Why Ghosting a Recruiter Can Hurt Your Career


Ghosting has become a huge problem because great candidates are getting not just one offer, but multiple. And instead of being honest and upfront with recruiters and companies, they leave them in the dark when they find something better.

Why Ghosting Can Hurt Your Reputation

Everyone will understand if you get a better offer. But just dropping off and not telling a recruiter what happened will only hurt you and your reputation. Accepting an offer from a company but not showing up for your first day of work, is just wrong. You can’t go around pretending you didn’t have people helping you in this process… And when you burn them, you can’t just think that it won’t come back to bite you.

When working with a recruiter they are taking their time to help you find your next awesome position. They do this job in hopes of helping candidates grow and reach their career goals. If you end up ghosting them, all that time, effort, personal connection, working with companies, is wasted. And it stings knowing they put all that effort into you just for you to not show up to your first day of work or never respond to an offer.

What You Can Do Instead of Ghosting a Recruiter

Telling someone you are going in a different direction when you know about all the work they did for you, is hard! But ghosting them is so much worse. You burn a bridge with someone that will be there to help you through your next career moves. If you accepted an offer and ended up not showing up to work, you not only burned the recruiter bridge, you burned a company one as well. Like the saying goes, the world is small, and depending on your career, it can be even smaller.

So, to avoid burning those bridges, be honest. If you have other offers on the table, tell your recruiter! They can then give that information to the companies looking at you. If you’ve decided to go another route and don’t want to leave your current position, tell your recruiter! If you’ve received a better offer, after already accepting one for another company, tell your recruiter so they can help explain what happened to the employer. Never leave them in the dark to get burned.

If you do these things, you’ll never have to worry about your career being hurt over ghosting. It will help you stay accountable and in all honesty, all recruiters want is for you to find your next dream job. And they will understand if that isn’t through them. And if you make sure not to burn that bridge, you never know, they could end up finding you an even better position in the future.

job openings

Job Openings Outnumber Unemployed

job openings

What this means for the world of recruitment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate ticked down to a 17-year low in May at 3.8%. As a result, there are currently more job openings than unemployed workers. There are 6.7 million job openings in the U.S. but only 6.4 million available workers. Competition for candidates is heating up, totally changing the landscape of the job market.

What does this mean for companies trying to hire in order to meet growth goals? What does it mean for candidates who are considering making a move? We’re doing a deep dive into how candidate-driven market will affect hiring and recruiting for the rest of 2018.

Employers Must Offer Competitive Wages

First and foremost, employers must offer competitive wages. At this point in time, almost everyone who wants a job has a job. So, in order to compete for top talent, employers have to come in strong with offers – including wages and benefits. “Hourly pay for nonsupervisors rose 2.8% in May from a year earlier, the best annual gain since mid-2009.”

Employers Must Have a Swift Hiring Process

The number of workers who are working or seeking work has been on the decline for almost two decades. The candidates who are open to new opportunities are entertaining multiple competitive offers. In order to secure the top echelon talent, employers must prioritize hiring and limit the number of hoops a candidate must jump through during the interview process.

For candidates that look great on paper, skip the phone interview and go straight to a face-to-face. People will appreciate your urgency and feel they are already adding value to your team.

It’s An Ideal Time For Candidates To Make A Move

For candidates, now is the perfect time to make a move. If you’re actively looking for a new position, don’t be afraid to apply to multiple opportunities. For passive candidates, it’s time to freshen up that resume then take the leap! Even if you don’t consider yourself a candidate at all, consider doing some searching or networking to see what is out there. Now is the best time to take the next step in your career, whether that’s in a different location, with a different company, or even a completely different role altogether!

No matter what, one of the best things you can do during an extremely tight labor market is to partner with a recruiter. We have connections with thousands of elite companies and candidates, and we’re ready to make the right match for your future and career goals.

how to hire in 2018

How To Hire In 2018 – Your New Year Guide

hiring in 2018

With a new year come new and unexpected hiring trends. The tactics that worked last year may not serve your recruiting team as well in 2018. With the lowest unemployment rate we’ve seen in years, candidate’s have more and more options and their strategies for finding new positions are evolving. This year, change your hiring game plan by implementing these five actions to hire the people your organization needs to grow.

Speed up your process

Competition for hiring in this candidate-driven market is getting tighter every single day. 92% of employers expect to see an increase in competition for talent this year. Active and passive candidates alike are entertaining several interviews and receiving multiple offers in an extremely short amount of time (we’re talking days!). In order to compete for the best candidates on the market, you need to speed up your hiring process. Interviews especially should happen in a matter of days from receiving a resume and you should eliminate any unnecessary steps.

Look at different hiring options

You’ve probably heard that we are in a “gig economy.” Contract and temporary positions are on the rise as companies attempt to fill gaps created by our candidate-driven market. Technological advancements also foster a gig economy as work becomes increasingly mobile and people are able to work for organizations around the world. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40% of American workers would be independent contractors. If you don’t start hiring contract now, you will be behind the curve. It also gives you the ability to “try before you buy.” This ensures that a candidate’s skills and personality will be a great fit for your company.

Write better job descriptions

Oftentimes, your job description is a candidate’s first impression of your company. If that perspective made you say “yikes,” you’re not alone! Since the beginning of time, job descriptions have been a boring laundry list of skills and experiences necessary to complete a job. That’s not enough anymore. Think of your job description as an opportunity to sell your company and team to a candidate. Give a sneak peak of your culture, explain the best and worst parts of this job. Allow a candidate to picture themselves working at your company before they even apply!

Ask better interview questions

Gone are the days of “if you could be any animal, what would it be?” Candidates are looking for real, interactive conversations during interviews. Ask questions that allow them to share stories that demonstrate their experience and personality. On the flipside, be prepared to answer the candidate’s tough questions as well. You may be asked to expand upon your company culture, mission, and vision, as candidates are placing more and more importance on these during their searches.

Partner with a third-party recruiting firm

No hiring strategy can give you a leg up like a third-party recruiting firm. When you partner with a company like JSG, we present you with qualified, vetted candidates that are exclusive to our network. These people are ready to become your employees – today. They’re sold on money, availability, and location and we’ve pre-screened them to ensure they’ll be a great fit, culturally and skills-wise.

2018 Hiring & Staffing Trends

6 Hiring & Staffing Trends On The Rise In 2018

2018 Hiring & Staffing Trends

We’re in a new year which means new goals for candidates and companies alike. Many organizations are desperate to boost their talent by hiring employees poised for growth and advancement. Candidates, however, have a wealth of options in today’s candidate-driven market. Here’s a look at the staffing and hiring trends that will drive the job market in 2018.

Hiring Will Increase

Hiring was strong in 2017, the year ending with around a 4% unemployment rate. This push for hiring will continue to grow into 2018, with 61% of companies expecting to hire more talent in 2018 than the year previous. The best part? Companies are hiring to support growth – with 56% of employers aiming to use fresh talent to push growth agendas, and only 13% hiring to backfill open positions. (Source: Indeed)

Competition Is Hot

With the unemployment rate being so low, competition for hiring top talent is at an all-time high. 42% of employers are concerned about finding the candidate’s they need to fill new and existing positions.

The U.S. Tax Reform Bill

Whether you are for it or against it, the U.S. Tax Reform Bill was signed into law by President Trump on December 22. The tax reform will provide a whopping $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to corporations and businesses. These reductions in taxes may result in a boom in the economy and companies may look to create more jobs with their tax savings.

Increase In Contract Work

“In 2018 we expect to see a continued imbalance between a tight labor supply and fairly robust demand,” says Patrick Beharelle, CEO of TrueBlue. “And with such low unemployment, you tend to see more churn.” (Source: Monster) Rapid turnover in a candidate-driven market often increases the demand for temporary or temp-to-perm hiring. In 2018, employers will be eager to hire employees and train as they go in an effort to fill critical needs quickly.

Tech & STEM Will Lead The Way

2018 will continue to be a year of technological advancement and companies who want to stay competitive will be looking to hire top tech talent. Other STEM positions will also be in high demand as drones, streamlined product development, and data analysis become more and more prevalent in business operations. Between now and 2022, over one million new STEM jobs are expected to be created, with about half not even requiring a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, 93% of STEM occupations boast wages above the national average and these numbers are expected to continue rising as competition for this skilled talent increases.

Healthcare is Now the U.S.’s Largest Employer

Due to the escalation of medical spending and the inevitable aging of the U.S. population, the Healthcare industry just surpassed the manufacturing and retail markets as the largest source of jobs in the United States.

weeks of planning, an expensive shopping list, trying to please everyone’s varying tastes and trading your leisure time for a week’s worth of cooking to the list. Now, just imagine that this is what recruiters do. Every. Single. Day.

If You Think The Holidays Are Stressful, Try Being A Recruiter!

weeks of planning, an expensive shopping list, trying to please everyone’s varying tastes and trading your leisure time for a week’s worth of cooking to the list. Now, just imagine that this is what recruiters do. Every. Single. Day.

We all know that the Holidays are for gathering together with family and friends to celebrate the past year, exchange gifts, and eat tons and tons of delicious food. Unless, of course, you’re the host. In that case, you can add weeks of planning, an expensive shopping list, trying to please everyone’s varying tastes and trading your leisure time for a week’s worth of cooking to the list. Now, just imagine that this is what recruiters do. Every. Single. Day.


When you decide to host the holidays in your home, you are going to spend a minimum of two weeks planning ahead of time. You have to be cognizant of how to accommodate everyone’s different tastes and needs, you must decide where in the world you’re going to put everyone, and how the heck you’re going to pull off an amazing holiday for everyone.

When recruiters take on a new search assignment, we more or less follow the same exact steps. We take into consideration the hiring manager and team’s preferences, browse through candidate resumes and imagine how they will fit into the role, and try to come up with an interviewing timeline that will work for all parties.


Hosting the holidays requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money. Most often it involves a variety of commitments from cooking, to shopping and wrapping, to providing entertainment.

Our recruiters put the same investment into every project they work on. We customize every search to fit the needs of each specific client, the culture, the community, and of course the desired skill set. Starting from the second an agreement is signed, our recruiters are committed to providing our clients with qualified candidate who will fill every box on their wish list.


The holidays require a lot of patience. With extra family in town, kids hopped up on sugar, and a highly elevated stress level, you need to channel your inner zen to get through it all. The best things you can do? Plan ahead, communicate clearly, and be ready for anything.

Recruiters do these things every day. After we’ve submitted a great candidate, we have to wait hours, or sometimes days, to receive feedback from our clients. This is why we try to establish a clear communication plan ahead of time and why we keep our phones on at night – so we can take care of things at a moment’s notice!


Hosting the holidays isn’t ALL bad! If you’re lucky enough to have kids in your group, then you get to experience the joy of seeing their faces light up with anticipation throughout the week at the thought of Santa shimmying down their chimney.

This is our favorite AND least favorite thing about our jobs! As recruiters, we anxiously wait by the phone while our candidates are in interviews or constantly refresh our email when we’re anticipating an offer to come through. But the satisfaction that comes with finally getting word that your candidate will be hired is the absolute best and why we love what we do!

Why You Should Partner with a Recruiter for your next hire: From someone on the outside, Johnson Service Group, people, reach, hire, inspire, handshake, recruiting, hire, hiring,

Why You Should Partner With a Recruiter for your Next Hire: From Someone on the Outside

Why You Should Partner with a Recruiter for your next hire: From someone on the outside, Johnson Service Group, people, reach, hire, inspire, handshake, recruiting, hire, hiring,

When I first found out about a marketing internship available at Johnson Service Group, I was slightly confused. What was this company? I had so many questions, so I dove into the website and did my research. “Ooooh okay. They’re a recruiting firm,” I thought to myself.

I had answered parts of my questions, but I was still confused. Sure, I saw the front page of the website that says, “We help businesses hire talented people.” However, I still didn’t understand what that really meant.

I still had questions that were left unanswered until my interview. Once I learned what I would potentially be doing, it became clearer to me what Johnson Service Group was and what they did. And on my first day it all finally clicked when I took a walk through the office.

It has been just over three months since I began here, and let me tell you it has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much. Not just about marketing, but about recruiting firms and why they are so important. The people here do three distinct things, and those make them who they are. These three things are so invaluable, and they’re why you should partner with a recruiter for your next hire.

1. They are relationship builders

This was something I noticed right away. As soon as I met all of the recruiters, I felt like I had been in the office for years. Not only did they make me feel welcome, but they made an effort to get to know me and they made me feel like I was part of the team. And as I got to know who they are over the course of the summer, every day in the office has felt like a family gathering.

In the same way that they all built a relationship with me, they build relationships with their clients and candidates. Every conversation they have is way more than just “work.” They build a relationship with each and every person they talk to and get to know them on a personal AND professional level. They learn as much as they can about candidates so that their you get the best fit for your open position. And they’re constantly going the extra mile for their clients, too. They make an effort to know more than just the job description. They want to fill your position with a candidate that is not only qualified, but one that will gel with your company and make a lasting impact.

2. They are professional

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it than you think. When I ask for industry help, they are constantly there to answer my questions, and when I ask for feedback, they are honest and helpful.

Likewise, the recruiters here show so much respect and are extremely professional with their clients and candidates. They’re available practically 24/7 for both clients and candidates. They know when to push, and they know when to ease off the pedal. They know what you want to hear, but they aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. If they can’t find a candidate perfect for your opening, they’ll tell you. They won’t sugar coat it and they won’t lie to you. They’ll always ask the tough questions so that they can give you the best service possible.

3. They care

This is what sets the recruiters here over the top. They are constantly checking in on me and making sure I am succeeding. Whenever I go to them with new ideas or projects, they’re always willing to help. They are constantly enjoying the time they spend in the office and on the phone because they really do care about their work, and it shows.

You can hear it in their voices and see it in their messages. The team of recruiters here live and breathe what they do. I have experienced it first-hand. When they fail, they’re disappointed in themselves. When they succeed, they’re ready for the next challenge. No matter what they are doing they put everything into it. They make you feel special and they want you to succeed as well. Recruiters will get you the best candidate for your opening because they care about their work, and they want to make a difference for you.

As someone who knew nothing about the recruiting industry coming into this position, I sure am confident in saying that using JSG is any company’s best bet. These recruiters will not only have your back through the hiring process, but most importantly, they will help you find the perfect fit for your company’s opening.

Minimum Wage Increase In Northeast - And How Staffing Agencies Can Help, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, wages, staffing agencies, JSG, minimum wage, northeast

Minimum Wage Increase In The Northeast – And How Staffing Agencies Can Help

With 19 states having raised the minimum wage level, which went into effect at the onset of 2017, many large companies have been left grappling with huge increases in labor costs. The northeast particularly is being hit hard as most of the states in the region are on the increase list: New York (+.70 hrly), Massachusetts (+$1.00 hrly), Vermont (+.40 hrly), Connecticut (+.50 hrly), Maine (+$1.50 hrly) and New Jersey(+.06 hrly). Additionally, in 2016 New York state lawmakers approved measures which will set the NYS minimum hourly wage to $15.00 by 2019, almost a full $4 hourly increase per head.

For many companies, this cost does not come easily and the talk of layoffs is in the air. For some workers, this will even mean being reduced to part-time to minimize company spending on employee benefits. No matter how companies are coping, the issue of how to manage with the new costs weigh heavily.

Minimum Wage Increase In The Northeast And How Staffing Agencies Can Help

Image c/o New York Times

Luckily, staffing firms are coming to the rescue. The method of coping with the issue comes in revisiting how companies hire. Instead of worrying about how to pay a larger group of minimally qualified employees a higher salary, companies are reaching out to staffing agencies to hire more qualified employees with salaries they deserve.  A single vetted and qualified $12.00 an hour laborer can possibly do the same quality job as 3 unqualified laborers, previously being paid less.

Furthermore, many companies are reportedly finding that when they have more qualified people, they spend less on training overheads. Without the fruitless lay time that occurs when training new laborers, there is a significant increase in production. This is especially true for factory and manufacturing workers for whom costly special training staff is often needed.

Proactive Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, target market, candidate, client resources, clients, reach, people, interview, engage

Proactive Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market

Proactive hiring in a candidate-driven market requires a complete transformation of the recruiting process. Blame the skills gap or the abundance of unfilled jobs, but today’s candidates have more options than ever. Traditional hiring won’t capture the hearts and minds of today’s talent pool. Today’s candidates are smart, empowered, and entrepreneurially driven. They have a different set of expectations. Proactive hiring adjusts the process by the individual. It identifies and engages with candidates that have the required skills and then uses those connections when a hiring need arises.

Use these tips to navigate and manage your talent network.

Identify Target Market

You must always identify talent for all positions in the company. Start this process by anticipating when you’ll see a spike in hiring. Do this by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is the company growing?
  • Are there specific positions that experience high turnover?
  • Are key players in the executive team planning to retire sometime soon?
  • Do you know which candidates could potentially take their place?

Break down your target audience’s demographics, interests, and other key information to find the best way to reach and engage. Strategic hiring starts with understanding your ideal candidates. You must figure out how to communicate on a level unique from your competitors.

Develop an Engagement Strategy

Once you’ve successfully identified your target candidates, it’s time to begin developing an effective engagement and networking strategy. Engagement is anything from following candidates on social media to inviting select candidates to a company networking event. Your goal is to engage and develop a relationship over time. Remember, each interaction with a candidate makes an impression on you and the company you represent. Make sure you follow-up, respond when appropriate, and find ways to impress your network.

Build Relationships: Acquire, maintain, and grow.

Don’t waste a single interaction with an applicant, even if they’re not qualified for that specific position. Candidates who take the time to follow your hiring process have valuable feedback about their experience. And who knows, they may be a good fit in the future! A key to building a relationship is to focus on being proactive and to be transparent. When you start building relationships with industry contacts let them know you are interested in working with them. Even if the candidate turns you down, they will appreciate that you’re showing interest. The initial turndown is not the end of a conversation. But, it’s the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. Find points of interest and common ground to help break into a relevant discussion.

Track Results: Inspect what you expect: If it’s trackable, track it!

Track how many applicants you received, which candidates initiated contact, and identify the method(s) that led to engagement. Review everything you can to determine which engagement strategy works best. Mix it up and use different tactics in your next interaction.

The hardest part of a proactive hiring process is having the time and resources available to gain and maintain relationships. If you have the resources use these steps to begin a proactive talent pipeline. If other duties prevent this type of hiring structure, you have options. Use a third-party staffing firm that specializes in your industry, such as JSG, and take advantage of pre-established connections. Before you make a choice answer this question, “What does HR’s hiring process say about your company culture?”

How To Work With A Recruiting Firm, hiring, recruiting, Johnson Service Group, Johnson Search Group, jobs, hire, communication

How To Work With A Recruiting Firm

How To Work With A Recruiting Firm

Partnering with a recruiting firm can be one of the best decisions your company makes when needing to make a critical hire. However, many companies have a lot of questions going into it. How can we make this a successful relationship? What part do I play? Is this going to work? Worry not. We’re breaking down the 3 keys to success when working with a recruiting firm. Stick with these, and you’ll have a hire in no time!

  1. Open Communication Throughout the Recruiting Process 

It is so SO important to maintain open communication with working with a recruiting firm. Our goal is to help you hire someone as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means we need to talk directly to the hiring manager to get the details on what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. We might need to schedule an interview ASAP because our candidate is interviewing with three other companies. And last but definitely not least, we’ll need feedback immediately following the interview. This helps us determine how to move forward, whether that’s facilitating an offer or finding another great candidate.

  1. Prioritize the Task at Hand

We know that every day your position goes unfilled is costing you money, stress, and employee morale. That’s why we make it a point to prioritize filling this role, and we simply ask that you do the same. Review the resumes as quickly as you can, set aside some pre-scheduled times for interviews, and get that offer letter out! There’s a saying we use here at JSG, “Time kills all deals,” and it rings especially true in this candidate-driven market.

  1. Maintain the Relationship

Once your critical need is filled, doesn’t mean our relationship has to end! Let’s keep in touch to discuss industry trends, other roles that may open up, and some once-in-a-lifetime candidates that we may come across in our networking. The more we know about you, your team, and your company, the better we can help when the time comes!