Darryl Dixon and the Atlanta Team Make JSG History

Darryl Dixon

Earlier this year, Darryl Dixon and his team reached an impressive milestone for JSG. He and his team achieved over 800 contract workers on payroll. We sat down with Darryl to ask him how his team has been able to continue to reach such success and how they will build upon this success into 2019.

What has helped your team continue to grow throughout the year in this tight job market?

One of the main reasons the team has continued to grow is the emphasis we put on client satisfaction which has helped our team to reach this milestone. By establishing goals that align with the strengths, interests, and experience of our team, it improved our overall business strategy. This gave us the opportunity to truly be successful because we created realistic expectations and were able to hold each other accountable as a team.

How does your team plan to continue this momentum through the rest of 4th Quarter and into 2019?

As a team, we encourage one another to “change your thoughts.” If we stay comfortable with where we are at, we won’t be able to grow our success and reach our goals. If we desire change, success, and growth, it will require us to think differently. This year has shown us by stepping outside of our comfort zones, we are able to accomplish our goals and continue to achieve success.

What makes your team different that has allowed you to achieve such great success?

As a team, a conversation that we often have is finding your “core genius.” This is about focusing on the skills each team member excels at, honing them, and utilizing those skills to grow as a team. By leveraging our individual strengths, it gives us the opportunity to successfully place talented candidates with our clients. The team is constantly being challenged to meet and/or exceed client expectations which seems to encourage their competitive spirit.

“My belief is: Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”