December 2019 JOLTS Report

The Labor Department released the latest JOLTS Report this morning, and the labor market received a boost in October. Throughout the month, both job openings and the number of quits by Americans increased, which are two solid signs of a strong job market. On the last day of business in October, job openings total 7.3 million, up from 7.0 million in September. The quit rate also remained at 2.3 percent, showing the confidence of Americans to quit their jobs to pursue more lucrative career opportunities.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest JOLTS Report.

December JOLTS Report

  • Job Openings: 7.3 million (+235,000 from the last report)
  • Number of Hires: 5.8 million (3.8 percent hire rate)
  • Number of Separations: 5.6 million
    • Voluntary: 3.5 million
    • Involuntary: 1.8 million
  • Job Opening Rate: 4.6 percent

The 4th Quarter labor market is holding firm

In October, both the number of quits and job openings throughout the country ticked up. In other words, Americans are gaining confidence in our current labor market. This is an excellent sign that the labor market will hold firm as we enter the new year in just a few short weeks.

Furthermore, job openings (7.3 million) is still well above the number of American separations (5.6 million). Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for those currently seeking new employment. The net employment change continues to look attractive. Over the last 12 months (ending in October), hires totaled 69.8 million and separations totaled 67.4 million, for a net employment gain of 2.4 million. And when comparing this with December’s impressive Jobs Report with a staggering 266,000 job gains, the outlook of our job market is looking more and more appealing.

It’s still a candidate-driven market

The unemployment rate is currently holding at a 50-year low of 3.5 percent. Additionally, there are more job openings than hires as of October 2019. Thus, employers are still struggling to fill their critical roles. If your team needs help navigating this tight market, let’s partner together. We can help you fill your critical positions, and position your team to start the new decade on a strong note. Partner with a recruiter from Johnson Service Group today, and let’s work together to source the talent you need.

4th Quarter and Beyond: Ken Slater Gives Insight About This Tight Market

4th Quarter

With over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, JSG Executive Vice President Ken Slater brings a lifetime of industry knowledge and leadership to how we conduct business. We sat down with Ken to hear his thoughts on our candidate-driven market. He offers insight on what JSG is focusing on moving into 4th Quarter and 2019.

What industries are experiencing the fastest growth in this tight market?

Many industries are experiencing large growth moving into the 4th Quarter. And it appears that this trend will continue into the new year.  However, the industries Johnson Service Group specializes in have all experienced growth throughout the year and have no signs of slowing down.  Year-over-year hiring increased in Software & IT Services by 7.1% and Engineering illustrated a 7.7% increase. Across all industries, hiring is up 2.9% over the past 12 months. The disparity between job openings and the number of workers available continues to grow. As a result, I believe our clients will look to remain competitive in this candidate-driven market.

With a 49-year low for the number of unemployment claims, organizations must fight to attract (and retain) top talent. We believe the staffing solutions we provide to our clients in the industries we serve will remain in demand as we provide specialized services, flexibility, and a people-centric approach to our business.

What is on the horizon for JSG moving into the 4th Quarter and 2019?

Throughout the 4th Quarter, we plan to successfully grow our relationships with our clients and foster new ones. As a company, our dedication to providing superior recruiting experiences allows us to maintain our growth and success throughout the years. Our mission is to continuously generate value for our clients by providing quality talent to match their needs in this tight market.

The unemployment rate has dipped below 4 percent over the last few months. And better yet, there is no indication that it will change as we approach the new year. As the industries that JSG services continue to develop, we’ll efficiently align our strengths with our clients’ needs. We have always been dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals, because when they succeed, so do we.

5 Ways to Conquer the Busiest Quarter of the Year

4th Quarter

When you think about the end of the year, or in career terms 4th quarter, your palms get sweaty… And you may start to think about all of your upcoming projects. Projects you need to get done in less than 3 months. But that’s not even half the stress! You also have to worry about all the holidays and family commitments you have during this time… So, let’s be honest, this is a very stressful time of the year!

And with it being the craziest time at work and home, it’s important to be organized! Especially, so you can stay sane.

Make timelines

With 4th quarter projects being some of the most important, you must ensure to keep track of them in a way that helps you be successful. And well, of course, finish them on time! Using timelines to achieve this helps you put each project in order from most important and time-consuming, to easiest. This way you stay on top of your projects in a manner that keeps you from getting distracted. And it helps you achieve your projects in a timely fashion.

Stay organized

At work, you need to stay organized. Keep your working space clean and hold yourself accountable for daily tasks and timelines. This will help you feel accomplish and keep you from wasting valuable time. Because as we all know, the 4th quarter flies by and you need to be ready for more work to be added to your plate at any time. So, if you’re organized, you’ll be prepared to take on anything and accomplish it during the 4th quarter rush.

Keep a to-do list

Keeping a to-do list year-round is a great idea! It not only helps you stay on track at work, but it helps you accomplish what you need to do off the job as well. During the end of the year with holidays every month, it’s important to keep yourself as organized and prepared as possible. A to-do list helps you hold yourself accountable as well as helps you from forgetting the little things that will turn into big things IF forgotten.

With this time of the year being crazy at work and at home, doing everything in your power to stay on top of it will help you conquer 4th quarter the way you’re hoping to.

Ask for help

When we get busy we get stressed out and sometimes we forget that we’re a part of a team. If things are just getting overwhelming, it’s okay to ask for help. Deadlines are daunting, especially in the 4th quarter. So, taking the time to realize where you are at in projects and realizing you can’t do it alone is not a bad thing. If anything, it shows how hard you’re working and that you really want to get this certain task done on time.

Asking for help shouldn’t be looked at as a negative. So, if you need it, make sure to ask!

Take breaks

Whether this is taking a Friday off just to de-stress, doing a weekend trip, or taking more breaks during work. This will help your productivity immensely. Everyone forgets that being overworked doesn’t mean better products. It’s actually been proven to decrease the end product of your work. Take your breaks! And enjoy them.

4th quarter is just one quarter of the year. And even though it’s usually the busiest, it can be the most rewarding. Especially, if you know how to stay organized and take the time for yourself and life. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to conquer the 4th quarter with flying colors and you may actually enjoy it!