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So, You Decided to Look for a New Job. Now What?

look for a new jobSo, you keep hearing how great the job market is. The unemployment rate has consistently been below 4 percent all year, and we are now on our 105th consecutive month of jobs gains. In other words, it is tempting to take advantage of this hot market and see what other opportunities are out there. But where do you even start? If you’ve decided to explore some new opportunities, here are a few tips for setting your job search up for success.

Update your resume

To kick off your job search, the first thing you will want to do is ensure your resume is up to date. From top to bottom, give your resume a careful review and note anything that needs to be updated. Double-check that your contact information at the top of your resume is correct and add any new achievements or employers. Keep in mind that you should be tailoring your resume to each job that you apply for.

To get the most bang for your buck, carefully review the job description and customize your resume to match it. Pull specific achievements and duties from your positions to illustrate that your background makes you qualified (and capable) of performing the job.

Ensure your LinkedIn is ready to roll

Once your resume is good to go, jump on your LinkedIn profile and give it a good scrub. Add a new, professional headshot if yours is out of date. The first thing a recruiter or HR professional will see is your profile picture, so confirm it’s a good representation of you. Like your resume, make sure you have all your work history and achievements up to date.

Once your profile is looking sharp, be sure to head to your settings and update the feature “Let recruiters know you’re open?” Essentially, this setting allows your profile to be shown in searches of recruiters as they search for prospective candidates on LinkedIn. By having this feature on, you are signaling that you’re open to hearing about new job opportunities, and thus, increase your odds of recruiters reaching out to you.

Gather up your reference list

Now that your resume and LinkedIn profile are good to go, it’s time to gather up that reference list. If you’re serious about pursuing a new position, it’s always good to have an updated reference list. To do so, ask permission from those you decided to trust with the future of your career. That exciting new job opportunity could very well be in the hands of a reference you listed. Therefore, ensure that your references are okay with you listing them as a trusted source for a recommendation. Verify that their contact details are correct and they are aware you are looking for a new opportunity.

However, never submit your references with your resume, especially if one of your references is a current co-worker. The last thing you want to do is let your employer know you’re on the move. Because guess what? If you don’t receive that job opportunity and your boss finds out you’re looking, you may be out of a job entirely.

Reach out to a recruiter

If you truly want to elevate your job search, why not partner up with a recruiter? Our recruiting teams here at Johnson Service Group are industry experts. We can help match your skillsets with a great job opportunity. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer or an I&E technician, we have hundreds of job openings available. If you are serious about finding the next step in your career, reach out to us today and let’s work together to find the position you’ve been looking for!

Job Offers

Juggling Multiple Job Offers? Here’s How To Decide

Job Offers

Today’s job market is prime for making a career change. However, after putting your resume out there, you may find yourself juggling multiple job offers. And while this may not be perceived as a bad problem to have, it can make for an extremely difficult decision. It’s essential that you make the right choice, but how? Here are a few things we recommend to our candidates:

Discuss it with your family

First and foremost, discuss any serious career decisions with your loved ones. You should do this early and often throughout the process! Your significant other may not be the one applying for the job, but chances are, they’ll be affected by such a major decision. If you have kids, involve them by showing them the area and exploring different schools and activities. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a position and have to overcome monumental roadblocks with those most important to you when it comes down to committing.

Make a t-chart

You know the ones – pros on the left, cons on the right. Make a t-chart for every possible outcome of each job offer. What are the pros and cons of job A? How about the pros and cons of job B? If I stay at my current position, what will the pros and cons be? Oftentimes, when you’re able to see everything laid out in front of you, it’s easy to find your non-negotiables or significant hurdles. This also makes it easy for you to weigh the options with your recruiter.

Think long-term

A job that looks great on the surface can certainly be tempting. However, what’s most important is your happiness and sustainability long-term. With each offer, consider things such as the growth opportunities, the team environment, and your work-life balance. This is where partnering with a recruiting firm comes in handy. We’ve been working with many of our clients for years and we can give you the inside scoop into what our opportunities really consist of! Reach out to one of our recruiters and we will help you make the right career move.

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4 Sites You Need to Use in Your Job Search

job search

If you’re currently looking to make a career move, it can be overwhelming at first. However, there are several resources at your disposal when looking to navigate these job search processes and uncertainty. Luckily, the ones we’re sharing with you today live online and are available to you, free of charge!


Everyone knows what Google is and what it can do. But when searching for a job, are you ensuring you’re actually getting the most out of this search engine? Google provides us the information (or entertainment) on just about anything. So, why would careers be any different?

At its base, Google is a functioning (and free) job board. Searching “engineering jobs” yields 100+ results for related jobs, automatically filtering to openings near your location. You also have the option to filter the results, find related openings, or apply right there.

Maybe you have applied for a job and are scheduled for an interview. To adequately prepare, use Google to research the company you are applying for and the industry they operate in. Background information like this is one of the basics that a hiring manager will look for, as it shows initiative and interest in the company, versus viewing it as just another job.

Google is also a great way to find an awesome recruiter, like the ones at Johnson Service Group. Connecting you with a professional recruiter ensures you find the opportunities that will be the best fit for you.


LinkedIn is commonly known as the professional social network, and for good reason. It operates in a similar fashion to sites like Twitter, where users post updates, images, and videos, driving communication and connecting people around the world. But it also comes with a number of features you need to be taking advantage of during your job search.

LinkedIn has its own job board (and so does JSG!) you can use to find open roles based on several criteria, like skills or company preference. Perusing a company’s LinkedIn page can also give great insights into a company’s culture. This will allow you to get a better idea of what it would be like to work there. LinkedIn is also a great place to house your digital resume; you can link past roles, experiences, and have others vouch for skills you claim to have in the form of online endorsements.

With so many people on LinkedIn, it’s a great way to grow your network and expand the opportunities available to you. This is especially true of recruiters who use LinkedIn to source professionals for open jobs they are looking to fill. LinkedIn is an easy way to let a recruiter know you are open to new opportunities!


Glassdoor is a fitting name as it provides insights into a company based on the first-hand experiences of others. This site hosts its own job board like the other sites discussed in this article, but it provides other services as well. In-depth company reviews listing both pros and cons are of great use when assessing a prospective employer. You can also find descriptions of job interviews for various companies; information you can use to prepare yourself when you interview with that company.

JSG’s Job Board

Johnson Service Group hosts our own job board, filled with hundreds of different opportunities. Whether you’re looking for your very first role or another opportunity to advance your career, we have job opportunities across the U.S. and Canada. Check out our job board and work with a recruiter today to find the opportunity you’ve been searching for!

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Your Secret Weapon in the Job Search

job search

Because every company has different processes, people, and expectations, there’s no perfect way to tackle your job search. But you do have a secret weapon at your disposal in the form of your recruiter!

Professional recruiters have expertise in areas that many of us are unfamiliar with. Whether you’re trying to identify the best opportunity for you, or need advice on successfully navigating an interview, recruiters are here to help you go from being an applicant to a trusted employee. Here are several ways your secret weapon can better your chances at successfully landing a new role:

Increased Opportunities

Regardless of how large of a network you have, recruiters help increase the number of opportunities available to you. While online job boards seem to contain countless open roles, not all companies have every open job posted. Recruiters are often tasked with actively finding the right candidate, as opposed to passively sorting through online resume submissions. They are also experts at deciphering job descriptions and connecting you with opportunities that may be perfect for your skillset but take some searching to uncover.

And in some cases, a search can be confidential. That means it may not appear on any external job board. The only way you may ever know about it is if you’re working with a recruiter, like one from Johnson Service Group.

The Job Search is Time Consuming

While your job could be anything from computer programmer to CEO, recruiters are in the business of finding you the best possible outcome. An in-depth job search takes time, time that you often don’t have because of other responsibilities in life. Whether time constraints are due to your current job or personal obligations, sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day. Even finding the right job listing can feel impossible with the sheer amount of jobs open right now. In this candidate-driven market, job boards may even start feeling a little oversaturated.

This is why partnering with a recruiter from JSG is in your best interest. Why not turn to someone who has made a career out of connecting people with jobs they love?

Qualified Applicants Only

Don’t Be Afraid to Apply to a “Qualified Applicants Only” Job

Qualified Applicants Only

It can be intimidating applying for jobs. That’s just the hard-honest truth. But when you see a job you’re excited about, you read through it, and then see at the bottom, “Qualified Applicants Only.” You start to second guess yourself. The what if’s start swirling through your mind and realize how some of the things that they say they “need,” you may not fully have. But does that really mean you’re unqualified? No, not necessarily!

Here’s how you can read through any job description and still apply to those that only want a “qualified” applicant.

The job market is tight, companies are having a hard time finding the perfect candidate

In today’s job market, clients are struggling daily to fill their job openings. According to February’s 2019 JOLTS report, there are 7.6 million job openings and only 6.2 million people are unemployed. As you can see, this almost leaves a gap of 1.4 million people to fill all the job openings. So, just because a job description is crazy detailed and you may not have everything on it, it’s okay to apply. Because companies do not have the luxury to find that perfect candidate.

Evaluate the importance of the skills and qualifications

Use your better judgment. If you’re reading through the job description and believe you can perform these, you’re probably a close to perfect fit. Companies are having to rely a lot more on soft skills due to today’s labor market. So even if you do not have all the hard skills listed on the job description, your soft skills could make up for it. Soft skills can be your saving grace in today’s job market. If you have the right soft skills for the job, you will probably easily be able to learn the hard skills as you go.

Use a recruiter to help you get past the “Qualified Applicants Only” wall

If you’re working with a recruiter, they are your advocate. They help you get on the hiring managers desks and get your resume seen by the right people. You get to pass the whole confusion on if you’re “qualified” or not. And thus, give you a greater chance to get an interview, and in turn, the job. Using a recruiter can help you in multiple ways but mainly they will help illustrate that you have what it takes to successfully work in that position.

So, say yes, and do yourself a favor! Apply to that job and reach out to one of our recruiters here at Johnson Service Group and see what they can do to help you find your next dream job!

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Take the Luck Out of Your Job Search this March

jober search

We know that sometimes landing a new position can feel like the luck of the draw. However, you can increase your odds of advancing your career during a job search by following a few simple steps. (And you don’t even need the luck of the Irish to do it!)

Do Your Homework

This is arguably the most important step in your job search. Doing your homework upfront can completely transform the rest of the process. First of all, you want to identify the types of opportunities open and attractive to you. Try to find jobs with relevancy between your education, experiences, and skills. With thousands of job openings nationwide, online job boards are full of opportunity. Other sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor include similar resources, and you should definitely bookmark them during your search.

Be sure to review in-depth information on these sites as well. With a quick search, you can learn about company culture, interview questions, and even average salary ranges. (And don’t forget to sign up for newsletters or set alerts on LinkedIn so you never miss a company’s update or job listing!) For example, the Johnson Service Group website is home to job listings for hundreds of great companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, it provides articles giving job search advice on anything from what to wear to learning to deal with failure.

Work with a Recruiter

If you really want to take the luck out of your search, turn to a professional. Recruiters, like the ones at Johnson Service Group, are trained to connect highly qualified people with open job opportunities. Often, they have exclusive access to job openings. These jobs may not be public, as the recruiter has direct relationships with hiring managers. To be available for these opportunities, make sure you connect with a recruiter!

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You’ve Probably Forgotten These Job Search Basics

job search

Are you one of the 5.5 million people who left their jobs in December of 2018? Are you trying to take advantage of the 7.3 million job openings reported over the same period? Whatever your situation, the fact remains that there has never been a better time to be a candidate. With such a competitive market, workers across the country are leaving their old roles for new opportunities. Before you set out on your job search, it’s best to revisit some basics you may have forgotten.

Be Polite

This one is so obvious it seems laughable, but it goes further than one would initially assume. When you arrive at a job interview, talk with the office administrator or secretary for a few minutes instead of burying your head in your phone. Being open and friendly to everyone leaves a lasting impression. You never know who is watching, or who’s opinion will play a large part in your hiring decision. If you have the skills and experience, any indication that you are enjoyable to be around will set you apart from the competition.

To kick off the actual interview, always shake hands and introduce yourself to the people conducting the meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout – even about seemingly simple things. Do you mind if I take off my jacket? Would it be okay if I took notes? Throughout the interview, be sure to maintain eye contact and remain engaged in conversation.

Update Your Credentials

Pay special attention if it has been a while since your last job search. You must re-evaluate your resume. First of all, remove any information that is irrelevant or unnecessary. Items like a personal address or being an expert in Microsoft Word have become dated. (You can read more about what not to put on your resume, here.) You should also update your resume with any new skills or experiences you have obtained since you last searched for a job.

Remember to review any references you’ve listed, ensuring contact information is up to date, and reach out so they know someone may be contacting them. You should repeat the steps listed above online on your LinkedIn account. If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Click here to learn more about the best practices for your LinkedIn profile. Also, remember to review any other social media accounts. A potential employer will likely research their candidates to the best of their ability, and this often begins with personal social media accounts. Now is the best time to un-tag yourself from that embarrassing photo!

Be You

Last, but certainly not least, be you! Be polite, be professional, but don’t be a robot. While relevant skills and experiences are a necessity, your potential employer is searching for other traits too. Companies are beginning to value culture fit and soft skills more and more. Ultimately, your personality is what will likely tip the scales in your favor, and land you the job. It’s one thing to be capable of the work; it’s another to be someone that people want to work with and be around.

new job

Looking for A New Job? Here’s Where to Start

new job

Are you looking for a fresh start to your career this year? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Thousands of people have made new year’s resolutions to find the next step in their career. But where does one start? Here are a few steps to get you prepared to find that new job in 2019.

Update your LinkedIn

Before you even think about applying for a job, you need to update your LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t have one, now is a perfect opportunity to create one. When you apply for a job and you look like a qualified candidate, hiring managers and recruiters will look you up on LinkedIn.

They will want to learn more about you and get a better idea of who you are as a prospective candidate. If your LinkedIn is not up to date, you may be sending the wrong message to the employer and it may illustrate that you are not as qualified as you stated on your resume. Ensure your LinkedIn is up to date with your recent work history, education, skills, and any certifications you may have earned!

Update your resume

Once your LinkedIn is up to date, you’re going to want to update your resume. If you haven’t had to update your resume in a while, this may seem a little daunting. However, if you sit down and take your time, it’s a lot easier than you think!

You should be tailoring your resume for each position you apply to. To easily do this, carefully read through the job description a few times. You want your resume to read off similarly to the job description. For example, if the job description says they are looking for someone with project management skills, you will definitely want to elaborate on your project management experience in your resume.

If your resume matches the job description well, you’re in good shape. If you need help updating your resume, don’t worry! JSG has tons of resources to ensure your resume is in tip-top shape.

Work with a recruiter

One of the best ways to find a new job opportunity is to work with a recruiter. Recruiters, like the ones from Johnson Service Group, can help you find opportunities that are not advertised anywhere else. We can help you get your resume on the hiring manager’s deck instead of just sitting there in a pile of applicants.

If you’re serious about finding a new job this year, partner with a JSG recruiter. We will help you find a position that matches your skill sets. Let’s get your 2019 off on a good note with the next step in your career.

job search

A Better Job is Out There. The Trick is Finding It!

job search

The process of beginning to look for a new job can feel overwhelming. With seemingly more and more positions available each month, the options on the hiring market can be tempting. Many workers find themselves asking, “Am I content with my current employer?” Roughly half of Americans reported adequate satisfaction, but what if you are a part of the group that wants more?

While there are numerous ways to begin your job search, the most important step is to start your search. You won’t find your dream career without searching or assuming it will come to you.

Your Friend: Social Media

In this digital age, one thing is for sure: Social media dominates our lives and society. Over the past decade, it has grown to play a more significant role in our everyday lives. Our jobs and means of employment are no exception. Companies often advertise positions they are looking to fill on their sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

They may use a Staffing and Recruiting company, like Johnson Service Group, to find these candidates for them directly through recruiters. Sometimes they employ third-party sites like Indeed to host job opportunities and means for applying online. Regardless, job openings and employers needs are readily available over the internet. Finding and accessing them is a matter of knowing where to look.

Your Friend: Your Friends/Colleagues

The best weapon when looking for a new job may seem obvious. However, networking has withstood the test of time and remains the best way to land a new career. While the landscape of the networking world has evolved to incorporate cell phones, social media, video calls, and other technologies, the goal remains the same; to form valuable connections between one or more people.

Reach out to peers or colleagues from your past. A simple direct message on LinkedIn or Twitter asking about someone’s current state is both a friendly hello, and a way to learn about their place of work. If appropriate and they are willing, a first-hand account of an employer is one of the most valuable pieces of information during a job search. From here, you can ask for a formal introduction. This creates a more lasting and meaningful connection, increasing your chance of being remembered (and hopefully hired).

If you have no immediate connections that interest you, look at potential employers through LinkedIn. A company’s profile lists employees, and you may discover some surprising connections!

job search

2019 Job Search Best Practices

job search

If you’re starting the new year out with the resolution of finding an amazing new job, congratulations! You’ve decided to take a step that will not only make you happier but hopefully find you the job you’ve been searching for. But with that being said… The job search isn’t always as smooth and easy as we’d like it to be. So, we came up with some best practices that will make your New Year’s job search result in that dream job quickly.

Tailor Your Resume

Tailoring your resume may seem like a hassle but it can actually be the best thing you do to stand out. When you’re looking for new opportunities, you want to do everything in your power to be different. And if changing a few keywords and re-ordering your skills for specific jobs will get you your dream position, wouldn’t you want to do that?

So, instead of looking at it as a hassle, just do it! You’ll see the difference and how many more interviews and opportunities you’ll get by just tailoring that resume.

“Open to new opportunities” turned on

LinkedIn is your best friend when it comes to finding new job opportunities. And this is because you have opted into the “open to new opportunities” and are able to get contacted by recruiters and get notifications on jobs that match your skill sets. By turning on that setting, you will instantly become more discoverable by recruiters and employers will know you’re open to new job opportunities.

Use LinkedIn

Like I said above, LinkedIn can be your end-all-be-all for finding jobs and networking. If you are serious about finding a new job in It’s a site everyone who has or wants a career should have. Not only does it give you tons of opportunity to grow your network it helps you find new jobs. It can be the one-stop shop you’ve been looking for and hopefully help you find that 2019 new years job!

Use Job Boards

Job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, or even JSG’s Talent Network are great places to start when looking for jobs. But it can sometimes be overwhelming and underdelivering. And on a new job hunt is not something you want to deal with forever. Which is where professional staffing firms like Johnson Service Group come in.

If you’re in the Engineering, Aerospace, Mining, Healthcare, Banking, Oil and Gas, and other technical fields, using our job board is a great place to start and it helps narrow down your search!

Use Recruiters

When applying through our job boards, you get access to our experienced recruiters who match great candidates like you with fantastic job opportunities. The best part about using a recruiter is they are a great resource to help you through every step of the interviewing process. From updating your resume to interview questions, you know you will have help that others wish they did. And you’ll have a head start compared to other candidates because recruiters have the connections with hiring managers to get your resume on their desks.

So, if you’re ready for a new and exciting journey, you’ll be able to make your job search a little smoother by following these steps. It’s all about patience and consistency when it comes to finding a new job you’re excited about. Good luck!