March Hiring Madness

It’s finally March, the best month of the year! The weather is getting a little warmer, and the days are lasting longer. Oh yeah, and a lot of people are burning through their sick days with the epidemic known as March Madness. This month is the most competitive month of the year, as 68 teams look to make a splash in the “Big Dance” and bring home some hardware. But college basketball isn’t the only thing competitive in March.

The job market is HOT, and the unemployment rate remains at a 50-year low. If you’re thinking about looking for greener pastures, now is a perfect time to start your search. But if you’re a hiring manager, now is the right time to add some fresh talent to your team. Here’s why the March hiring madness is kicking into high gear and how to take advantage of it.

The competition is heating up

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, April is the month with the most advertised jobs and the largest volume of hiring in the first half of the year. So, if you’re a hiring manager, get ahead of the competition by starting your talent search now! If you wait until next month, you will have more companies fighting for the same talent. And if you’re a job seeker, this is a great time to start your search. The last Jobs Report yielded job gains of 225,000, with an unemployment rate of 3.6%. The labor market is holding steady and the hiring madness only looks to be ramping up this Spring.

Last month of Q1

March is the last month of the First Quarter. Before now, your open positions were for new positions to facilitate freshly launched projects or initiatives. January and February are big months for hiring. With renewed department budgets, employers are looking to snap out of the holiday season with a big hiring push. However, with March now upon us, the end of Q1 is already quickly approaching! Thus, employers have a solid understanding of where they stand with achieving the goals they set at the beginning of the year.

Many hiring managers begin to evaluate the team they currently have and identify gaps that need to be filled to meet expectations. Therefore, hiring managers are looking for problem solvers, someone to come in with a fresh pair of eyes, and excellent leadership skills to get the team back on track. So, if you are selected for a new position or reached out to by a recruiter, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself as a potential applicant in this situation!

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is starting to impact employers across the country. As a result, it may begin to change your hiring and interviewing practices as we continue to learn more about this outbreak. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this virus needs to stall your hiring efforts. For example, many companies, like Google, are moving all their in-person interviews to a video format. This may take some getting used to, but it actually might save your team valuable time and money in the long run. Video interviews allow for more flexibility for employers and job seekers. Therefore, you may be able to speed up your hiring process and hire the talent you need more efficiently. The COVID-19 outbreak may also be a prime opportunity to discuss hiring more employees on a remote basis, giving you a competitive advantage for those looking to have a more flexible working environment.

How to navigate this March hiring madness

The March hiring madness is real, and it can be overwhelming for you or your team. If you are struggling to find your next position or to source the talent you need to finish the First Quarter off strong, let’s have a conversation. At Johnson Service Group, we can help bring you the talent you need to keep your (talent) bracket from busting.

And if you’re ready to take advantage of this competitive job market, check out our job board. We have hundreds of exciting opportunities across the U.S. and Canada!

Sweet, Elite Success


So if you haven’t caught on, we love March and the Madness that comes along with it. While we are going mad over all the college basketball, we also have a blast going mad over career success.

Trust me when I say that JSG is basically a success-atologist. We’ve seen how successful our candidates are in their positions, and we also see how placing certain candidates with a certain company ends up paying huge dividends for both parties.

Needless to say, we know a thing or two about success. So since it’s March and we’re feeling excited about the big tourney, we put together the ultimate guide for achieving that sweet, elite success in your career.

Four Ps of success

To start out, you can learn a few things about success from sushi. Yes, you read that right. Much like the teams in the big dance, there’s one sushi artist who has mastered his craft. He’s had ups and downs, and somehow he’s managed to build a legacy that cannot be matched. If you want to be like the tourney teams, check out these four Ps that will lead you to success.

Making a change in your life

Basketball is all about adjustments. You have to adjust your game in order to beat each opponent on a given night. If you feel like there’s something holding you back in your life or in your career, then you may want to make a change. And sometimes, that change is exactly what you need in order to take your prosperity to the next level. The best part is that it only requires three steps! Make these changes, and success will be knocking on your doorstep.

The motivation you need

We’ve all been there before: so close to victory but needing that extra push to achieve success. This happens all of the time in basketball, and teams get through it in the exact same way. The next time you’re feeling close to victory, or even if you’re just starting out on a new journey, check out these motivational quotes. Chances are, you’ll be inspired to get over the hump and become more successful.

Organizing your career

Last, you can’t be successful if you don’t know where everything is. Just like a team can’t succeed with their players scattered, you can’t be successful without some organization. We put together the ultimate guide for organizing your career. Once you become more organized in your career, success is much easier to accomplish. To put it in basketball terms; career organization will be a slam-dunk for your career!

Madness in Your Resume


One of the biggest reasons certain teams succeed in March Madness is because of their resume. In basketball, a team’s resume is a breakdown of everything they’ve done that season – both good and bad. In order to get into the tournament and get a good seeding, your resume has to be better than the next team’s.

Sound familiar?

When you’re applying for jobs, your resume will almost always be asked for. And much like the teams in the tourney, your chances of being selected it to the interview stage depends on how good your resume is. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. We here at JSG have put together a little guide to help your chances of getting selected for a job interview.

The Resume basics

First, you’ll need the basics. There are so many different things you can include. Job experience, volunteering, leadership experiences, and education are just four of the many things you can include on that all-important resume. We’ve got you covered though. Check out our Resumes 101, where you’ll learn exactly how to get started.

When you start writing your resume, you’ll really start to wonder what exactly needs to be on there. Maybe you’ll write something and think, “Do I really need to put this on there?” It can be so hard to answer. Luckily, we’ve created a must-haves list of what you need on it, so you don’t have to stress out about what you should or should not include.

Perfecting it

Now more likely than not, you’re going to struggle to put your resume together. And when it comes to editing it, you need to make sure you’re not lying to yourself. Before you submit it, you need to make sure it lives up to these three phrases.

You’ve written your experiences and your descriptions. You’ve included all of those important hard-skills that make you a qualified candidate. One thing you can’t overlook is your soft skills, and this is the perfect time to insert them. Soft skills are what will really set you apart. We think these are the best ones to include on your resume. You can thank us later.

Before you submit it

Finally, when it comes to submitting your resume, you’ll want to give yourself the best chances of it getting selected. After all, you really want to get hired for this job or else you wouldn’t have put in all this work beforehand. When submitting it, you need to make sure these three things are up to par. If you do, your resume will make you a much better seed than the competition.

The tourney has just begun, but wow has it been an eventful week. Upsets, buzzer beaters, and overtimes helped start the first morning of the tournament. Take it from the teams playing, all you need is a good resume to get in, and the rest is up to you!

Is It Okay to Use Your Sick Days When You’re Not Sick?

Is It Okay to Use Your Sick Time When You’re Not Sick?

It’s finally here! The most marvelous time of the year! March Madness started this week and workers around the country will be paying more attention to their NCAA Tournament brackets than their work.

Time for a quick poll: How many of you are calling in sick to watch college basketball all day?

According to a Yahoo Sports Poll, about 14 percent of American workers take a sick day to watch March Madness. This sparks a controversial question: is it okay to use your sick time when you’re not actually sick?

Most of us have lied at one point or another to take a sick day when you’re not really sick. However, sometimes you really need to take a sick day, even though you’re not under the weather. Is that okay? Let’s break it down.

It depends on the company

Every company differs regarding time-off protocol. Traditionally, employers offer sick days and vacation days. Sick time is, as its name implies, for when you’re sick, and vacation time is for everything else. So, if you have an appointment, your kid is feeling under the weather, or you have a family emergency, you often had to use your vacation time instead of your sick time.

Some companies offer personal time to help combat some of these issues, but most employees still feel guilty when using sick time for anything else than being sick.

However, more and more companies are moving to PTO (paid time off). PTO is a combination of vacation time and sick time, where employees decide whether they use their days for a vacation, when they are sick, or for a family emergency. In fact, 43% of companies offered PTO in 2016.

Unfortunately, it’s a gray area for many organizations when its appropriate for workers to use their sick days. Here is when it’s okay to use your sick time:

When you really are sick

In a perfect world, you should be able to call in sick whenever you don’t feel well enough to be productive at work. If you are contagious, do you and your whole office a favor – stay home. Your co-workers will appreciate not being exposed to any nasty germs.

Some employers discourage you from using sick time. If this is the case for your employer, the company you work for has some serious culture issues. You shouldn’t have to be on your death bed in the ER to be able to use a sick day. Coming to work when you are not at 100% can be dangerous for you and your co-workers.

When you feel you’re about to burn out

You may have heard of Madalyn Parker, a software developer who suffers from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She took a couple days off to “focus on her mental health.” Her email message to her team went viral and this is what it said:

“Hey team,

I’m taking today and tomorrow to focus on my mental health. Hopefully, I’ll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%.



The next day, the CEO of Madalyn’s company commended her decision to take a couple sick days for her mental health. He told her she’s “an example to us all, and help cut through the stigma so we can all bring our whole selves to work.”

This is a great example of using your sick time to when you’re not feeling well mentally or emotionally. If you are not able to give 100% of your effort at work, it is perfectly okay to take a sick day to stay home and rejuvenate yourself!

Use your sick days responsibly

Regardless of how you decided to spend your sick days, use them responsibly. You should never take time off just because you don’t want to go to work. Just remember that when you use one sick day, you take away another opportunity for a day off down the road. And if you dread going to work so much that you feel you need to use a sick day, it may be time to find a new career path.

Job Search Madness

March Madness

It’s the second full week of March, which means it’s finally time to get MAD! Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, the effects of March Madness can be felt everywhere. For three weekends in a row, everyone shuts down. Vacation days are taken, and an unhealthy amount of basketball is watched through the first Monday in April.

Here at JSG, we’re here to tell you that the madness doesn’t need to be limited to basketball. Why not take that same passion and excitement we feel while watching basketball and apply it to our success? So without further adieu, I present to you Job Search Madness – your guide to a successful job search this month.

Understand the job search

First, before you get started, you HAVE to make sure you’re up-to-date on how to complete a job search nowadays. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These days the traditional job search may not work, so check out how the traditional job search is keeping you from getting hired.

Secrets to success

Next, it is crucial that you’re the best at what you’re doing, even if it’s a job search. When it comes to being the best and being successful, who better to model after than Amazon? Luckily for you, we’ve gathered up their secrets to success and put them all in one place. Check it out here so that your job search is as successful as you can make it!

What to look for in your next job

During your job search, you’re going to come across all sorts of different companies. You’ll be thinking “Ooo that’s not for me!” or “Wow I’d love to work here!” While searching for your next position, let us help guide you in the right direction. We’ve put together great qualities every candidate should be looking for in their next company so you don’t have to! (No thanks required!)

Where to start looking

Lastly, there are a few things you absolutely need in your arsenal in order to have the most successful job search. Three of these things are websites. They are absolutely 100% necessary for you to bookmark during your job search. And you guessed it, we’ve got you covered! The other three things are intangibles. Not only will they help you with your job search, but they’ll also help you be successful in your career (It’s a twofer!). Check out these 3 things you NEED to have in order for your job search to be successful.

March is crazy, and we can all agree it is mad. Make your job search mad this March by following the steps above. And be on the lookout for more ways to make your March a little more madly successful.