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Setting Standards for Yourself in a New Position

Starting a new job can be daunting. It can feel like everything is coming at you at once—meeting new coworkers, training, adjusting to workplace culture, and more! Sometimes some fundamentals can fall by the wayside when you are taking in new information and trying to make a good first impression. Here are some basic standards to set for yourself when you are new to a company.

Timeliness & Professionalism

We all tend to show up right on time, if not early, during our first few weeks of work. Do not let that timeliness falter after you’ve made your “initial” impression. Read the room—check out when your other coworkers arrive at work. Is it a hard start time, or is it a flexible time frame? There is nothing worse than being THAT ONE coworker that shows up late all the time and delays group meetings or collaborations.

Another category in which you can take your coworker’s cues is dress. While dress code is something that you can ask about before your first day on the job, you might get a better idea of how people interpret that standard of dress a few days in. When in doubt, take the more professional route. This signals to your supervisor that you are taking your position seriously.


You may think that staying late at the beginning makes a good impression, but it could convey quite the opposite. It could seem as though you can’t handle your workload or struggle with time management. Conversely, you could also set the precedent that you will stay past normal working hours to take on extra tasks. It is important to set boundaries early so that your time is respected. Set the standard early!


It is important to make an effort to get to know those you work with and attend any networking events. Learn to work well with those around you and use others as resources to do your work as efficiently as possible. Make use of your resources early so that you know what is available to you! It behooves you to make connections with those around you.

Setting these standards for yourself sets you up for success. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your job!


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