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Recruit AND Retain: 3 Ways to Keep New (and Current) Employees Happy

You have landed your ideal candidate. Now what? While the recruiting process is important, it is all for naught if you cannot retain great talent. Set new hires (and your company) up for success with the tips below.

Clear Expectations 

Employees need to know what standards and goals they are being held to in their roles. While you may assume that employees should simply be “doing their best,” quantifiable metric goals need to be put in place so that their performance can be measured against them. Sit down with employees when they are first hired and define what is expected of them within their first month, first quarter, and first year at the company.

Supportive Leadership

One key to keeping employees around is giving them a solid support system. Elect leadership that will teach, correct, and support those they oversee. It is important that leaders in your company love to see their employees succeed and will come alongside them to help them get there. A supportive leader will lead by example, admitting their own mistakes, learning from others, and always looking for ways to improve. The creation of a supportive environment for employees is what allows them to thrive, increasing their feeling of security and ability to grow. Companies who show clear support of their employees and foster their growth retain employees.

Fair Salary

Your initial salary offer may have been enticing, but are you keeping their earnings consistent with inflation? As the cost for EVERYTHING rises, employees will be looking to their employers to provide them with a salary that maintains its value with the rising costs, increasing in value as experience is gained and responsibility is added.

Setting these standards in your workplace will increase retention and keep your employees happy. Not only will this create consistency, but it will also keep new hire costs down and improve morale!

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