiences, workplace culture, and working conditions. This issue begs the question: how can your organization offer the most competitive and appealing environment that keeps employees around for the long haul? Here are four ways your company can retain talent now (and into the future). 


The demand for workplace flexibility existed before the Coronavirus outbreak, and now, because of the virus, companies were forced to offer it. Providing flexibility in the workplace is not about being lax with workplace rules; it has more to do with understanding every employee as an individual with different circumstances and needs. If your organization can provide this flexibility, you extend a branch of trust, and your employees should as well. Therefore, if there is trust within your team, your employees will stick around longer. As businesses begin opening back up in the post-pandemic world, you should look at it as an opportunity to start new with flexibility at the forefront; therefore, it’s imperative for companies to not revert back ti their old, strict habits.


The companies with the best retention rates are the ones that recognize their employees for their hard work. In fact, according to HR Technologist, 63% of employees recognized in their career are extremely unlikely to seek alternative career opportunities. Simple acts of recognition not only retain talent but strongly motivate employees as well.  You can provide praise through financial compensation, promotions, meaningful verbal acknowledgments, awards, and more. Whatever suits your company’s culture, find a way to incorporate it into how you treat and recognize your talent.

Clear Expectations

Do you know that setting goals and deadlines for your employees motivates them and encourages longevity? Recent research has proven that employees with clear goals have higher performance, but also improved emotional well-being. Thus, setting goals makes people happy, and happy employees are more likely to stay with your organization. Help your employees set manageable goals, and neither party will regret it!

Growth Opportunities

In the same light that clear expectations motivate employees, growth opportunities have the same effect. If an employee has the opportunity to grow within the company, they are more likely to stay. People tend to avoid companies where there is no sight of change, and the work is relatively stagnant. Providing your employees with a meaningful and happy workspace is a foolproof way to increase employee retention. Retaining great talent is extremely crucial because the cost of replacing a single employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary. Great talent creates a good culture. As the job market picks up, so will the need to preserve your talented team.

If your company is facing problems with retaining your staff, reach out to Johnson Service Group today. We can help you source employees that want to make an impact and stay with your team for the long haul.