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How To Set Yourself Up For Success For Your First Day At A New Job

How To Set Yourself Up For Success For Your First Day At A New Job

The first few days on a job can be overwhelming. You are overloaded with information! You’re learning who your coworkers are, what your job entails, where the best lunch spots are, and more. It is important to absorb all these details while still taking in the basics of how to function at your new company. Here are some tips to navigate your first day at a new job.

Connect with your coworkers

Your coworkers are the people that you spend the most time with on workdays—get to know them! Introduce yourself, ask questions, and find people you can relate to. These connections will lay the foundation for good working relationships. It opens the door for you to ask questions, get help when you need it, and work together to succeed. Take a look at these tips from Indeed about getting to know your coworkers.   

Ask good questions

 There is nothing more frustrating to a supervisor than something done wrong because their employee did not ask a simple question. It is always better to ask for help than assume and do the work wrong. Asking questions shows your supervisors and coworkers that you care to do the job well and are willing to learn. Here are some good questions to ask to help you get the lay of the land.

Write things down

If you are able, it can be extremely helpful to carry a notebook or pad of paper with you the first few days of the job. Jot quick notes about specific things you may have trouble remembering, even if they seem insignificant or easy to remember at the time. (e.g., what printer you are supposed to use, the passwords to all your new company accounts, or the formula for the calculation you will be performing every day). These things may seem easy to remember in the moment. However, documenting this morning for later can make a new job much less overwhelming. Keep all this information in one place, so it is easy to look back on later.

Last but not least, don’t doubt yourself! Your company hired you for a reason! Enter your new job with confidence. Then, once you’re comfortable at your new job, check out our article on how to have fun at work to keep the party going!

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