A Look into HR

Are you considering a job in Human Resources? You may be wondering what different roles HR offers or what exactly goes into working an HR job. Let’s take a look at a few options in the HR field:

Learning & Development

An HR employee overseeing Learning and Development is responsible for uptraining employees in the best practices for their roles. Learning and Development can work with both new and current employees. Often, they train new employees, but they can also continue training for employees where they see a need for more skills training. They work to develop employees’ skills and track engagement to make the company the more efficient it can be!

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

The HR employee responsible for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ensures that the company gathers employees from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. It is crucial that a company employs people from all walks of life and treats everyone equally. As a DEI HR employee, you would be responsible for monitoring hiring and office dynamics to ensure all are heard and given an equal chance. You will be the driving force behind creating a company culture that fosters inclusion and collaboration.


This area of Human Resources is pretty self-explanatory. If you were to specialize in benefits, you would be processing employees’ selected healthcare and 401k plans, as well as disability and life insurance. A Benefits Coordinator will be the contact person for employees that need help navigating or changing their plans. In addition to this, they work with brokers to get the best options for yhe company and employees.


HR employees that work in payroll process timecards, PTO, and expenses. Suppose you work in the payroll corner of Human Resources. You will likely be receiving employees’ timecards/expenses, processing the data, and ensuring that everyone gets paid the correct amount on time.


Human Resources offers many options, from those that are more business-focused to those that focus on people and interpersonal dynamics. Check out JSG’s current HR position openings at!


JSG Commuter Benefit Program

commuter benefit program

The Commuter Benefits Program is designed to help JSG staff employees save time and money when they use public transit for their commute to work. The best part? It works for all public transportation, such as train, subway, bus, vanpool, etc. As part of the program, funds are deducted weekly from employees’ paychecks on a pre-tax basis and transferred to a commuter account.

With funds loaded onto a commuter card, employees can then use the card to pay for their daily commute to work. The program is available to all staff employees at any time during their employment with JSG.

Pros of the JSG Commuter Benefit Program

  • Allows JSG staff employees to reduce their monthly commuting expenses for public transit
  • It’s a federal tax benefit, and thus, contributions are excluded from state and local taxes
  • It makes travel to/from work easy and convenient

If interested in enrolling in the Commuter Benefit Program, please reach out to JSG’s Human Resources Department at (630) 655-3500 or at

Behind The Scenes: Meet Your JSG HR Team!

Human Resources

You’ve heard of them, you may have contacted them, but do you know the faces behind the names? The Johnson Service Group Human Resources Team are crucial to the day-to-day operations of our company. We have offices all across the nation and Canada, so you may have not had the opportunity to formally meet your HR team. So, they wanted to introduce themselves! Whether it be questions about your time off, your benefits, or even Open Enrollment, the JSG HR team is here to help!

Meet the JSG HR Team

Susan Sproule, HR Manager

Hello, I’m Susan Sproule and I am the HR Manager. I have been with JSG for over 10 years. I guide and manage the overall provisions of Human Resources services, policies, and programs. JSG has a great HR Team and please reach out to any of us. We are here to help you!

Nick Yacobi, HR Generalist

Hello everyone. I’m Nick Yacobi and I’m one of the HR Generalists here at JSG. I have been with JSG since February 2017. My main responsibility is all things benefits – from insurance to 401k and all things in between. I am responsible for the daily administration of both our contractor and staff insurance plans. I also work closely with Susan on the 401k plan administration, which includes enrollments, changes, communications, and the annual audit. If you ever want to chat about the exciting world of benefits, I can always be reached by phone or email!

Linnea Rummage, HR Generalist

Hi! My name is Linnea Rummage, and I am an HR Generalist with JSG. I have been with JSG since June 2016 and it’s been great! My responsibilities include entering weekly staff payroll, pre-employment paperwork and onboarding new hires, I9 compliance, sick/vacation time requests, and processing failed background check paperwork. I am also the point of contact when Susan is unavailable. Please feel free to reach out anytime! Nick and I are both University of Iowa alums, Go Hawks!

Nicole Jacobsen, HR Coordinator

Hi! I’m Nicole Jacobsen and I am the HR Coordinator. I have been with JSG since June 2018 and I’ve been working in the HR department for about 2 months. I am responsible for the administration of the 401k plan and insurance benefits, including enrollments, terminations, any weekly changes, and billing, for both staff and contractors. I also assist with processing payroll weekly and I respond to any requests for time off status. I am still learning all the ins and outs of the department, but always free to reach out to me and I will try my best to assist you. If I can’t answer your question, I will find the answer!

Sharon Tinker, HR Clerk

Hello, I’m Sharon Tinker and I am the HR Clerk. I have been with JSG for almost 3 years. I take care of all verifications of employment and process staff employee expense reports. I also provide updates on accrued vacation and sick time when requested and pitch in and assist when needed.