Trick Or Treat Yourself To A New Job

If you are one of the millions of Americans considering joining “The Great Resignation,” you are certainly not alone. Approximately four million people quit their jobs in July 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, LinkedIn noted that 176 million U.S. members added new employers to their profiles in September alone. Due to job uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, many people stayed put throughout 2020, drastically decreasing quit rates. But now that hiring has increased, employees are recognizing burnout and seizing new opportunities. If this sounds like you, October is a great month to kick off your job search. But you don’t want to run into any tricks along the way! We’re breaking down of few of the tricks and treats you might encounter if you’re looking for a new job this fall.

Trick: COVID-Related Questions

No matter what you have encountered in your professional life over the last two years, you will be asked COVID-related interview questions. These questions can range from addressing layoffs or why you’re leaving your current position, to skills you added during lockdowns, to how you think your company handled the pandemic.

When these questions come up, try to avoid getting bogged down in negativity. Give a brief and direct answer, and then pivot the question into your excitement for this opportunity. Highlight the skills you gained, the lessons you learned, and the goals you established for your next job.

Treat: More Remote Openings

One of the few upsides to the pandemic is that it forced companies to get familiar with flexible work environments. On LinkedIn alone, there are over 480,000 remote job openings currently. This is in stark comparison to a mere 7,000 remote job opportunities listed online in March of 2020.

While these openings are remote, it can give you a leg up to look for companies hiring remote positions in your city. Eventually, these companies may go back to in-person or a hybrid work model. Thus, they will see value in having someone local who can join meetings face-to-face or even meet for the occasional happy hour.

Trick: Navigating Virtual Interviews

No matter how many tools we have at our disposal, virtual interviews will always be tricky. They are challenging to navigate between connection issues, missed social cues, background distractions, and the inevitable “what do I do with my hands?” they are challenging to navigate.

When preparing for a virtual interview, it’s essential to do a trial run (or two.) Make sure your background is clean and clutter-free, your notes don’t make too much rustling noise, and your wifi connection is strong. Right as you kick off the interview, share any potential distractions with your interviewer. Luckily, most employers are understanding of a pup warding off the mailman or a toddler looking for an extra hug.

Treat: Flexible Interview Situations

One of the upsides of interviewing in a virtual professional world is that it’s typically easier to squeeze an interview into your schedule. If you’re currently working remotely, you can avoid the awkward excuses or sneaking around that usually accompany interviewing for a new role.

Even though it’s easier to schedule an interview, remember to stay respectful of your current employer. Take a late lunch and block it off on your calendar or let your manager know you will have to step out for an appointment.

Trick: Competitive Market

With so many remote openings, lots of people are putting feelers out there. This is especially true for mid-career employees between the ages of 30 and 45. If you’re in one of the more competitive age groups or industries, you could be going up against dozens of highly qualified applicants.

To stand out from the crowd, do something that goes above and beyond. If the job requests an optional cover letter, submit one! Create a mockup of what you could do for the company. Highlight a personal connection to the mission. To top it off, send a thank you note immediately after your interview. These little things will make a big difference when it comes to landing a job during a uniquely competitive market.

Treat: A Renewed Focus On Diversity & Inclusion

Many companies have experienced tremendous growth over the past two years, and we aren’t talking about headcount. As a result of major social movements and leaderships committed to change, organizations are boosting their diversity and inclusion programs.

Don’t be afraid to ask about diversity and inclusion during the interview. In a candidate’s market, you should feel empowered to hold companies accountable. And ultimately, you want to work for a team that shares the same values as you!

Hopefully, your job search is more treats than tricks! But for all the advice you need to make it through, explore our candidate resources here.

‘Tis The Season For Giving Back At JSG

Around the holidays, our family here at JSG loves to give back. Many of our offices throughout the United States and Canada partner with local charities to share in the spirit of giving. Here’s a sneak peek into the holiday shenanigans of 2017 from three different locations.

JSG Chicago partners with local school to sponsor Christmas for 3 different children

JSG Chicago

Ken Slater, Kaitlyn Gorman, Frank D’Amico, Frank Pytel, Steve Sorensen, Harry Snyder, Nick Mason, Brent Davi, Nicole Shenberger (Missing from photo: Jim Halvorson, Andrew Lopez, and Katie Kuebler)

As a team, we decided to sponsor kids in need and through Harry Snyder, we were able to connect with Hermes School District #131 to sponsor three kids. We were able to purchase clothes, toys, and other items on their list for the parents to be able to gift the children presents around the holidays

JSG Spokane has in-office gift exchange to benefit Toys For Tots

Spokane Toys For Tots

Youssef Alonzo, Tracey Smith, Mike Muglia, Dallas Williams, & Ken Heller opening gifts for Toys For Tots


Tracey Smith, Dana Belstler, Tracy Isakson, & Shahna Jacks delivering the toys to Toys For Tots

For the second year in a row, our Spokane office hosted a gift exchange for Toys for Tots. Everyone in the office pulls a name out of a hat, and you buy that person a toy you think they would have liked as a kid. We wrap them all up and each person unwraps their gift during our Holiday party, and we try to guess who bought what. Afterwards, we load all the gifts into the car and deliver them to Toys For Tots. It is a ton of fun and so much more satisfying to know that we are giving back at the same time!

JSG Tampa volunteers at local animal shelter and helps paint local elementary school

JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

Mike Measures, Craig Brooks, Dylan Beck, Dave Wilson, & Drew Hegarty deliver treats & goodies to a Tampa animal shelter

.JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

JSG Tampa Elementary School

Mike Measures, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty, Dave Wilson, & Craig Brooks help give a local elementary school a facelift

Our JSG Tampa office used our Holiday Party to help a local school paint their teacher’s lounge and give treats and supplies to a local humane society. Being able to take time out of our schedules to give back to the community was a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays From JSG!

From JSG Leadership

JSG Leadership

Ken Slater, Executive Vice President & Jim Filarski, Chief Financial Officer

From the JSG Accounting Department

Front Row: Grace Pender, Brittany Czischki, Kyle Hardin, Andi Mores, Cynthia Razo Second Row: Kim Kennedy, Katherine Netko, Jen Cariola, Amanda Hrdina, Pamela Rose, Jamie Nickos Back Row: Kathy Stevens, Gayle Lansdon, Nicole Banis, Brianna Meier, Kailey Fritz, Debra Silva, Melissa Paz

From the JSG Ann Arbor, Michigan Team

JSG Ann Arbor

Ronan O’Neill & Jessica MacFarlane

From JSG Atlanta

First Picture: Rob Boyle, Michelle McMahan, & Darryl Dixon Second Picture: Front Row (seated): Alexandria Mignone, Kathina Williams, Jacki McMahan, Monique Humphrey Second Row: Frank Cunnane, Amanda Smith, Adrienne Hebb, Annette Rinslo, Michelle McMahan, Tina Brumfield, Christopher Yates, Michelle Figari, Ed Galenza Back Blended Rows: Tim Hurst, Darryl Dixon, Margaret Smith, John Orr, Byron Armstead, James Roberts, Adam Maddox, Raquelle Shanette

From the Birmingham & Mobile, Alabama offices

Sandra Roberts, Donna Kidd, Linda McCarron, Don Franks, Steve Forsyth and Brigette Starr

From the JSG Bedford, TX Team

From the Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Office

Chris Aiello, Khushali Mistry, Mike Adelman, Allen Mudalel, Rich Hanson (photo credit: Serena Cross)

From the JSG Calabasas Team

Ric, Sidney, Deborah, Teresa & Meredith

From our Cameron, Oklahoma office

JSG Cameron

Chris Tankersley

From JSG Chicago

From Our Columbia, South Carolina Office

Pat Layden and Mackenzie Dunham

From The JSG Finance Department

Paula Orsula, Matt Mennozi, Nicole Clark, Libby Cervantes, and Katie Gwin.

From our JSG New Jersey Office

Chris Minutola, Tom Zetusky, Ed Zetusky, John Burke

From JSG Huntsville, Alabama

Maria Mireles-Brown, Dennis White

From the JSG HR Team

Linnea Rummage, Nick Yacobi, Susan Sproule, Sharon Tinker

From JSG Irvine

Dina Romero, Foster Zembraski, Truong Trinh, Bryan Rogers, Diane Lacson

From Our Jacksonville Office

Sitting: Donna Blodgett, Ginger Nilsson, Renee Tuck. Back Row: Jason Kennedy, Jeff Paarlberg, Derek Rix, Zach Williams, Paul Hopkins, Terry Peak

From JSG Knoxville, Tennessee

Pictured Left to Right: Don Franks, Greg Howard, Tina Cannon, Andrea Lyle, Melissa Brown, Linda Fugate, Marla Kilgore, Jeff Rowe, and Steve Weimer.

From the JSG Marketing Team

Luc MacKenzie, Patrice MacMillan, & Matthew Bennett

From the North Charleston, South Carolina JSG team

Front row from left to right: Daniel Scott and Travis Craine Back row from left to right: Lindsay Pate, Danita Green, Kristina Kratsas and Miranda Jones

From the JSG Safety & Risk Management Department

JSG Safety

From the JSG San Jose, California office!

From Left Front: Margo Garcia, Jose Masangcay, Celeste Glascock, Su Voeun, Sarah Alvarez, Liza Ramos, Alex Duenas Back Row: Priscilla Torres, John Garcia, Alice Gill, Joe Arellano, Jay Kerrigan, Janette Miramontes, Brittany Gamboa, Griselda Dominguez, Jim Beckley, Cathy Kennedy, Rich Martinsen

From The JSG Spokane, Washington team

JSG Spokane

Back Row: Jeremy Johnson, James Borders, Tracey Smith, Shahna Jacks, Perry Paden, Tracy Isakson, Ken Heller, Alex Price, Dallas Williams. Front Row: Dana Belstler, Krista Portolesi, Mike Muglia, Youssef Alonzo

From the JSG Team in Stuart, Florida

JSG Stuart FL

Back row left to right: Piyaphat Vongsavanh, Humberto Cruz, Frank Holman, Gabriel Chirinos, Alejandro Rivera 2nd row left to right: Isis Cardona, Fatima Espinoza, Dawn Fossati Front: Rachel DiGiacomo

From the JSG Tampa, Florida Team

Craig Brooks, Dave Wilson, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty

From JSG Professional Services, ULC (Canada)

Are These Interview Prep Tips a Trick or a Treat?

Are These Interview Prep Tips a Trick or a Treat?

We all go about preparing for an interview in different ways. As an entry-level candidate, you just want to get your foot in a door somewhere. As a mid-level candidate, you want to go to a great company. As a high-level candidate, you want to make sure you end up at a place that truly values you and your skills, somewhere you deserve to be.

Popular interview tips and tricks, however, are around every corner. This Holiday season, we here at Johnson Service Group are only into treats, so we’ve sorted through the thousands of interview tips to find the best. No tricks here!

Do your homework!

This should be a no brainer, but you have no idea how many people go into an interview barely knowing the company’s name. Take it back to your old high school days and sit down with your laptop and research everything you can about the company. What are their values and how do you align with them? You don’t want to make yourself seem completely obsessed, but knowing more than another candidate goes a very long way.

Take it a step further by doing more homework and getting to know the person you’re being interviewed by. See if you can find any commonalities with them. Maybe they have been to the same part of the country you grew up in! You’ll never know how far a simple conversation about one’s personal life will go if you don’t try it! The benefits are endless, and there’s absolutely no risk to it!

Know your Resume!

You need to know the ins and outs of your resume like the back of your hand. If your interviewer asks you to walk you through your resume, you don’t want to just sit there and repeat what it says. Give specific examples of how you went about each achievement, and what you learned along the way. By doing so, the interviewer will not only know that everything on your resume is true and real, but they’ll also be impressed with the way you market yourself – and we all know how important your personal brand is.

Take it a step further by having your friends quiz you on your resume. Have them ask you for specific examples of each accomplishment. By doing so, you’ll know how to back up every word of your resume, and show the interviewer that you’re right for the job.

Go through the motions!

If you’re interview is on the phone, call a friend and see how your connection goes through. If the interview is over video, prepare your space and make sure your connection is optimal. Drive to the office if your interview is in person so you know exactly how to get there. By familiarizing yourself with what you’re doing, you’ll be more comfortable when it becomes time to actually complete the interview.

Take it a step further by practicing your answers in a mirror. See how you speak and see if you need to work on any answers to common interview questions. The last thing you want to be in an interview is surprised, and going through the motions is sure to make you feel comfortable in your interview setting.

These three interview prep treats are simple, and following them will ensure the company you are interviewing with will know you care about them and their open position. Who knows? It could just lead to the treat you’ve been waiting for.

Breaking News! JSG Awarded a Contract with Santa Claus & North Pole, Inc.

Merry Christmas from JSG!

Johnson Service Group has been recently awarded an exclusive cost-plus-fixed fee contract to supply Santa Claus and North Pole, Inc. with temporary staffing services to include, but not limited to, all Engineering, Aeronautical and Assembly Personnel.  This agreement was awarded to JSG based on multiple determining factors, cost being the least of Santa’s concerns.

JSG was the only bidding company to put together a comprehensive safety program and included a three-pronged approach, design, build and transportation.

In an effort to achieve North Pole, Inc.’s superior design objectives, JSG commissioned, at their sole cost, a new CAD system, T.O.Y.S.  “T.O.Y.S.” is an acronym for Technically Objective Yuletide Support.  This state of the art CAD System allows our Contract Engineering Staff to cut the all important, “Toy Design Time” down by 73.56%.  Allowing the JSG Temporary Staff to eliminate overtime, while getting from design to assembly in the “twitch of a nose.”

To achieve Santa’s Safety Objective in the Build Phase, JSG has agreed to supply all Contractors, as well as Direct Staff at North Pole, Inc. with proper safety training, goggles, hard “elf” hats and, keeping with the holiday spirit, paid hot chocolate and candy cane breaks.

The Transportation Plan was key to JSG’s winning bid.  Johnson Service Group’s Direct Employees agreed to volunteer in helping to equip Santa’s Sleigh with cargo straps, airbags, safety restraints, rear view mirrors and horn.  The Reindeer were provided ear protection to muffle the roar of passing jets, goggles, antler headlights, and safety shoes with non-slip soles for those precarious rooftop landings.

…from the entire Johnson Service Group Staff:
Happy Holidays and have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

The 5 Scariest Resume Mistakes We’ve Ever Seen

The 5 Scariest Resume Mistakes We've Ever Seen

As a recruiting company, we see a lot of resumes come across our desks. No matter how experienced a candidate is, we have seen some truly frightening mistakes. Have you fallen victim to these common resume trip-ups?

Lack Of Personality

When applying for a job, many people end up using dozens of cliché resume words like “motivated, responsible, team player…” etc. These tend to just make the hiring managers roll their eyes and are seen as “fluff.” Instead, use action words paired with results. For example: “Implemented a newsletter campaign that reached 40,000 customers per month.”

While a robot makes a great Halloween costume, it’s not a great look for your resume. In an effort to portray yourself as professional on paper, it’s easy to come across as robotic. Make sure to insert a little personality here and there so the reader can get a sense of who you actually are.

No Proofreading!

Understand your flaws so you can catch them right away. I know I have a problem using consistent verb tenses, so this is the first thing that I always check on my documents!

Use the buddy system (for trick or treating AND proofreading!) Have a friend/colleague/mentor review your resume. Have them check not only for typos but also formatting and clarity.

Too Long

Your resume does not have to chronicle your entire work history! Try to stick with the most relevant skills and experiences (or you’ll bore your reader to death.) Keep the focus on what matters most and cut everything else. Try to keep it on one page, two pages max if you have a significant amount of related experience.

No Keywords

This resume mistake might actually be the scariest – because it makes your resume virtually invisible to hiring managers (especially if you’re submitting it through an online portal!) Be sure to include all of the keywords listed on the job description and then some. (Pro tip: if you list any certifications or other abbreviations, include the abbreviated version AND the long-hand version. Ex: Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Not Customizing

This one makes recruiters (and marketing professionals like myself) scream with terror. When you are viewing a job description, you are given a golden ticket full of every detail you need to create a perfect resume. Mimic the verbiage and style of each job description to highlight how qualified you are. I know it sounds like a pain, but do you want a quick job application with no interview or a more labor-intensive process that leads to landing your dream job?