For C-Level Positions, The Older Generation Has The Upper Hand

There is a lot of talk about millennials in the workforce these days. But when it comes to C-level leadership, it’s all about the boomers. Since 2005, the average age of company CEOs has increased by 11 years. So what exactly are the traits that organizations look for when hiring a sage Chief Executive Officer? In today’s economy, they’re prioritizing characteristics that only get better with age!

Average Age of CEOs Chart - Chartr

People Skills

One major benefit that boomers have to offer over their younger counterparts is their people skills. Having grown up before the tech revolution, the generation born between 1944 and 1964 developed advanced interpersonal skills. When it comes to leading large groups, having difficult conversations, and communicating via phone and email, they have a significant leg up.


During the economic downturn, many companies looked to young leaders to show their adaptability and a mission of change. However, since the economy has stabilized and grown over the last decade, organizations are looking for C-level executives who can bring extensive experience to the table. A full career brings successes, failures, and many lessons learned that prove extremely valuable to a leadership team.


In comparison, older works are more loyal. In fact, 40% of baby boomers stay with their companies for over 20 years. Leadership teams are taking note, and thus, promoting this generation from within. Along with tenure comes wisdom, dedication, and hard work demonstrated by someone who has risen through the ranks at a single company.


Mature leaders bring an air of credibility that can only come with age and experience. When it comes to networking and rubbing shoulders with industry leaders, boomers will be able to garnish the credibility that is necessary for dealing with fellow company leaders.

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