Navigating an In-Person Interview During the Pandemic

If you are searching for a new job right now, it’s safe to expect a video interview. With everything going on in the world, it is safer and more convenient for all parties to do a virtual interview. However, in-person interviews are still happening in some roles, and depending on where you live, there may be looser restrictions. So, if you get an invitation for a face-to-face interview, here are a few tips for navigating an in-person interview during the pandemic.

Bring a mask (regardless of vaccination status)

First of all, you must bring a mask. Regardless of your vaccination status, it’s imperative that you bring a face covering (and wear it properly). Each state, county, or even city has its own safety protocols, but some companies have more rigorous policies to keep their staff and customers safe. Even if your interviewer is not wearing a mask, it’s still best to leave yours on as a precaution.

Please be sure to bring a neutral face covering. We have all seen lots of creative and interesting masks during the pandemic, but you must bring a professional-looking face covering. Don’t bring one that will distract from your meeting or that is not appropriate for the workplace. Your best bet is to just bring a disposable mask to avoid any negative attention.

Goodbye handshakes

For centuries, the handshake was a staple to meeting new people, greeting acquaintances, and ultimately, introducing yourself during a job interview. But with COVID-19, a handshake is inappropriate at this time. Thankfully, there are many other ways to greet your interviewer or say hello. A simple wave and a smile will do the trick. Even if you are wearing a mask, the hiring team will be able to recognize your facial expressions through your eyes and other non-verbal cues. When someone is talking to you, nod your head to show that you are actively listening. Also, when it’s your turn to speak, make good eye contact with your interviewers to illustrate your engagement.

Prepare yourself to answer quarantine questions

During your job interview, you will be asked the typical interview questions, such as, “Can you walk me through your resume?” But with the pandemic still hanging around, you will likely be asked a few new questions. Interviewers may inquire about your remote work experience, the communication tools you are familiar with, and some of your transferrable skills, especially if you have a gap in your resume. Many job seekers are currently looking for a career shift, and thus, it may not appear that you have all the qualifications for this job. It’s up to you to bridge the gap for your interviewers and show them how your previous experiences and skills make you an asset to their team.

So, if you have an in-person interview during the pandemic, these are three things you must prepare for to make it to the next level. If you are looking for more interview advice, take a look at our blog! We have tons of helpful tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you nail your interview!