Narrowing Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be extremely overwhelming. There are plenty of job postings vying for your attention. How can you weed through all of them to get to the postings you are actually interested in?

Find ideal positions

Look for positions that are your ideal (attainable) job, given your qualifications. Search for an open position at a well-known company. Note what the job entails. What are the responsibilities? Qualifications? You can use this as a base to compare other listings. It can be easy to apply to a position just because it has your desired title. Make sure that you are looking at the descriptions to weed out those with responsibilities that are undesirable to you.

Select key words

Within your ideal job position description, look for keywords that could narrow the pool of potential jobs. Instead of simply searching something like “social media manager,” you may look at a description and notice that it includes the words “designer,” “marketing,” and “analyst.” Include these words in your search when trying to narrow the results to find the best fit for you.

Work with recruiters

An excellent way to specify your search is to work with a recruiter at a staffing company. Recruiters have a pulse on what is out there in the job market that would require your qualifications while meeting your desired criteria. A recruiter can help guide you in the right direction and advise you on how to make yourself more desirable to their client. The recruiter knows their open positions well, so they will not throw options at you that are not a good fit.

We get it. The job search can be simply too much sometimes. Knowing how to search for jobs you actually want can be a game-changer. Use those tools!