What Today’s Talent Really Wants

talent in this candidate-driven market

In today’s candidate-driven market, the competition for top talent is fierce. When a professional candidate puts the feelers out for jobs, they’re often receiving multiple offers in a matter of weeks. As a result, companies are finding themselves laying out more robust offers than ever before. When thinking about your recruiting strategy, be sure to push the boundaries of “standard” job offerings by incorporating some of the following elements:

Work-Life Balance

You may think “work-life balance” refers strictly to flexible working schedules and environments when in reality, it’s so much more. Candidates are on the hunt for positions that complement their personal lives in a sustainable way. Think outside the box for perks such as gym memberships, childcare, and opportunities for training and education.

Strong Leadership

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “people leave managers, not jobs.” This rings especially true now that candidates have more career opportunities available to them. In a candidate-driven market, constant change is inevitable. Top talent is seeking out leaders that will challenge yet support them while navigating uncharted waters.

Commitment To Technology

Technology is advancing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. However, organizations must commit to making strides in technology or talent will be drawn elsewhere. Focus your efforts on things that will make your employees’ every day easier. Consider HR software, computers, mobile devices, and CRMs.

Opportunities For Advancement

Of course, employees want the opportunity to climb the ladder. Moreover, have you considered the skills and traits they’ll need when they reach their goals? Providing proper training for leadership makes all the difference in your company from the top-down. When you have leaders that are committed to your team AND possess rockstar management skills, you’ll strengthen your department from the inside-out.

A Sense Of Purpose

Last, but certainly not least, candidates are moving on to opportunities that give them a sense of purpose. This can be a result of their job function or even a simple sense of belonging to a great team. When employees are emotionally invested in their job, it shows in both their performance and the atmosphere. And it will really show during interviews as your best team members share their infectious passion with impressionable candidates.

We know how tough it can be to compete in a tight labor market. Partnering with a professional staffing firm will give your organization the extra boost it needs to secure the best candidates. Contact us today and let’s find you the candidates your team needs!

A Lesson in Leadership from Tom Brady


We are midway through this year’s NFL playoffs; a few weeks away from the NFL’s February 3rd Super Bowl matchup. While we are unsure who will be playing in the big game, one player seems like a safe bet, but not because of a record-shattering offense or a standout defense. No, that player is 41 years old, in his 19th year in the league, and his name is Tom Brady.

While most of us haven’t played organized sports since childhood, we can learn a lot about what it takes to be a leader from the example Tom Brady has set for nearly two decades. The “Super Bowl” in Brady’s life is just that, a win at football’s highest level – but what is your “Super Bowl?” For those of us with jobs that take place in offices, as opposed to the gridiron, the “Super Bowl” could be meeting projections or a large project. In whatever challenge we may face, the culminated effort of a group of people or team is often what determines whether you succeed or fail. Leaders affect outcomes. It’s what they do. Brady is no exception, and you can improve your leadership skills by taking a page from his playbook.

Leaders Come from Anywhere

What holds many of us back in the realm of leadership is our self-confidence. Often, people don’t view themselves as leaders, and because of this, are content to let others take charge. We all have a preconceived notion of how a leader looks, acts, talks, works, and dresses. If we don’t fit the charismatic mold or speak in the way we feel a leader should, many never consider the positives that they bring to the table.

Out of college, Tom Brady did not fit the mold of a typical NFL quarterback. His scouting report dogged him for having a weak arm, and emphasized his lack of athleticism, citing his 5.28 40-yard dash time. Intangibles like these dropped Brady to the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft – an experience he’s said, that made him cry.

Almost twenty years later, who would have thought that the same former 6th round pick would lead the New England Patriots to five Super Bowl rings.

Leaders Overcome

Whether the primary tool you use at work is a computer or a football helmet, you will face challenges in your career. Sometimes, approaching deadlines can feel an awful lot like an approaching defensive lineman, closing in for a sack to end the game. Occasionally, someone on our team drops the ball, whether that be losing a sale or in Tom’s case, literally fumbling the football. Unexpected events in the workplace happen. It’s how you react to them that defines you as a leader.

Next time you face an unfortunate event in the workplace, channel your inner Tom Brady under duress. Down 28-3 midway through the third quarter of the 2017 Super Bowl, it looked like Brady and his Patriots had finally met their match. The remainder of the game is a testament to the leadership of Brady, who would go on to force overtime and then a win in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

In recent seasons, Brady and the Patriots have battled injuries to players who were key to the Patriots success. Competing and winning with an incomplete team is a sign of a great football team. Good leaders dig deep with themselves and bring out the best in others when situations are less than ideal. In the workforce, unexpected departures are a common occurrence too. Leaders pick up the slack and encourage those around them when times are less than perfect.

Leaders Sacrifice

Often, the hardest part of leadership is taking the things that you don’t want to do and doing them anyway. Things like working weekends, coming in early and leaving late are never popular. You will be far more respected for making these sacrifices, as opposed to forcing them on someone else. It will show that you hold yourself responsible for both the successes and failures of whatever organization you are leading. You allow those under you to learn this responsibility so that when they are leading, they remember the example you’ve set.

Tom Brady exemplifies this most notably through his bank account. At this point in his career, Brady is often regarded as the greatest ever to put on an NFL uniform. Over his career, he has never been the highest-paid player in the NFL. Moreover, his 2018 salary isn’t in the top half of the entire league. However, this is how Brady wins championships in a league that caps the salaries of players. Tom has regularly sacrificed his own salary, so the Patriots have more money to spend on other players.

Spotlight On: Leadership

Our Mission

At JSG, we understand people and it’s our mission to help our clients reach their goals by being able to hire talented people.

Our people are the heartbeat of our company and our values and leadership team are no different; we identify leaders across North America and build teams around them.


Our Leadership

JSG’s leadership team is made up of a very eclectic group of trailblazers. Each of our teams are led by a Senior Vice President who focuses on building and developing teams with a specific skill set. Our leaders come from diverse backgrounds and each person contributes value to their own teams as well as to the business as a whole. This methodology supports our entrepreneurial approach to business. Eliminating the red tape allows us to be flexibly to provide services tailored to meet the needs of our client companies.   


Valued Leadership Skills

We focus on people with a strong geographic and/or industry influence. We also value those who have a desire and determination to achieve great success using superior management and communication skills.


Our Culture

Our team dynamic is driven by working with people with diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge. This helps to fuel our team dynamic and supports our growth and success within the staffing industry.