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JSG Employee Spotlight: Thomas Zetusky

Thomas Zetusky has been with Johnson Service Group for over 2 years, and in that short time has made a tremendous impact on our organization! As a Recruiter out of our Haddon Heights, New Jersey office, Thomas plays an integral part in placing qualified candidates with our great clients. Keep reading to learn a little […]

Why Contract Work Is Appealing In Today’s Job Market

You may have heard some refer to today’s job market as a “gig economy.” But what does that mean, exactly? In 2018, nearly 15.5 million U.S. workers had alternative employment. This statistic includes independent contractors, on-call workers, temporary help agency workers, and workers provided by contract firms. So, what makes these alternative work options so […]

Is Candidate Experience Hindering Your Hiring?

Hiring experienced talent is getting awfully competitive out there! Your internal recruiting team is doing their best to keep up with a growing demand for open positions. However, the number of people on the market is slim and the best candidates are comparing multiple offers at once. One of the main factors affecting your company’s […]

JSG Employee Spotlight: Alex Price

Alex Price is a Division Lead for our Mining and Heavy Industrial team at Johnson Search Group. Based out of our Spokane office, Alex has been with our team for over 2 years. In that short time, he has been able to establish and grow his career in the recruiting space tremendously. Learn more about […]

JSG Employee Spotlight: Nicole Shenberger

Nicole Shenberger has been with Johnson Service Group for almost 3 years, and during that time has advanced her recruiting career significantly! As Recruiting Team Lead in our Chicago office, Nicole and her team have the opportunity to make an impact on our clients every day by finding the talented professionals they need. Keep reading […]

What Today’s Talent Really Wants

In today’s candidate-driven market, the competition for top talent is fierce. When a professional candidate puts the feelers out for jobs, they’re often receiving multiple offers in a matter of weeks. As a result, companies are finding themselves laying out more robust offers than ever before. When thinking about your recruiting strategy, be sure to […]

JSG Employee Spotlight: Dylan Beck

Dylan Beck has been a Sr. Account Executive with Johnson Service Group for over two years. During that time, he has made a significant impact on our Tampa, FL team and our company as a whole. Read on to learn more about Dylan and his young, exciting career! You have a pretty extensive background in […]

JSG Employee Spotlight: Ben Shirley

Ben Shirley has been a Branch Manager with Johnson Service Group for over 10 years. We took the opportunity to talk with Ben about his time in the staffing industry, and how the Aerospace and Aviation industries have changed during his time partnering with them. You’ve been in Aircraft Staffing for over 30 years. Tell […]