How to Update Your JSG Email Signature

Email Signatures

Here at JSG, we get to help our clients and candidates every day. So, having consistent branding in everything we do is essential for portraying our mission and company values. Today I am going to go through the steps to ensure you have the properly branded JSG email signature and if not, how you can fix it in less than 5 minutes. The Marketing Team is here to help all of you be successful and we hope this video and walkthrough can help your teams continue to grow!

1st Step – Office 365 One Drive – JSG Docs

To get to our official email signature document, you first need to the Marketing folder in the JSG Docs. To get to the correct folder, check out the Document Libraries. From there, you will click on the JSG Common folder and find the one that says Marketing. From there, you will see all of the marketing documents that are there to help you with almost anything you need! The next thing you will do is find the document that is titled “2018 Email Signatures” and click on it.

2nd Step – Download Email Signature Document

From here you will want to download this file onto your computer. You’re unable to copy over the correct format by just copying within SharePoint, so you must make sure to download it.

3rd Step – Copy and Paste in Email Signature into Outlook

Once you have it downloaded, all you need to do is copy it. There are two different options to choose from (one with your office address and one without). Once copied you will need to head to your Outlook. Once in your email, you will head to File –> Options –> Mail –> Signatures. Once there, you click “new” and paste in the copied email signature.

When you paste in your signature, be sure to right-click and select “paste as plain text” to keep the original formatting. Then all you need to do is fill in your information and press save!

4th Step – Check to See That it Works

Once you’ve saved your new email signature, test it out to make sure it looks correct and works. If everything looks good, you’ve done it!

Thank you all for watching and reading this email signature step-by-step guide to help you have the correct email signature here at Johnson Service group. If you have any questions, need any help, or have other videos you’d like us to do, please reach out to Matthew or me at any time!

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How Blogging Can Land You Your Dream Job

How Blogging Can Land You The Job Of Your Dreams

Today, the internet is the new job search marketplace and anyone even considering a new job is looking to maximize their visibility online. As a result, LinkedIn has become one of the top social media sites and candidates are scrambling to get discovered. However, there is one tool that even the most savvy professionals aren’t utilizing that could be a fast track to getting hired: blogging.

“Why?” You may ask. Well here are our top 10 reasons blogging can help maximize your job searching:

1. It’s easy for employers to find you

Theoretically, that is the whole idea behind LinkedIn. However, with so many people on LinkedIn, narrowing down perspective candidates becomes challenging. It leaves employers searching for unique indicators of a great hire. And, one of the top indicators for many is whether someone has a blog.

2. Free networking

Aside from potential employers, experts or professionals with questions regarding your area of expertise may reach out to you. With Google taking over as the go-to place for Q and A, it is not that strange for professionals to ask bloggers for help. This can lead to an “in” that you may not have contemplated before.

3.  You can market yourself naturally

Consider this, if you were going out to dinner would you chose a restaurant that had advertised itself everywhere or one where the Chef was a known cuisine expert? Publishing a blog demonstrates your knowledge without having to jump through hoops to try to prove yourself to interviewers.

4. It marks you as intelligent, motivated, and always productive

When interviewers ask prospective employees what they do with their free time, in truth they are trying to gauge their level of intelligence and motivation. Probably one of the best answers to have ready is, “I love blogging.” Certainly, this demonstrates that not only are you naturally a hard worker but that you have the foresight to make professional choices that invest in your success.

5. It shows you always have more to offer

At some point during the interview process, your potential employer will compare you to another applicant. As they draw comparisons, blogging will help you stand out. Having the ability to blog is a skill that more and more companies are valuing, and one that they would prefer to have done in-house.

6. It can lengthen your interview

Once a perspective employer knows you have a blog, they will probably read it and it will become an extension of them considering you. With every article they read, they learn more about you, your experiences, and your expertise. This gives you more time in front of the decision maker, in theory extending your interview opportunity.


Marketing Soul for a Job Search

Dream job concept. Hands with color pencils and sheet of paper on wooden table

To perform a successful job search you must dig down deep and approach it with a marketing soul. Think about it. To job search without marketing is like a quarterback attempting a pass from the pitcher’s mound. Other than confusing, running full steam ahead without a target and a strategy only prolongs your search and feels overwhelming.

As a marketing professional in the recruitment industry, I regularly work with teams on the best way to communicate with candidates. Overall, it boils down to understanding a few pieces of key information. “Who is the target candidate?” and “Why would they want this position?” Similarly, to communicate like a marketer you must answer a couple of questions. “Who are your target employers?” and “Why would they want to hire you?”

Target Audience Appeal

Gone are the days when we could use one catch-all phrase to attract several employers.

Firstly, you must decide who are your target employer(s) or what is your target position. You can answer this by understanding the direction you’d like to take your career. The more focused your career, the easier your specific skill set can be found. Make sure your skills are up-to-date and consistently communicated across all your job search materials.

Pro Tip: Search job descriptions for the career you ‘d like to pursue and identify all of the skills needed. If you do not have the skills, consider investing in some personal development and begin up-skilling.

Get Visual

Next, create social media profiles in places where your audience can find you.

  • LinkedIn – Professional Profile, Group Discussions, Job Search, Company Information, Current & prev Employees
  • Facebook – Profile, Job Groups
  • Twitter – Profile, Twitter Search Hashtags in your area and/or job titles & skills. i.e. #jobs, #citynamejobs, #cityname, & #jobtype (did you know that you can also use hashtags to find a job!)

Your professional accounts should be public and searchable. Your personal accounts can be left private, however, private doesn’t always mean your information isn’t public. When your friends share your information or when you comment on a friend’s status, it may be searchable and traced back to you.

Pro Tip: Get visible and make it easier for potential employers to find your professional information. Setting up multiple accounts can improve visibility. However, multiple accounts means increased account management. When you set up one account to its maximum potential, you won’t have to advertise on multiple sites.

Social Media Clean Up

Now ensure your social media accounts are searchable. The good news is the most recent information will show up first in search results. But, if you do not keep your information current another person with your same name may be the first search results.

Pro Tip: Be selective. What you like, comment, discuss, blog, and interact with paints a picture of who you are personally and professionally.

Clear Communication

Lastly, once you have cleaned up your social media it’s time to evaluate your communication style and content provided. To help you identify an effective communication strategy answer these questions.

  1. What information would a hiring manager want to know about me?
  2. How do my skills meet and/or exceed the objectives of this position?

Use these answers to help guide how you communicate your experience and skills, prioritizing the most important parts of the position. Integrate relevant experience to show how your skills can benefit the role and/or company.

Personal Marketing

Your communication via social media should convey the same message across all platforms. I’m not referring to you stating “hire me” across all mediums. However, if you use multiple platforms, (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+) make sure you are sharing information that pertains to your career. You can post material related to your job field, industry, or personal success stories or accomplishments.

Pro Tip: Once you have your social media speaking the same language, make sure your hardcopy materials are in-line with your social materials.

In short, effectively marketing yourself in a job search requires a unique approach along with some out-of-the-box thinking. In addition, make sure your on and offline materials include your related experience, accomplishments, and career goals.