Introducing Lily Bracy, our Newest HR Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Lily Bracy, our new HR Coordinator! Lily joined the HR team earlier this month and is excited to fulfill her passion for people as one of the newest members of the JSG team.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated in December of 2020 from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Psychology. I have worked in Human Resources for a little over a year and absolutely love this field. With my new position as HR Coordinator, I am excited to continue pursuing a career in HR here at JSG.

Why did you decide to go into a career in human resources?

I wanted to use my Psychology degree in a way that allowed me to meet the needs of people in the business world. Human Resources combines my passions of understanding people and finding ways to make their lives better. By taking care of tasks like payroll, benefits, employee verifications, I can help create a better work environment where employees feel like they are being cared for by their company.

What attracted you to Johnson Service Group?

As a recent graduate who was looking for a job, recruiting companies would reach out to me all the time with potential openings. This was my first exposure to staffing & recruiting, and I was really intrigued by this industry. However, when I met the HR team, including Gabriella, Abigail, and Susan, I knew I wanted to join JSG. Their experience in the industry and warmth towards fellow co-workers showed me that JSG was the absolute best choice for me.

What will your responsibilities be as part of the JSG HR team?

As the newest HR Coordinator, I will primarily be working on payroll and verifications of employment.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

Usually, I spend my time outside of work with a good book. I am currently reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and am absolutely loving it. I also grew up playing tennis, so a lot of my weekends are spent out on the court.

How to Promote Your Jobs on LinkedIn

When it comes to selling to a company or recruiting for job orders, LinkedIn is a tool that can exponentially expand your reach to prospective clients and candidates.  When promoting and posting your specific jobs on LinkedIn, here are some best practices to help expand your reach.

Step 1: Find a Picture or Video

When you include a picture or video in your job posting, it adds something that catches people’s eyes and keeps them interested. On LinkedIn, it helps your ability to reach more people. When you add a picture on any post, your post is 12x more likely to be seen. And if you add a video, 5x more people will interact with it over any other LinkedIn post. This is essential when sharing a job because whenever someone likes, comments, and shares your post, it also is shared with their networks. Which then becomes this domino effect of how many people could possibly see your post.

Step 2: Write a Short & Sweet Post

The next thing you want to do is provide a short and concise description of the job in your post. You want to add the job title, location, and maybe one or two things they need to have to be a qualified candidate. You also want to make sure to put in your contact information, as well as the link to your specific job posting. This way they can contact you if they have questions or can head straight to the link to apply. Below are a few examples of great job postings on LinkedIn!


Step  3: The Marketing Team is Here to Help

If you need help with finding a picture, would like a job skin, want to have us make you a video, need some ideas on what to say, we are always here to help! Our job is to make your lives easier and help you find great candidates and clients. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. Also, if you’re wanting to use pictures for your jobs, make sure to use royalty free ones. Below are approved sites you can take pictures from and not have to worry about stealing someone else’s work!




Step 4: Share your Post

And the last thing to do is share your post. Once shared on your page, it will start to gain traction. Remember, we’re a team. The more we support our co-workers’ jobs as well as our own, the more people learn and know about Johnson Service Group. And before you know it, people will start to reach out to you, both clients and candidates, to see if they have an opportunity to partner with you.

We hope this helped you when it comes to how and what you should post when you’re posting a job on LinkedIn. It doesn’t need to be difficult. And with these tips, we hope they make marketing and candidates about your jobs more exciting and fun. LinkedIn is a great platform and if used to its potential, it could really help you find the people you are wanting to find.

The Best Candidates (And the Hardest to Attract) Are Passive Candidates

Passive Candidates

Yes, we mean currently employed candidates! Who are usually, just casually looking at available job opportunities. You probably understand the logic of why passive candidates are the best candidates for your open positions. But how do you impress them enough to leave a comfortable job for a new one? Well, with 6.7 million open jobs and only 6.2 million available workers, we know your search must start somewhere when it comes to recruiting passive candidates. And here is how.

Why Passive Candidates are the Best

When you know that someone is already employed you know a few things: They have strong skills, they’re creating value, they are willing to do the job, and are gaining the experience, the open positions like yours, need. They are the candidates you want applying to your jobs, and ultimately, the ones you want to hire. But to convince and attract these types of employee’s is difficult.

They normally are comfortable with where they are at, but with the help of a recruiter, you can tap into the passive candidate demographic.

Why Focus on Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are 122 percent more likely to want to make a big impact on your business. They are hard-working and looking for an opportunity to grow in their career. These candidates have the skills, experience, and knowledge of what being a successful employee is. And for any company, this is the most desirable candidate.

study from LinkedIn, states that 75 percent of the people an organization would hire aren’t even looking for a new job. And for critical roles, 95 percent of the people you’d want to hire also aren’t looking. So, what does that mean? That the best candidates out there are not even on the market.

Why are Passive Candidates the Hardest to Attract?

With recruiting someone who’s already employed, you must know how to approach them. Most people are comfortable with their job, location, and money. Recruiting passive candidates is hard because they are content. They do not need a job and do not feel the burden of having to find one immediately.

But, that does not mean they aren’t casually looking for other opportunities! If they have the option to move up, start their dream career, move closer to family, or have more of a work-life balance, they more than likely could be willing to take another position. It’s just all about timing, which recruiters know well.

How a Recruiter can Help You Reach Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are still on the market, just in a different way. 85 percent of workers worldwide are open to new positions! That’s pretty good odds of being able to find the person you’re looking for. They just need to be approached in a different way, which is where a recruiter comes in.

When partnering with a Johnson Service Group recruiter, you’re guaranteed we are working in the passive candidate market. As you know, they are the best candidates for a company and that’s what we’re here to do. Our recruiters are here to help our clients and candidates find the perfect fit, and in today’s market, it can be difficult. But with our knowledge of the job market and with access to the best candidates, we’re sure to find you the best person for the job. Let’s work together.

Focus On: Engineering

Focus On Engineering

One of the main areas that JSG recruits for is Engineering. From Aerospace Engineers to Software Engineers to Structural Engineers and everything in between, we recruit them all for hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada. The Engineering industry has experienced a 10.3% steady growth rate over the last 10 years and with new technologies emerging every day, it doesn’t look like hiring will slow down anytime soon! We asked a couple of our Engineering recruiting experts to share their thoughts on today’s market.

Jeff Paarlberg, Branch Manager – JSG Jacksonville

“Our region’s Engineering needs are in the energy/utility space, simply because that is what are clients specialize in. In that space specifically, we have seen heavy demand for positions directly related to utility infrastructure projects (transmission/substation/grid modernization). Most of these roles are common project needs with very specific industry experience, i.e. Project Managers, Schedulers, Estimators, EHS Specialist, etc. These needs are in various states, and many of these modernization projects are multi-year endeavors. So, not only does it provide stability in the marketplace for consultants, but it also provides continued hiring needs as the scope of projects progress from cradle to grave. We do not anticipate any slow down over the next 3 quarters of 2018. Demand for these project-specific skill sets continue to increase as grid modernization spreads across more remote locations where the local talent pool is not as deep.”

Jim Halvorson, Branch Manager – JSG Chicago

“In the greater Chicago land area, JSG provides engineering staffing services for primarily the corporate manufacturing, engineering services, and construction industries.  In 2018, JSG has seen a high demand for engineering talent in all 3 market segments. This goes for both contract and direct hire openings.  The most recent employment statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for April only reinforces this hiring trend, since 3 out of the top 5 industries that experienced job growth include engineering, manufacturing and construction-related roles.  In the greater Chicago area, some of the more in-demand job openings that we recruit for include: Civil/Structural Engineers, Mechanical or Electrical Design Engineers, Machine Design, Controls Engineers and Project Engineers with specific construction/building systems backgrounds.  In the current economic environment, it is important for companies to be prepared to act quickly on engineering talent that meets their hiring criteria.  If not, there is a strong chance they will compete with multiple offers. This risks losing that candidate to another opportunity.  The high demand for engineers does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.”

May Anniversaries + April New Hires

Congratulations - Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in May! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

Atlanta, Georgia

Tim Hurst – 9 years, Rob Boyle – 6 years, Frank Cunnane – 5 years, Alexandria Mignone – 2 years, Jacki McMahan – 2 years


Bedford, Texas

Cindy Price – 21 years

Birmingham, Alabama

Steve Forsyth – 9 years


Chicago, Illinois

Ken Slater – 25 years, Patty Rhoads – 7 years, Matt Menozzi – 2 years, Nicholas Mason – 1 year

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Ed Zetusky – 3 years, Ranjeetha Bodu – 1 year


Spokane, Washington

Dana Belstler – 3 years, Luc MacKenzie – 1 year

Tampa, Florida

Dylan Beck – 1 year

Welcome to JSG's new employees

We gained a few fresh faces in April here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

Atlanta, Georgia

Samantha Clanton, Jimmy Albert, Ben Girod

North Charleston, South Carolina

Taylor Vause

Spokane, Washington

Lukas Winslow

April Anniversaries + March New Hires

Congratulations - Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in April! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

Atlanta, Georgia

James Roberts – 12 years

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jessica MacFarlane – 1 year

Bedford, Texas

Keith Duderstadt – 9 years

Charleston, South Carolina

Travis Craine – 3 years

Chicago, Illinois

Katie Kuebler – 5 years

Jacksonville, Florida

Ginger Nilsson – 4 years

Knoxville, Tennessee

Melissa Brown – 7 years

San Jose, California

Liza Ramos – 5 years, Jay Kerrigan – 4 years, Alice Gill – 4 years

Spokane, Washington

Carlos DeHerrera – 1 year

Tampa, Florida

Mike Measures – 4 years

Welcome to JSG's new employees

We gained a few fresh faces in March here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

Atlanta, Georgia

Nate Williams, Tom Hart

Bedford, Texas

Cassie West

Calabasas, California

Linda Peck

Chicago, Illinois

Ashley Kendrick, Nick Calgaro

Jacksonville, Florida

Alex Grafton

Spokane, Washington

Ty Lim, Jill Pittmann, Michelle Smith

January Anniversaries & November/December New Hires

Congratulations - Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in January! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication & service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

Atlanta, Georgia

Adam Maddox – 2 years, Dena Lyerly – 2 years

Birmingham, Alabama

Don Franks – 11 years

Bedford, Texas

Ben Shirley – 9 years, Grace Choi – 2 years

Chicago, Illinois

Katherine Netko – 1 year, Kathleen Stevens – 1 year, Brittany Czischki – 1 year, Kyle Hardin – 1 year

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Elana Dunkin – 2 years

Irvine, California

Foster Zembraski – 2 years

Knoxville, Tennesse

Greg Howard – 6 years, Bertina Cannon – 4 years

San Jose, California

Jim Beckley – 9 years

Spokane, Washington

Patrice MacMillan – 4 years, Tracey Smith – 3 years, Cody Cole, 1 year

Welcome to JSG's new employees

We gained a few fresh faces in November & December here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

Atlanta, Georgia

Monique Humphrey, Margaret Allen, Brian Smith, Mario Miranda

Bedford, Texas

Ana Blanco

Charleston, South Carolina

Daniel Scott

Chicago, Illinois

Michael McGough, Krishna Nalla, Nicole Clark

Columbia, South Carolina

Mackenzie Dunham

Spokane, Washington

Matthew Bennett

‘Tis The Season For Giving Back At JSG

Around the holidays, our family here at JSG loves to give back. Many of our offices throughout the United States and Canada partner with local charities to share in the spirit of giving. Here’s a sneak peek into the holiday shenanigans of 2017 from three different locations.

JSG Chicago partners with local school to sponsor Christmas for 3 different children

JSG Chicago

Ken Slater, Kaitlyn Gorman, Frank D’Amico, Frank Pytel, Steve Sorensen, Harry Snyder, Nick Mason, Brent Davi, Nicole Shenberger (Missing from photo: Jim Halvorson, Andrew Lopez, and Katie Kuebler)

As a team, we decided to sponsor kids in need and through Harry Snyder, we were able to connect with Hermes School District #131 to sponsor three kids. We were able to purchase clothes, toys, and other items on their list for the parents to be able to gift the children presents around the holidays

JSG Spokane has in-office gift exchange to benefit Toys For Tots

Spokane Toys For Tots

Youssef Alonzo, Tracey Smith, Mike Muglia, Dallas Williams, & Ken Heller opening gifts for Toys For Tots


Tracey Smith, Dana Belstler, Tracy Isakson, & Shahna Jacks delivering the toys to Toys For Tots

For the second year in a row, our Spokane office hosted a gift exchange for Toys for Tots. Everyone in the office pulls a name out of a hat, and you buy that person a toy you think they would have liked as a kid. We wrap them all up and each person unwraps their gift during our Holiday party, and we try to guess who bought what. Afterwards, we load all the gifts into the car and deliver them to Toys For Tots. It is a ton of fun and so much more satisfying to know that we are giving back at the same time!

JSG Tampa volunteers at local animal shelter and helps paint local elementary school

JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

Mike Measures, Craig Brooks, Dylan Beck, Dave Wilson, & Drew Hegarty deliver treats & goodies to a Tampa animal shelter

.JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

JSG Tampa Elementary School

Mike Measures, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty, Dave Wilson, & Craig Brooks help give a local elementary school a facelift

Our JSG Tampa office used our Holiday Party to help a local school paint their teacher’s lounge and give treats and supplies to a local humane society. Being able to take time out of our schedules to give back to the community was a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays From JSG!

From JSG Leadership

JSG Leadership

Ken Slater, Executive Vice President & Jim Filarski, Chief Financial Officer

From the JSG Accounting Department

Front Row: Grace Pender, Brittany Czischki, Kyle Hardin, Andi Mores, Cynthia Razo Second Row: Kim Kennedy, Katherine Netko, Jen Cariola, Amanda Hrdina, Pamela Rose, Jamie Nickos Back Row: Kathy Stevens, Gayle Lansdon, Nicole Banis, Brianna Meier, Kailey Fritz, Debra Silva, Melissa Paz

From the JSG Ann Arbor, Michigan Team

JSG Ann Arbor

Ronan O’Neill & Jessica MacFarlane

From JSG Atlanta

First Picture: Rob Boyle, Michelle McMahan, & Darryl Dixon Second Picture: Front Row (seated): Alexandria Mignone, Kathina Williams, Jacki McMahan, Monique Humphrey Second Row: Frank Cunnane, Amanda Smith, Adrienne Hebb, Annette Rinslo, Michelle McMahan, Tina Brumfield, Christopher Yates, Michelle Figari, Ed Galenza Back Blended Rows: Tim Hurst, Darryl Dixon, Margaret Smith, John Orr, Byron Armstead, James Roberts, Adam Maddox, Raquelle Shanette

From the Birmingham & Mobile, Alabama offices

Sandra Roberts, Donna Kidd, Linda McCarron, Don Franks, Steve Forsyth and Brigette Starr

From the JSG Bedford, TX Team

From the Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Office

Chris Aiello, Khushali Mistry, Mike Adelman, Allen Mudalel, Rich Hanson (photo credit: Serena Cross)

From the JSG Calabasas Team

Ric, Sidney, Deborah, Teresa & Meredith

From our Cameron, Oklahoma office

JSG Cameron

Chris Tankersley

From JSG Chicago

From Our Columbia, South Carolina Office

Pat Layden and Mackenzie Dunham

From The JSG Finance Department

Paula Orsula, Matt Mennozi, Nicole Clark, Libby Cervantes, and Katie Gwin.

From our JSG New Jersey Office

Chris Minutola, Tom Zetusky, Ed Zetusky, John Burke

From JSG Huntsville, Alabama

Maria Mireles-Brown, Dennis White

From the JSG HR Team

Linnea Rummage, Nick Yacobi, Susan Sproule, Sharon Tinker

From JSG Irvine

Dina Romero, Foster Zembraski, Truong Trinh, Bryan Rogers, Diane Lacson

From Our Jacksonville Office

Sitting: Donna Blodgett, Ginger Nilsson, Renee Tuck. Back Row: Jason Kennedy, Jeff Paarlberg, Derek Rix, Zach Williams, Paul Hopkins, Terry Peak

From JSG Knoxville, Tennessee

Pictured Left to Right: Don Franks, Greg Howard, Tina Cannon, Andrea Lyle, Melissa Brown, Linda Fugate, Marla Kilgore, Jeff Rowe, and Steve Weimer.

From the JSG Marketing Team

Luc MacKenzie, Patrice MacMillan, & Matthew Bennett

From the North Charleston, South Carolina JSG team

Front row from left to right: Daniel Scott and Travis Craine Back row from left to right: Lindsay Pate, Danita Green, Kristina Kratsas and Miranda Jones

From the JSG Safety & Risk Management Department

JSG Safety

From the JSG San Jose, California office!

From Left Front: Margo Garcia, Jose Masangcay, Celeste Glascock, Su Voeun, Sarah Alvarez, Liza Ramos, Alex Duenas Back Row: Priscilla Torres, John Garcia, Alice Gill, Joe Arellano, Jay Kerrigan, Janette Miramontes, Brittany Gamboa, Griselda Dominguez, Jim Beckley, Cathy Kennedy, Rich Martinsen

From The JSG Spokane, Washington team

JSG Spokane

Back Row: Jeremy Johnson, James Borders, Tracey Smith, Shahna Jacks, Perry Paden, Tracy Isakson, Ken Heller, Alex Price, Dallas Williams. Front Row: Dana Belstler, Krista Portolesi, Mike Muglia, Youssef Alonzo

From the JSG Team in Stuart, Florida

JSG Stuart FL

Back row left to right: Piyaphat Vongsavanh, Humberto Cruz, Frank Holman, Gabriel Chirinos, Alejandro Rivera 2nd row left to right: Isis Cardona, Fatima Espinoza, Dawn Fossati Front: Rachel DiGiacomo

From the JSG Tampa, Florida Team

Craig Brooks, Dave Wilson, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty

From JSG Professional Services, ULC (Canada)

JSG Spotlight On Safety: September 2017 Contractor Newsletter

Our safety team has industry-leading safety and risk management experience. They work incredibly hard to keep our thousands of employees stay safe at work and at home.

Patty Rhoads, Safety Manager, has 43 years of combined safety, claims, and risk management experience. She joined JSG to consult on safety and injury management in Summer 2011 and started the safety/risk department in 2012. That year was dubbed “the year of safety” as Patty developed education and claims management resources for JSG teams across the country. Since then, her team has grown to a total of 6 people and they continue to make a positive impact on our team of staff, contractors, and clients every single day!

JSG Spotlight On Safety: September 2017 Contractor Newsletter

Looking for ways to live a safer work life? Here are some ways you can jumpstart your work safety TODAY: