Will a New Job Pay You More?

Will A New Job Pay You More?

It has long been rumored that in order to “get what you’re worth,” you need to be constantly on the move. In fact, it was recommended that you change jobs as often as every two or three years to get the most bang for your buck. However, this might not be the case anymore. According to the ADP’s latest Workforce Vitality Report, employees who stayed at their jobs in 2020 garnered an average pay raise of 4%, while those who landed new jobs averaged a raise of 5%. So, the question remains, is that 1% worth a switch? Here are four instances in which a new job that pays more would be worth it.

You are being paid below-market-rate

This is an instance in which you may be able to secure more than a 5% raise when switching jobs. Do your research on sites like, or Payscale to discover the market rate for someone with the same amount of experience in your role. Additionally, search job boards or talk to a recruiter to see what people hiring are willing to pay. Employers that are satisfied with paying employees less than they are worth will have difficulty retaining talent in today’s modern job market.

You are not happy in your current work environment

This may seem obvious, but it is notoriously easy to stay in a role that pays well but drains your happiness. If you are unhappy at your current job, even a lateral move can make an enormous difference in total value. Certainly, it’s worth investigating and having a conversation to see what else is out there.

You are receiving interest from other employers

It’s no secret that companies are hiring right now. In fact, many are desperate to add to their teams. If recruiters are contacting you, it is absolutely worth having a conversation. Likewise, have an updated resume and cover letter template ready to go. That way, if a job pops up on your LinkedIn feed, you can be ready to apply quickly. You might just be surprised to discover how much interest you receive!

If you feel that it’s time to make a move, follow your gut! Explore our open positions here, or contact us to speak with a recruiter in your area.

How to Land A New Job This Summer

How to Land A New Job This Summer

Those spring showers are starting to fade, and the warm summer days are fast approaching. But green grass and sunshine are not the only things on the horizon. It seems we are finally over the hill from the pandemic; employers are ramping up production as they finally return to somewhat normal. As a result, you may be evaluating your career options and looking for a new opportunity. If you are looking to take advantage of this scorching hot market, here is how to land a new job this summer.

Are you ready to return to the office?

With summer approaching, many employers are beginning to plan their return to the office. Some companies are returning on a hybrid remote/onsite work schedule, while others will be 100% in the office. Returning to the office is exciting for many workers but making others feel anxious. If you are feeling uneasy about returning to the office, here is a brief guide on how to prepare mentally. However, if working from the office is no longer suitable for your needs and lifestyle, remote opportunities are booming this summer.

Remote work may be permanent for you

As some employers are bringing their employees back to the office, others are embracing this new working environment. In May 2021, paid job postings skyrocketed 457% as of May 2021, according to LinkedIn Workforce Insights. Some industries are leading the pack of this work-from-home revolution. At the very top is the media and communications industry, which currently accounts for 26.8% of all paid job listings on LinkedIn. Software and IT services closely follow with 21.8% and wellness & fitness coming in third with 18.6%.

Overall, remote job postings account for 9.7% of total paid job listings, significantly up from under 2% last year. Therefore, if you are looking to land a new job this summer, you must explore remote opportunities.

Don’t drag your feet

There is still a lot of uncertainty out there in the post-pandemic workforce, but one thing that is for sure is the labor market is competitive. Employers are hiring again, and some are even struggling to find candidates. So, when a hiring manager finds a qualified, talented candidate, they move quickly. If hiring managers are making hiring decisions rapidly, job seekers have to, as well. If you find a job opportunity that interests you, you cannot hesitate. You may be the most talented candidate in the pool, but if you don’t apply right away, it may be too late for your candidacy. Employers need candidates now, and if they find a good one, they make an offer. So, if you are serious about finding a new job this summer, you must act fast.

Partner with a recruiter

Things are moving lightning fast in this labor market, and if you want to gain a competitive edge, why not work with a recruiter? Professional recruiting firms can help propel your summer job search to the next level. Our recruiters at JSG have exclusive opportunities you won’t find posted on any job board. If you want to find a new job this summer, reach out to us today, and let’s work together.

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5 Ways to Find Your “Golden Egg” Job and Company

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With Easter hopping around the corner, it’s a great time to discuss how many options you as a candidate have when it comes to a new job. There’s a shortage of almost 1 million people to fill jobs. So that tells you, as a candidate, you have some leverage, right? Well, yes! But if you’re really wanting to find a “golden egg” job and company, there are five things you should do. And they will help you not leave a rotten taste in hiring managers mouths!

Don’t accept a job offer you’re not going to take

The first rule when looking, applying, and interviewing for a new job is: Never accept a job and not show up for your first day. If you have other opportunities on the table that you may want more, be transparent. Tell them you have other opportunities available. This way you can say you’re not going to decide until you hear back from them.

And then, you’re being honest, not burning any bridges, and have options if the one job you really want is not offered to you. Remember, treating others how you want to be treated will get you so much further and will help you find that golden job you’ve been looking for.

Only apply to jobs you’re truly passionate about

When you’re on the hunt for a new position, it’s imperative that you really read before you click that apply button. One, because you want to ensure your resume includes keywords for the position. This will improve the chances of it getting to the hiring manager. And two, so you don’t waste your time. Everyone is busy, and if you’re just applying to positions on a whim, you’re losing valuable time coming across the job and company that is the perfect fit for you!

Research, research, research

Before you apply and when you hear back about getting an interview, you must do your research. Check out the company’s ratings, examine the job duties, know this position and company inside and out so you’re more than prepared for the interview. This will also help you know if this position is the right one for you. Not only do you start to piece together what the company is all about, but you also start to understand what they’re looking for in a new employee. Which only helps you see the full picture. In the end, you’ll realize you’re also interviewing them to see if they are a good fit for you.

When interviewing, ask good questions

Once you receive an interview, be present. This could be the next job that takes you in a totally different career direction or a job that helps you advance, but no matter what, this job will teach you so many things. Good or bad, jobs give you experience, and in an interview for a new one, you want to be engaged and express your interest. One of the best ways to do this is by having good questions to ask.

If you’ve done your research, you probably have plenty of questions, but don’t forget about everyday ones. Who do I report to? Do we have flexibility in working from home? What are the normal day-to-day processes that I need to know? What’s one of the most difficult things about this position? These questions will not only set you apart, but they will also help you learn even more about the role.

Johnson Service Group is here to help you on your hunt

If you’re struggling to find the time to find your perfect position, check out our job board. Not only do we have hundreds of jobs at your fingertips, but we have great recruiters who are here to help!

Happy hunting for your next golden egg!

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Looking for A New Job? Here’s Where to Start

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Are you looking for a fresh start to your career this year? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Thousands of people have made new year’s resolutions to find the next step in their career. But where does one start? Here are a few steps to get you prepared to find that new job in 2019.

Update your LinkedIn

Before you even think about applying for a job, you need to update your LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t have one, now is a perfect opportunity to create one. When you apply for a job and you look like a qualified candidate, hiring managers and recruiters will look you up on LinkedIn.

They will want to learn more about you and get a better idea of who you are as a prospective candidate. If your LinkedIn is not up to date, you may be sending the wrong message to the employer and it may illustrate that you are not as qualified as you stated on your resume. Ensure your LinkedIn is up to date with your recent work history, education, skills, and any certifications you may have earned!

Update your resume

Once your LinkedIn is up to date, you’re going to want to update your resume. If you haven’t had to update your resume in a while, this may seem a little daunting. However, if you sit down and take your time, it’s a lot easier than you think!

You should be tailoring your resume for each position you apply to. To easily do this, carefully read through the job description a few times. You want your resume to read off similarly to the job description. For example, if the job description says they are looking for someone with project management skills, you will definitely want to elaborate on your project management experience in your resume.

If your resume matches the job description well, you’re in good shape. If you need help updating your resume, don’t worry! JSG has tons of resources to ensure your resume is in tip-top shape.

Work with a recruiter

One of the best ways to find a new job opportunity is to work with a recruiter. Recruiters, like the ones from Johnson Service Group, can help you find opportunities that are not advertised anywhere else. We can help you get your resume on the hiring manager’s deck instead of just sitting there in a pile of applicants.

If you’re serious about finding a new job this year, partner with a JSG recruiter. We will help you find a position that matches your skill sets. Let’s get your 2019 off on a good note with the next step in your career.

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Looking for A New Job in 2019? Here’s What to Look for

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Can you believe it’s already 2019? Many of you have recently set goals for the New Year. Some of you hope to lose a few pounds while others want to kick a bad habit. However, many people are looking for a new chapter in their careers. A new year is a great time to look for a new job and find a position that you’re passionate about.

If you are looking for a new job in 2019, here are some things to look out for.

Work-Life balance

Many people make new year’s resolutions to improve their work-life balance. To do so, one of the easiest ways may be to find a new career. When searching for a new job, it’s essential to understand if this next step in your career will provide the right work-life balance for you.

Whether you’re looking for a 9:00 to 5:00 or you’re happy working 60 hours per week, you need to understand what the balance between your work and personal life will be.

Potential growth

Many candidates are looking for more than just a job; they want to find a position that will allow them to grow as a professional. Some people are looking to advance their career; they are looking for the next stepping stone in their career. If this sounds like you, you want to ensure this employer has the opportunity for you to advance through the ranks to get to where you want to be, in say, five years.

However, growing as a professional is not always about making a career jump. You can grow and become a better professional by working for an employer that offers opportunities for you to take chances and learn from both your success and your mistakes.

When going through the interview process, be sure to ask questions that give you a better understanding of what the future looks like for the organization. You also want to develop a better idea of what the company culture looks like. If you are looking for a position that will allow you to grow, you must find an employer that is willing to give you the opportunities and mentorship to hone your skills.


Speaking of mentorship, it’s essential to find a position where you have a mentor. A professional mentor is someone that works closely with you in the workplace. They can be your boss, supervisor, or even just one of your co-workers. However, it’s important to develop a relationship with someone within the company that you can rely on for honest feedback and encouragement.

Mentors are there to hold you accountable. They help you overcome your obstacles and celebrate your wins with you. Finding mentorship in a new position is key to your success and happiness within your new employer.

Hopefully, this gives you a few more things to look into when hitting the job search hard at the beginning of 2019. Happy New Year!

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You Can Still Land a Job by The End of The Year

Land a JobWith December upon us, it can be easy to assume that stopping your job search until the new year, is a good idea. But truth is, most companies are looking to fill their critical roles before the end of the year. This way they can have you trained early in the new year. Stopping your search at this time could just add to the length of your job search. And if you have the right tools and strategies, it is possible to land a job by Christmas!

Now is one of the best times to find a job

Not only is the job market hot and an awesome place for candidates, but this time of year is also a great time to land a job. Summer and the end of the year months are usually the perfect time to make a move. Not only for you as a candidate, but for clients as well. It’s a time where there is more vacation, budgets are being discussed, and there is less work on people’s plate. And to be honest, a lot of companies have needs to hire before the beginning of the year begins.

So, just because it’s the holiday season and people are on vacation, doesn’t mean it’s a time for you to stop looking. It really should be the time you speed up your search.

You have more time to apply

With extra vacation being taken you probably have more downtime to apply to the jobs you’re wanting to. This allows you more opportunities to personalize your resume and find the great opportunities you would have missed if you were rushing to find a job. Also, a lot of companies are on a time crunch. So, if they can get you in for interviews as soon as possible, it only helps your chances of being given an offer and for you to land the job you’ve been hoping for.

Scheduling interviews can be easier

So with that, scheduling interviews can be easier during this time of year because everyone is usually slowing down. There aren’t doing as many meetings, projects, or finishing of proposals as they are holding out on those until the new year. Which means, they can then focus more time on interviews.

Reach out to contacts

This is a great time to check in with references or people you know who may have awesome positions you can apply to! Networking is a great way to stay on top of new adventures in your career. And using them to your advantage can take you on a path you never thought you’d take. You never know, someone may be the in you need for your next dream job!

Companies are wanting to move quickly

During this time of year, budgets are getting set, and companies are also realizing where they need help. If there’s a critical position that still isn’t filled, it could really be affecting their production. Which in turn, will make them want to move even quicker, with the right candidate.

December is an impactful time for companies to hire, too. They know for certain what they need. And if they can get that from you, they will pick you up in a heartbeat. Especially, in today’s job market. Companies are starting to realize how important it is to move fast on great candidates.

The end of the year may seem like a bad time to job hunt, but it can actually be the best time. Whether it’s time crunches, needing to fill a critical role or budgets, most companies are willing to hire and beat the first of the year rush.

So, if you’re looking for a role, and are ready to move, reach out to one of our recruiters here at Johnson Service Group. We would love to see what we can do for you and your future career goals!


The Dos and Don’ts of a Winning Reference List


When it comes to adding references, you should pay a lot more attention to it than most people normally do. References can make or break your chances of getting a job, and if they do, you normally won’t know who or what they said to change a prospective company’s mind… So, the best way to avoid this is by choosing the right references. And if you follow these Dos and Don’ts, you’ll be able to almost guarantee that your references won’t hurt your chances of getting the job!

DO – Ask for permission

When adding someone to your reference list, you want to ensure you’re asking for permission. Especially, if it’s been a while since you needed references, reminding them and asking if it’s okay will help you get the best response. And make sure you have their right contact information as well as helping them be prepared for calls.

DON’T – Assume someone will say yes

Just because someone has let you use them as a reference before doesn’t mean they’re okay with it now. Time passes, and other people come and go in different positions. So, it’s very important that you never assume it’s a yes.

DO – Have a list of references before applying to jobs

Doing your due diligence before applying to a new job is only going to help you be prepared. If a company asks for references, it’s a lot easier to just send a list you have ready. Instead of having to scramble for the best ones to send. Being prepared will always keep you a step ahead and more likely to get the position.

DON’T – Wait until the last minute to ask for a reference

Waiting only leaves you in a vulnerable position. This can affect whether you find great references or good ones. And this small difference could change the opportunity of you getting the job or not. Even though some people like to think these details aren’t as important, having a great reference compared to only a good one could really affect a company’s decision about you.

DO – Update your list as often as you can

Especially, when you’re receiving promotions or have moved companies. In these situations, you’re working and collaborating with different people that would probably love to be a part of your reference list. So updating it when you can is beneficial.

DON’T – Provide a reference list until asked

There is no need to put a reference list on a resume when you’re first applying for a position. You first want the company to think you’re a good fit. And, if you’re working with a recruiter, you may not want another company calling your references before speaking with you. (Because you may still be working with people on your list and you may not be ready for them to know you’re looking). There are lots of reasons we say wait, but this way you don’t get sabotaged in any way and it helps companies really be interested in you first.

DO – Add Professional’s

Make sure all your references are from a professional nature. And having them from different jobs or volunteer commitments just helps show that you’re a great person to work with and you go over and beyond in all your endeavors.

DON’T – Add Your Mom, Grandma, or any family

I hope that you all can say you’d get raving reviews from family members. So, your references should not include them. Your family is here to support you on your journey, but this is probably one thing we’d recommend they aren’t helping you out on.

These Do’s and Don’ts should keep you prepared with great references that will help you land the job you’re working so hard to get. And now you know everything that will make you achieve a winning reference list!