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These Three Things Are Sure to Boost Company Morale

It happens every year. The fourth quarter starts and employees are headed into crunch time. As the days get shorter and the holidays get closer, we’re all day-dreaming about time off. But how do you battle this? As a manager it is vital that you keep morale up so that you get the most out […]

Fall Forward Into Your Career

  October is here, which means the leaves are starting to change colors, sweaters are being worn, and pumpkin spice-something is appearing on just about every menu. Nights are starting to come faster and the air will soon have a distinct crisp to it – the perfect recipe for hunkering down to find a new […]

10 Chandler Bing GIFs That’ll Make You Say “Me In My Career”

“Friends” is a classic show. It first aired in 1993 and it hasn’t lost popularity since. In case you somehow missed this major pop culture phenomenon, the show is about six friends who go through everything together, from relationships to jobs and remind us that it’s always nice for someone to be there for you. Whether […]

What the 2017 Golf Majors Taught Us About Succeeding as a Professional

Golf’s four majors did not disappoint this past season. Each major had a different winner, with some familiar faces taking home the trophies. With the PGA Championship now in the books, let’s look back at each major to see what it taught us about succeeding as a professional. The Masters Going into Sunday, there were […]

What the Future of Coal Means for the Future of Industry Jobs

Coal has been around forever. It can be traced as far back as the cavemen – who used it for various reasons. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, coal use has skyrocketed in modern civilization, and since 1970, coal production has increased by more than 70 percent. We hear it in the news all the time. […]