Gen Z Wants More At Work – Here’s How You Can Attract Them

Gen Z is the latest generation to enter the workforce, and they have some demands. The job market has changed significantly over the past few years, and this group is taking notes. Unlike generations that have come before them, Gen Z prioritizes more than just salary. And they’re on the move! 25% of this take-charge generation plans to leave their current employers within the next six months. So, here is what Gen Z wants from their employer and how you can attract them.

Common Mission & Values

A whopping 80% of those hoping to land a new job will be searching for something that better aligns with their values. If you want to capture these talented and motivated young workers, you’ll need to put your company (and team)’s mission and values on display. According to Deloitte, “To win the hearts of Generation Z, companies and employers will need to highlight their efforts to be good global citizens. And actions speak louder than words: Companies must demonstrate their commitment to a broader set of societal challenges such as sustainability, climate change, and hunger.”

Gen Z has been raised during a time of evolution regarding diversity and inclusion. They have witnessed radical and historic progress being made, and they expect the companies they work at to be involved. And company commitment should extend beyond just race and gender. Gen Z values representation for identity and orientation across the board. So, if you want to hire these change-makers, be prepared to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Ongoing Education

Consider that this generation has been raised in a world that never stops innovating. Every day there is a new tool, social network, and technological advancement. They are hungry for knowledge and recognize that learning never stops. That’s why 76% of Gen Z will be on the hunt for opportunities that offer ongoing education.

Your team needs to offer continuous training programs so that your Gen Z employees can expand their skillsets and experience. Lean on your current employees of the Millennial, X, and Boomer generations to mentor and guide newcomers through their careers. Additionally, have scheduled check-ins with your team members to ensure they have access to all the tools and education they desire. (This will significantly help your retention rate overall!)

Growth Opportunities

Last but not least, 61% of Gen Z will be on the lookout for more opportunities to move up or increase responsibilities. Throughout the hiring process, make sure to map out the growth opportunities. Include it in the job description, walk candidates through it during the interviews, and share real success stories! Let current employees know that there is an open-door policy regarding inner-company mobility so that they feel comfortable having those conversations.

Gen Z is quickly becoming an integral part of today’s workforce, and they are going to bring innovation, progression, and motivation. However, they are going to be a tricky group to attract! They are demanding companies change for the better, so make sure to put your best foot forward. Looking for more hiring advice? Browse our exclusive client resources.

How Your Company Can Attract Gen Z

The introduction of Gen Z to the job market changes the game. This generation is substantially different from Millennials. They have distinctive expectations, preferences, and goals when it comes to the workplace and their careers. Your company needs to understand what this generation wants to attract Gen Z job seekers to your company effectively. Here are four things you must know to add this generation to your workforce.

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Gen Z workers desire a more professional work environment, similar to what Boomers wanted when they entered the workforce. Gen Z wants a culture with a strong sense of community and an even stronger sense of job stability. Just about 50 percent of this generation wants to start their own business, so attracting them to your company will require the allowance of major autonomy and creativity in their role.

Dollar Signs

Gen Z craves money more than their Millennial counterpart. Studies have shown that dollar signs drive Gen Z workers. In fact, the top three things they want out of a job are excellent health insurance, a competitive salary, and a respectable boss. This generation craves working late nights, utilizing their entrepreneurial spirit to drive company-wide innovation, and trying out multiple roles within a company to find where they can have the most significant impact and make the most money.

A Strong Digital Presence 

Gen Zers are incredibly tech-savvy, and they expect your company to be as well! They have an in-depth understanding of technology and what it offers, meaning they are not easily impressed. It takes them just eight seconds to decide if a piece of online content is worth their connection, and yes, this includes job postings. So, ensure that your social media presence, advertisements, job board, and everything in between are spot on to capture this generation’s attention!

A Fast-Paced Environment

Gen Z doesn’t wait for anyone. They have little patience outside ‘the now;’ They rely on instant gratification in their careers. To keep up, make sure your hiring process is smooth and efficient because they will not wait around to hear from you. They live for a fast-paced environment, so it’s up to you to offer them that, from the initial hiring process and throughout their career.

Team Up with A Recruiter

Don’t miss out on the best Gen Z candidates in the market. Make sure that your hiring process is dialed-in, your company offers job security, and you are in touch with the current technology. Understanding what this generation wants will ensure that your company will be successful in the years to come. If you’re looking to attract Gen Z professionals to your team, you’re not alone. Get a leg up on your competition by partnering with a recruiter from Johnson Service Group! We will help you build the team you need to ensure generational success.

Younger Workers May Not Like Job Hopping After All

Millennials and their younger Gen Z counterparts are often misunderstood in the workplace. One of the biggest myths about the younger generations is that they’re notorious for job hopping. Many employers are skeptical about hiring younger workers because they think younger workers don’t want to stick around. However, a new survey from Zapier is busting this myth and touts that these generations are more loyal than employers think.

Younger workers care about longevity

According to Zapier’s survey, more than half of Millennial workers (ages 24-39) are managers and plan on staying at their current job for up to 10 years. And Gen Z workers (ages 18-23) plan to stay with their current employer for an average of six years. Additionally, these two generations are serious about their professional reputation. 65 % of Gen Z workers and 73% of Millennial workers believe that their job is a crucial component of their personal identity.

Now, there are plenty of studies that say differently. Millennials are often labeled as job hoppers, and a huge reason for their lack of longevity is to pursue better, more lucrative opportunities. Another survey illustrated that 75% of Millennials bolstered their career by leaving their jobs. However, these findings are interesting because the Zapier survey also reveals that 16% of the younger working generation have quit a job because their employer did not provide the proper technology for them to do their job. So, based on these two studies, younger workers may not want to leave their jobs if they are given the tools to succeed.

How to discourage job hopping

This all ties back into employee experience, which we discussed in detail not too long ago. Basically, this is how employers can change their workplace and culture to encourage the younger generation to stay longer:

  • Offer a more flexible workplace and environment for your staff
  • Invest in your employees and ensure they have the tools needed to be successful
  • Allow them to learn and grow within your organization

These may sound like simple “fixes,” but adding these to your workplace will help encourage your younger workers to join your team and stay. And that’s important as Millennials will account for 75% of the total workforce by 2025.

We can help you attract younger talent

Your organization is probably having a difficult time attracting workers in this tight labor market. If your team needs to add talent in 2020, reach out to one of our expert recruiters today. We have a dedicated team of recruiting professionals across North America that are ready to help you grow your team. Reach out to us today!