Madness in Your Resume


One of the biggest reasons certain teams succeed in March Madness is because of their resume. In basketball, a team’s resume is a breakdown of everything they’ve done that season – both good and bad. In order to get into the tournament and get a good seeding, your resume has to be better than the next team’s.

Sound familiar?

When you’re applying for jobs, your resume will almost always be asked for. And much like the teams in the tourney, your chances of being selected it to the interview stage depends on how good your resume is. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. We here at JSG have put together a little guide to help your chances of getting selected for a job interview.

The Resume basics

First, you’ll need the basics. There are so many different things you can include. Job experience, volunteering, leadership experiences, and education are just four of the many things you can include on that all-important resume. We’ve got you covered though. Check out our Resumes 101, where you’ll learn exactly how to get started.

When you start writing your resume, you’ll really start to wonder what exactly needs to be on there. Maybe you’ll write something and think, “Do I really need to put this on there?” It can be so hard to answer. Luckily, we’ve created a must-haves list of what you need on it, so you don’t have to stress out about what you should or should not include.

Perfecting it

Now more likely than not, you’re going to struggle to put your resume together. And when it comes to editing it, you need to make sure you’re not lying to yourself. Before you submit it, you need to make sure it lives up to these three phrases.

You’ve written your experiences and your descriptions. You’ve included all of those important hard-skills that make you a qualified candidate. One thing you can’t overlook is your soft skills, and this is the perfect time to insert them. Soft skills are what will really set you apart. We think these are the best ones to include on your resume. You can thank us later.

Before you submit it

Finally, when it comes to submitting your resume, you’ll want to give yourself the best chances of it getting selected. After all, you really want to get hired for this job or else you wouldn’t have put in all this work beforehand. When submitting it, you need to make sure these three things are up to par. If you do, your resume will make you a much better seed than the competition.

The tourney has just begun, but wow has it been an eventful week. Upsets, buzzer beaters, and overtimes helped start the first morning of the tournament. Take it from the teams playing, all you need is a good resume to get in, and the rest is up to you!

3 Phrases To Live By When Writing Or Updating Your Resume

3 Phrases To Live By When Writing Or Updating Your Resume

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out what to put on your resume and make it all look cohesive and impressive. We’ve all been there before: Just staring at your computer screen wondering how to make it better. As you’re writing, updating, or just tweaking – keep these 3 phrases at the front of your mind.

Keep it Simple

I know what you’re thinking; “Aren’t I supposed to stand out from the others? How is making it simple helping me?” Here’s how: By keeping your resume simple you get straight to the point. There isn’t a whole bunch of fluff that a recruiter or hiring manager has to go through to get to the main points of your work experience and other parts of the resume.

When you keep your resume simple, you’ll be able to stand out with all of the things you have accomplished, and you won’t make the hiring manager regret looking at your resume. It’ll also help you keep your resume consistent, which is something every hiring manager looks for.

Keep it Honest

This one seems so easy, but it so often gets broken. Don’t say you’re bilingual if you can only speak a few sentences in a different language, and certainly don’t say you’re an expert in anything you would need help with. It’s so much better to be honest on your resume than trying to stretch the truth.

When you keep your resume honest, not only will you be able to have a strong conversation about your skills in an interview, but once you get hired you’ll be in the exact place your resume depicts you’d be able to succeed in.

Keep it Real

Keep it you. You’re a brand and it is vital that you stay on brand with yourself. If you’re a positive person, make sure you highlight that! Don’t use words you wouldn’t use in regular conversation. As difficult as it may be, you want to make sure that your real personality is coming across on your resume, because after all that is who a company will be hiring.

These three easy tips will not only help you build a resume, but they will also help you keep it consistent and make you stand out from the pile of resumes on a hiring manager’s desk.

The Absolute Best Way To Submit Your Resume If You Want To Get Hired

The Absolute Best Way To Submit Your Resume If You Want To Get Hired

I’m guessing that if you’re submitting your resume, you’d like to get hired, right? Many people spend hours honing their resume to perfection, only to forget the last-minute details that make a significant impact when actually submitting it to the hiring manager. There are three important things to keep in mind when you are submitting that all-important document that just may be the ticket to your dream job:

  1. Format

In almost* all situations, it’s best to submit your resume in PDF format. It attaches well, it’s usually not a large file size, and most importantly, the formatting will remain the same. Most resumes contain some sort of goofy formatting whether it’s precise margins, unique fonts, or creative spacing. If you leave your resume in a Word (or any other editable) format, these will end up looking completely different on the hiring manager’s end.

*There is an exception to this rule – if you are working with a third-party recruiter (like us!), ask your contact which format you should send. We prefer to receive resumes in Word. It is our policy to never edit or alter the content in any way, we simply add our logo to fast-track your resume to our contact within the company. Because we work hard to establish a trusted relationship with our clients, our logo signals a pre-qualified and outstanding candidate.

  1. Title

Naming your resume is more important than you may think. So many candidates simply name their resume “Resume” or “Resume 2017”. Think for a moment about how many resumes that recruiter or hiring manager is receiving. If they save your resume to a folder, it will be impossible to find you among the thousands of other “Resume”s. Instead, title your document “First Name Last Name Resume” (ex: Patrice Sutton Resume). Then, title all accompanying documents similarly (cover letter, portfolio, references, etc.)

  1. Message

This one depends on how you’re submitting, but if you’re given the opportunity to add a note (either through email or through an online submittal system), ALWAYS do it! Even just a brief, “Thank you for taking the time to review my application, I look forward to discussing this opportunity further” will make a significant impact compared to blank space. This can also be a good opportunity for you to reiterate your qualifications, highlight your personality, or add on any last-minute details. Just remember to keep it brief!