The Most In-Demand Jobs in February 2021

With more coronavirus restrictions lifting, employers are back on the hiring train. Now that the holidays are over and the typical hiring slump for the traditional sectors (like retail) is dwindling, here are the most in-demand jobs in February 2021.

Tax professionals

There are two things certain in life, and one of them is taxes. With tax season upon us, the hiring of tax professionals has exponentially grown. According to LinkedIn, three different roles for tax professionals made the list of the most in-demand jobs. Tax specialists (3), tax preparers (7), and tax associates (8) are some of the most in-demand jobs this month. Companies are going on a hiring spree for these tax professionals as they prepare for a messy tax season, thanks to the pandemic. With extended due dates, stimulus packages, and Paycheck Protect Program loans, this tax season will be complicated for many corporations in the United States.

And just like corporations, individual taxpayers are poised for a crazy tax season because of stimulus checks, retirement account withdrawals, and other setbacks.


Further proof that employers are preparing to return to the office is the explosive hiring of receptions. Receptionists are the fastest-growing job, with a growth of 22x in one month. According to LinkedIn, many of these receptionist positions are for companies offering tax services. However, this can be an indication that employers are anticipating the return to their brick-and-mortar offices soon.

Software developers and engineers

Software developers and engineers have been some of the most in-demand jobs throughout the pandemic. Tech and software companies were able to adapt to the pandemic better than other industries. Their positions naturally offered more flexibility and made the transition to working remotely much easier. Software engineers are the job with the most overall demand this month, followed by full-stack engineers at the number 10 position.

Also, three software-related positions are the jobs with the fastest-growing demand for the month. These include blockchain developers, Android developers, and technical project managers.

Looking to add these professionals to your team?

So, these are three of the most in-demand jobs in February. If your hiring team is looking to add these professionals to your team, now is the time to start recruiting. Don’t wait and miss out on the best talent to your competition. Therefore, if you need assistance sourcing these professionals or other vacancies, reach out to JSG today. Our team of expert recruiters is ready to work for you to boost your team.