Best Places to Restart Your Career After the Pandemic

With over 45 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits, many workers across the country are looking to restart their careers. As a result, many are searching elsewhere for the right job opportunity. Over one-third of Americans are considering relocating to a less densely populated area. Others are looking to different metropolitan areas with more opportunities and better commutes. So, where are all the jobs located? Here are the best places to restart your career after the pandemic.

The Midwest

We recently discussed why the Midwest is such a hotspot for those looking to leave the “hustle and bustle” of the big cities. After the pandemic, many Americans are reconsidering the appeal of the busy city life; they are looking for a new home that is a little more remote and quiet. Job satisfaction and the cost of living are two significant factors for the new flock of people. Cities in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin are all hitting Business Insider’s list of 30 best American cities to live in after the pandemic. These locations have affordable housing options and lower unemployment rates (even before the outbreak).

The West Coast

If you are looking for a new home that’s a little less rural, there are some markets on the West Coast that look like strong prospects. A recent study from Bloomberg illustrates that the San Jose and the San Francisco markets have actually benefited from the pandemic. Companies like Netflix and Zoom saw massive revenue boosts because of the Coronavirus. Other tech companies weren’t hit hard by the virus because their workforce was able to pivot from the office to working from home. And although Western Washington was hit early on in the pandemic, The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue market is a great place to restart your career. The cost of living is cheaper than the big cities on the east or in California, and companies like Amazon and Microsoft are thriving right now.

The East Coast

Some areas on the east coast, like New York, were hit pretty hard by the Coronavirus. However, some of the largest cities in the eastern part of the country are doing well. Cities like Boston and Worcester are inelastic to the recent economic impacts. These two metropolitan areas are home to a couple of dozen hospitals and roughly 40 different universities, both of which are industries that are flexible even during the worst economic climates. So if you are searching for a new career in healthcare or higher education, these are excellent markets in which to look!

We can help restart your career

So, these are some of the best places to restart your career. Whether you are looking to relocate to a more rural area or for a different metropolitan scene, Johnson Service Group can help. We have hundreds of jobs across the country and are here to help you get back to work! Visit our job board below and launch your career in a new market!

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