June 2022 Anniversaries

Each month, we like to recognize those who have work anniversaries with us. Below are those who started working with us in June!

4 Years

Hayley Kancius

Claudia Aristizabal


3 Years

Kuber Rajan

Kontrina Lucas


2 Years

Kary Connolly


1 Year

Luke Duncan

Varnika Sharma

Candice Downs

Cardin Pierre

Briseida Alfaro

2017 Staff Benefits Highlights

JSG benefits allow you the flexibility to subscribe to a plan that makes sense with your budget, goals, and preferences. JSG benefits include comprehensive medical and non-medical benefits where JSG makes a significant contribution to all of the coverages. We compiled some information for you to compare how JSG ranks against the national average. As you can see, you save with JSG.