How to Make your Job Opening More Appealing to Candidates

Are you lacking in clicks when it comes to your open job posting? There may be a few key details missing from the job that could bring in an onslaught of applicants. Ready to sift through a few more resumes? Read on.

Remote/hybrid work

According to LinkedIn, remote jobs get 2x as many views and 2.5x more applications. If it is possible to offer a remote or hybrid option for the position you are hiring for, this could exponentially increase the number of applicants interested! Because of the major uptick in hybrid/remote work options since the pandemic, many candidates have come to expect these choices with this flexibility.  

Money matters

With all the resources available now, like Glassdoor, people know what they are worth. Don’t lowball. A low salary can immediately turn people off. If you don’t want to give an exact salary, a salary range will give the candidate a good idea of what to expect when it comes to compensation. If you have great benefits that would add value to the salary, mention those in your job description!

Details, details, DETAILS!

People only apply for a job when they know what it is all about! Not only do scant job descriptions give little information about the position, but in the worst case, they can look like some sort of scam. Give potential candidates an idea of what a day on the job may look like. Include info on travel, days in the office/on-site, and what other positions they will be working alongside. Include any benefits that would pique interest. Mention things about the company culture. If you feel so inclined (and it isn’t already required by your state or province), include the pay rate or salary range. People want to know what they are getting themselves into.

Get more clicks by giving people the info they want to know! By showing you care to write a thorough job description, candidates see that you care about who you fill the position with. Bring in the right people!

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4 Questions to Ask When Networking

We often hear that it is beneficial to network, find a career mentor, etc., but how exactly do we get the most out of these interactions and relationships? We need to ask the right questions. Not everyone has the same experience, so check in and ask these questions of a few different people when networking. Try to source from a diverse range of people to see all angles.

What advice would you give to someone new to the industry/looking to get into the industry?

The answer to this question could save you valuable time and money. Find out what they thought was the most helpful thing they did in their career, what they believe may have been a waste, or what they wish they would have done.

What does your typical day look like?

You may be imagining what your life may look like pursuing a particular career path. It is essential to learn what each day looks like from someone who lives their life in the industry daily. It is easy to see only one aspect of a job/industry and assume that is how every day or every position goes, for good or for bad. When networking, get a few different people’s perspectives to better understand what your days may entail.

What do you find challenging about your position/the industry?

You do not want to be caught off guard with your head in the clouds. Find out what people struggle with in your industry and consider if these difficulties are some you are willing/able to deal with. Ask about anything you have seen from the outside that seems like an obstacle to get an experienced professional’s opinion. While networking is about connections, support, and learning new things, it is also crucial to learn the nitty gritty details.

What qualities do successful people possess in your field?

Knowing the general temperament and characteristics of people in the field can be an excellent way to gauge how well you may do in that career. It can be very helpful to know if your qualities can thrive and further your career in the field that you are looking to break into. If there are beneficial qualities that you can build on, spend some time strengthening them.

Networking is all about asking the right questions. These four questions are great jumping points for finding out more about jobs and asking specific questions.