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How to Maintain Motivation During a Job Search

The path of any job search has obstacles and challenges to navigate. Even seasoned professionals can struggle to find motivation while searching for a new opportunity. This lack of motivation, especially with everything going on in the world today, can be detrimental. If you have been looking for a new job for months, it is […]

Relocating During the Pandemic Can Hurt Your Wallet

Back in July, we wrote an article speculating how remote work will affect salaries. We discussed how relocating during the pandemic to the suburbs or more rural locations could potentially impact your salary while working remotely. Software company VMware is one of the first real indicators of this phenomenon. A new report from Bloomberg reveals […]

Jobs with the Most Demand in September

As the economy and job market continue to recover, jobless claims are finally declining. Last week (ending September 11th), new jobless claims fell by 33,000 to 860,000. Employers have replaced nearly half of the 22 million jobs lost this spring due to the pandemic. However, some industries are rebounding faster than others, resulting in robust […]

August 2020 Jobs Report: 1.37 Million Jobs Added

For the fourth month in a row, the U.S. economy experienced a growth in jobs and a decline in the unemployment rate. In August, the Department of Labor reported job gains of 1.37 million with an unemployment rate of 8.4%. Although fewer payrolls than reported in previous months, August’s job gains are a strong indication that the […]

How to Make Your Virtual Internship A Success

Starting a new internship is an exciting opportunity for many students to gain invaluable experiences and boost their post-graduate job prospects. However, virtual internships are becoming the new norm as students tackle this upcoming semester from the safety of their homes. An internship gives you a chance to gain some real-world experience in an industry […]

How to Secure A Virtual Internship This Fall

It is hard to believe that universities across the country are already welcoming their students back. Some are returning to campus while most students are taking on their Fall 2020 semester or quarter from their homes’ safety. The pandemic has impacted more than the college experience and classroom setting – it has totally changed the […]

This is One of the Biggest Resume Mistakes

With over 14.5 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits right now, many people around the country are working hard to update their resumes. Whether it’s been a few years or just a few months, updating your resume can be a daunting task. It’s very easy to update it once and submit your “masterpiece” with every job application you […]

Labor Day in 2020

Like many other things in 2020, Labor Day is looking a little different this year. Although most of us will still be receiving a much-needed three-day weekend, our celebrations may not be like they have in years past. Unfortunately, we may have to forgo our annual parades, big family barbecues, or last big summer vacation. […]